Save 25% On Dr. Earth’s Pest & Disease Controls

Save 25% On Dr. Earth’s line-up of OMRI Certified Pest & Disease Controls.

Dr. Earth® Final Stop® Controls are now OMRI Certified. OMRI Certification is the gold standard for organic products since 1997. OMRI serves both product manufacturers as well as the organic farming community.

Final Stop® all natural pest and pathogen control products provide an effective alternative to chemical sprays. Dr. Earth® is unique in its formulation of natural components that quickly kill and control the target. No harmful chemicals – just nature’s intelligence. By carefully selecting combinations of food grade essential oils, garlic extract and organic acids, their natural products let nature do the killing.

Dr. Earth’s organic offerings are a safer alternative to chemical sprays and are people and pet safe. All Final Stop® ingredients work synergistically to provide amazing results in no time. Their carefully crafted combination of natural ingredients kills on contact while providing continuous protection for weeks after treatment.

Dr. Earth® Final Stop® Insect Killers – Yard & Garden, Vegetable Garden, Rose & Flower, Fruit Tree, Snail & Slug & Pest Control – Make it easy to choose just the right control for any pest in any area in the house or garden.

Dr. Earth® Final Stop® Disease Control Fungicide – Provides an extremely effective, organic solution to address a wide range of fungal diseases on shrubs, trees, lawns, roses, fruit trees, annuals, and perennials – both during the growing season and as a dormant spray.

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