Danner: Proven, Trusted, & Engineered to Last

Arett Outlook February 2016

Since 1934, Danner Manufacturing (a family owned and operated business) has been devoted to developing and refining the process of efficiently moving and filtering water better than anyone. Over 80 years later, their sophisticated and energy-efficient, magnetically driven and hybrid pumps continue to be popular products that continue to develop thousands of satisfied and loyal customers.

Their innovative technologies are well-known by consumers and professional alike in the areas of pond and water gardening, aquariums, pool, and hydroponics. Through their family of top-quality, distinctive brands, including Pondmaster, Supreme, ProLine, Mainstream, Cover-Care, and Clearguard, Danner has attracted scores of dedicated customers and businesses that rely on their performance and support to help make their experiences successful.

They are continually working on additions and improvements to help consumers and professionals do better, faster, and more reliable installations.

Their newest introductions include the Danner, energy-efficient LED lights, which are perfect for any underwater or landscape lighting application! Use the High Brilliance 2.0 W LEDS to illuminate ponds, paths, walkways, or outdoor statuary. The lights come with 4 interchangeable, UV-protected, impact-resistant, polycarbonate lenses. They feature a 20′ power cord from each light to the 12 volt transformer and are available in 1 and 3 light sets. They have a built-in dusk/dawn sensor and are low voltage ETL listed. These Danner LED lights would be a great addition to your spring water gardening section.

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