outlook_b08_bannerBayer Advanced™ continues to work with independent garden centers to become a better business partner. Their goal is to help you grow your business. That’s why they’re constantly developing ways to give you more of what you need – innovative products, customizable programs, plus the expertise, education and support to help your business thrive.

The cutting-edge science in every one of the Bayer Advanced™ products is backed by over 100 years of Bayer research and leadership. That same dedication goes into everything they do. Bayer Advanced™ is raising the bar, so independent garden centers like yours can offer your customers something better.
It starts with innovation. For 2015, Bayer will introduce two new sizes of Bayer Advanced™ DuraZone® Weed & Grass Killer that kills current weeds and grasses and prevents new weeds from coming back for up to 6 months with just one application. DuraZone is now available in a 32 oz. concentrate and a one gallon ready-to-use size. Both of these products can be used to refill the 1.3 Gallon Sprayer or any tank sprayer. New Complete Ant Killer Plus (1) kills surface pests like ants, fleas and ticks, plus controls soil insects for up to 3 months. Their new Home Pest Roach Killer Gel (1) has a unique applicator and contains enough bait to treat an average home. This product provides over 75 bait placements, and controls all types of major roaches. And finally, Season Long Weed Control for Lawns is now available in a 24 oz. size. It kills current broadleaf weeds (2) plus prevents new weeds from coming back for up to 6 months without harming the lawn. (3) Season Long Weed Control for Lawns saves consumers time, money and water.
When it comes to sustainability, Bayer Advanced™ is leading the way. They help homeowners more responsibly care for their yards and homes by offering products with low-dose active ingredients and combination formulations that eliminate the need for multiple treatments. Their drench solutions use less water as compared to foliar spray treatments with no spraying required – just mix and pour! They are also decreasing the amount of plastic in their bottles, using less corrugated cardboard in packing, shipping and displays and reusing and recycling as much as possible during the manufacturing process. But their commitment to sustainability does not stop there. They have also helped plant over 680,000 trees through their Arbor Day Foundation® partnership. (4)
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(2) Does not provide pre-emergent or post-emergent control of Crabgrass. See product label for kill/prevent weed list.
(3) When used as directed.
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