Revive Dog Spot Treatment


Designed to solve the problem often associated with pet urine burns in grass

Colorado-based Revive, a developer of lawn care products for over 40 years, introduced its Dog Spot Treatment last year at the Arett Open House to great success.
“I was more than surprised by how many dealers were looking for a product like this for their customers” said John Eden, Sales Manager for Revive. “We had a small booth and I was writing orders constantly during the show. Many dealers expressed how their customers were waiting for a product like this to solve their lawn problems” says Eden.
Revive Dog Spot Treatment is available in a half-gallon (64 oz) spray bottle that easily attaches to any garden hose. With a 10-15 second spray on each damaged spot, the product disburses the urine concentration and treats the soil allowing the grass to return to its original healthy, green state. Revive Dog Spot Treatment is not a paint or turf dye.
Recovery begins by getting re-growth from the roots up, eliminating the need for any raking or seeding. Just spray, water in and walk away. By stimulating soil microbial activity, this will help break down the excess nitrogen that’s been deposited, much similar to a typical fertilizer burn. In fact, you can use Revive Dog Spot Treatment with great success on any browned out area during the summer due to excessive heat or drought stress conditions. The wetting agents will aid in water penetration especially where there is heavy clay soil or compaction problems. It will also help on heavy traffic areas whether it’s from foot traffic or dog paths.
Revive Dog Spot Treatment also works on other burn areas caused by cats, rabbits, etc. The key is catching the burn early before the roots die. If homeowners experience burning along driveways and walks from salt use during the winter, an early application of Revive before the grass comes out of dormancy can prevent turf loss in these areas too.
Since Revive Dog Spot Treatment is organic-based, it is safe to use around children and pets. It is also safe to use in hot summer temperatures and will not burn even with heavy applications. It’s been tested on all grass types, both warm and cool season. One 64 oz bottle will treat 100-150 spots or 2,000 square feet of turf area.
Try Revive today and learn the secret behind greener lawns.
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