DeWitt Company: 40 Years of Innovation


DeWitt Company celebrated 40 Years of Innovation in 2014. In 1974, Larry DeWitt was in his senior year of college and working as a landscape contractor.

What he didn’t know at the time, was how he would pioneer the use of landscape fabric and change the future of the industry forever. After graduating with a degree in horticulture, he launched DeWitt Landscaping, a landscape design and contracting firm. In 1975, DeWitt expanded the operation and opened DeWitt Landscaping & Garden Center, a full service garden center from design to build. As business grew he also started a re-wholesale division. In 1977, DeWitt was searching for a material to stop weeds and increase plant growth without the use of harmful chemicals. At the time, black plastic was a landscaper’s only option. From hands-on experience, he knew that while plastic stops weeds, it also blocks out moisture and air. The result: disease, fungus and rot.
 “I was using black plastic for weed control in rock gardens and I saw the effects of the suffocated soil,” said Larry DeWitt. “I turned this problem into an opportunity by producing the first-ever permeable landscaped fabric that allowed air and water through. Hence, the birth of the DeWitt Company.”
Pros quickly realized what an outstanding product it was for stopping weeds and also for promoting tremendous growth. They couldn’t get enough. DeWitt landscaping products and plant fabrics are the number one choice of professionals in the lawn and garden industry.
“My life and passion became my career with a mission to always strive for a better tomorrow,” said DeWitt.
Since 1974, DeWitt Company has made a serious commitment to the lawn and garden industry by introducing new products, improving existing products, and developing innovative merchandising solutions. Celebrating 40 years in business, DeWitt Company believes that the future of the industry is not only bright, but also beaming with opportunities to grow, learn and evolve.
In July of 2014, DeWitt Company acquired Polytuf Brands, a premier tarp and accessories supplier out of Cuyahoga Falls, OH. The Polytuf Brands Company had many similarities to DeWitt, including the fact that they were both family-owned companies that have a passion to offer the best quality product at competitive prices. With the addition of Polytuf, the DeWitt product offering is expanded to include a strong category of products that has not historically been available to lawn and garden dealers.
For years, customers have been able to consolidate more and more vendors due to the ever expanding product line available through DeWitt. If the past is any indication, that product line will continue to grow over the next 40 plus years!
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