Bonide’s 2021 Organic & Garden Naturals Strategy 

Throughout the 2000s, and even prior to that, the marketplace was littered with many failed attempts at organic products for the consumer. During this time, Bonide was developing and building a Garden Naturals product line, that contained many products for Organic Gardening. Over the past 12 or so years, Bonide became synonymous with premium, natural effective products for the avid gardener. With a 65% IGC market share, Bonide became known as the “local”, natural brand, everywhere. 

In 2020 Bonide commissioned the Farnsworth Group, a leading market research firm, to conduct a consumer brand survey for Bonide. We learned that “Captain Jacks” had an astonishing Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 36. An NPS of 25 or more is considered “Strong.” Captain Jacks NPS of 36 was “off the charts”, according to the Farnsworth Group. If you are not familiar with an NPS, it is a gauge of a consumer’s loyalty to a brand or product. It is their willingness to recommend a product or brand to a friend, relative or acquaintance. With such a high NPS, Bonide realized we had something to enhance our highly successful Garden Naturals/Organics product line. 

Rebranding is Underway for 2021!

In 2021, we will be introducing 19 of our core organic/natural products with the Captain Jacks logo. We fully expect your sales of these products to exponentially grow in 2021 as a result of this new branding philosophy.

You can expect updated labels on the following products in the coming year:

  • Captain Jacks Insecticidal
  • Captain Jacks Insecticidal Super Soap RTU Qt.
  • Captain Jacks Neem Oil RTU Qt./Gal.
  • Captain Jacks Citrus, Fruit & Nut RTS Qt.
  • Captain Jacks Citrus, Fruit & Nut Conc. Pt./Qt.
  • Captain Jacks Dead Bug Brew RTU Qt.
  • Captain Jacks Dead Bug Brew Conc. Pt./Qt.
  • Captain Jacks Dead Bug Brew RTS Qt.
  • Captain Jacks Dust 1.5 lb./4 lb
  • Captain Jacks Tom/Veg 3 in 1 RTU Qt.
  • Captain Jacks Copper Fungicide RTU Pt./Qt.
  • Captain Jacks BT Thuricide “O” RTU 12×1 Qt./4×1 Gal.
  • Captain Jacks Copper Fungicide Conc. 12×1 Pt.
  • Captain Jacks Copper Fungicide RTS 6×1 Pt./Qt.
  • Captain Jacks Slug Magic 12×1 lb./12×24 oz./12×3 lb.
  • Captain Jacks Bug & Slug Bait 12×1.5 lb./12×3 lb.

Bonide Garden Naturals in 2021

As most of you know, the Bonide Garden Naturals brand features a tan “swoosh” in the upper righthand corner of the front panel label. As we moved through the 2020 season, we started replacing the traditional purple caps and sprayer heads on the Garden Natural products with coordinating “tan” caps and sprayer heads. Possibly you have these on your shelves today. We will continue with this trend in 2021, but expand upon it. You will see neck stickers stating “For Organic Gardening” for those Garden Natural products that have that “Organic” distinction. Plus, with our Repellent product line, we will be placing neck stickers on select liquid products, which will read “People and Pet Safe”.  

All of this is being done to continue our strong consumer recognition of the Captain Jacks brand and to support our continued growth of a very important segment of our business: Garden Naturals.