Revive Dog Spot Treatment


Designed to solve the problem often associated with pet urine burns in grass 
Colorado-based Revive, a developer of lawn care products for over 40 years, expanded its product line last year with the introduction of Dog Spot Treatment, a new product designed to eliminate brown lawn spots caused by pet urine. In development for more than four years, Revive Dog Spot Treatment is a combination of soil wetting agents, natural organic lignosulfonates, and humic acids.
Revive introduced Dog Spot Treatment at the SuperZoo 2012 Trade Show in Las Vegas and has experienced re-orders every year since.
“After many months of research, development and testing, Revive is very proud to introduce Dog Spot Treatment to the Pet Care market,” said Dick Miller, Revive president. “The new product is easy to use and very effective in eliminating ugly brown spots in lawns caused by pets. Homeowners will generally see positive recovery effects within 1-2 weeks after application. Pet owners who have tried the seed patch kits have complained about how long it takes to get germination and how difficult it is to keep the dogs off the seeded areas. Our product is much more effective and practical.”
Dog Spot Treatment is available in half-gallon (64 ounce) spray bottle form that attaches to a water hose. With a 10-15 second spray treatment of each damaged spot, the product disburses the urine concentration and treats the soil allowing the grass to return to its original healthy, green state. Recovery begins by getting re-growth from the roots up, eliminating the need for any raking. Just spray and walk away. By stimulating soil microbial activity, this will help break down the excess nitrogen that’s been deposited, much similar to a typical fertilizer burn. In fact, you can use this product with great success on any browned out area during the summer due to excessive heat or drought stress conditions. The wetting agents will aid in water penetration especially where there is heavy clay soil or compaction problems.
Since the product is organic based, it is safe around children and pets. Revive is also safe to use in hot temperatures and will not burn even with heavy applications. It’s been tested on all grass types and one 64 oz. bottle will treat 100-150 spots or 2,000 square feet of turf area.
Retailers can expect to see two selling curves during the season. The first will be very early in the season, right after the snow melts and where you can see the dogs have gone all winter long. By treating these spots before the grass comes out of dormancy, you can save those roots as well and keep from having to seed or sod. The key though, is to treat as soon as the ground is thawed.
The second and larger selling window is during the heat of the summer. The hotter, the drier typically means more spots are showing up that need to be treated. Homeowners don’t have to treat the spots immediately and in fact, with busy work schedules that can be next to impossible. However, many of us are in the yards at least once a week performing mowing, trimming and other outdoor chores where we can spot any new burns showing up in the turf. By staying on top of these burns, you can keep the lawn looking green and nice all year long.
Revive Dog Spot Treatment also works well on burn areas caused by other animals such as cats & rabbits. If homeowners experience burning along driveways & sidewalks from salt use in the winter, an early application of Revive before the grass comes out of dormancy can prevent turf loss too.
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