For years marketers at all levels of the lawn & garden industry have wondered how to engage with the emerging millennial generation. These new consumers have never not been online and are eschewing typical trends like homeownership. Well maybe the way to reach this group is with a category that is roaring back thanks to their interest – houseplants.

According to the Garden Media Group’s 2019 consumer trends report, 30% of all household’s bought at least one houseplant in the previous year.  This trend is white hot among millennials and spurred on by social media and the well-being craze. As part of the ‘rent generation’ these customers may not yet own a home but they still want to feel ‘at home’ and have fallen in love with indoor plants. Often referring to themselves as ‘plant parents’ these customers are filling their emotional and decorative void with houseplants. In the last few years these millennials were responsible for 31% of houseplant sales according to

The trend is not limited to just the home but also spills over into the office. People spend hours in offices working on computer screens and are turning to houseplants to brighten that environment and improve air quality. Whether in the home or the office 90% of people worldwide spend 22 hours a day indoors. These people need the indoor plants you sell.

So, how to position your store to maximize this trend? Internet search volume is through the roof for terrariums, cactus & succulents, tropicals and even citrus.  Keep these in stock, looking good and front and center for the winter months. Show both individual plants as well as plant ‘arrangements.’ And understand that the presentation is not limited to just the plants. Be sure to show a wealth of different containers from the traditional to the whimsical and present all the things they will need for success.

Begin with the potting mixes from Espoma. Espoma Organic Potting Mix is a rich blend of the finest natural and organic ingredients and is enhanced with Myco-tone mycorrhizae. Show them multiple sizes from the 4qt for the apartment dweller to the 1 & 2 cubic foot bags for the true hobbyist. These customers want ‘organic’ and this product will meet their needs and ensure success. For specialty plant types, be sure to keep soils for violets, cactus and orchids on hand as well. Espoma has the complete selection!

Also keep on hand the Espoma Organic indoor liquid plants foods. These 8oz concentrates are priced to sell and the Easy Dose Cap makes them simple to use.  And don’t forget to show them the Shine! Leaf polish and Insect! insect control to keep thinks looking their best.

Promote your indoor plant presentation with posts or ads on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Espoma can help here with premade ads that can be formatted for these social sites as well as many videos from both Garden Answer and Homestead Brooklyn. You can find these at the Espoma Youtube Channel and share by a simple copy and paste into your own posts, emails and websites.

Want to learn more about how Espoma can help you drive sales in the indoor category? Ask your Espoma territory sales manager or your Arett sales rep.

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