Organic Vegetable Gardening and Chickens 

You may think chicken manure is downright disgusting and incompatible with vegetable gardening, but when it comes to growing vegetables in an organic and sustainable manner, good old chicken poop, often known as “brown gold,” is one of the best things under the sun.  

Miraculous things happen when chicken manure is used as part of a comprehensive organic garden plan, along with cover cropping, crop rotation or other bio-friendly techniques. Chicken manure allows your customer to grow their garden in harmony with nature without toxic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.  

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Chicken Manure: It’s Not Just Poop 

One chicken produces approximately two cubic feet of nutrient-rich manure every year. The manure is richer than steer or horse manure, providing nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and other micro- and macronutrients.  

Chickens spend much of their time scratching around in straw or other litter, and it all eventually goes into the garden. The earthy blend of manure and organic matter benefits soil by increasing water-holding capacity, reducing erosion, enhancing drainage and improving overall soil structure.  

But is it Safe? 

Manure must be properly pasteurized or aerobically composted before it’s safe to use. As seasoned composters know, pathogens are destroyed as compost heats to a high internal temperature. Chicken manure is properly pasteurized when it is noticeably stinky and litter has broken down so it’s no longer recognizable. 

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Aerobic composting is a slightly different process that involves storing the manure in a safe, protected place where nature can take its course. Unlike pasteurization, aerobic composting kills pathogens by only allowing the compost to heat up to a specific temperature. This kills the harmful pathogens but also allows for a bulk of the beneficial microbes to remain. 
Aerobic composting is the preferred method for a fertilizer that results in significantly reduced odor and higher beneficial microbes. 

Layer Hens

Coop Poop hens are fed a rich diet of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and calcium. All of these are the same things that plants and soils like. A lot of this passes through the birds and into the litter. The 8% calcium is the real “deal maker.” This litter contains strong cells, natural disease and stress tolerance which combine to make healthy productive plants. No other animal based product can match it!