Pacific Home & Garden Pottery On Display Now

Pacific Home and Garden, based in Hayward, California and Decatur, Georgia, has been designing, developing, and manufacturing their pottery since 2002. They create new shapes and styles regularly to meet the constantly changing tastes of the marketplace. Trends and traditions in the landscape and design industries, plus feedback from dealers, guide their decisions in creating a viable range of new products. Each year they introduce new colors, some of which are the culmination of years of development. Many of their unique vessels are part of display groupings that afford the retailer plenty of merchandising options.

Pacific Home and Garden Brands

  • Le Beau – hardy and beautiful line of Vietnamese pottery that includes planters that are frost resistant, fountains, garden accents, and indoor pots that include orchid pots and hand-thrown table top planters. This line offers a full array of vibrant colors in high fire glazes.
  • Chelsea Gardener – is a modern interpretation of English gardens. Decorative motifs and shapes are transformed by artists’ hand creations of fun and colorful containers and accents. This design-oriented line offers planters, containers, water bowls, and newly introduced tall strawberry/herb planters.
  • Verandah – simple, urban, and affordable are the main features of this newer brand. These new rustic planters have a flair for design yet sturdy looks for the landscape.
  • Seasons – conceived with popular two tones and finishing glazes, very feminine yet exuberant and light in weight. Affordability with extraordinary value this line includes planters and containers, fountains, indoor pots, and accessories including a selection of decorative farm animals.
  • Origins – this pottery line offers a modern version of what Chinese pottery craftsmen have been perfecting for the last century. This outstanding line of planters, containers, urns, and vessels are made by generations of artisans who still hand throw each pot in hundreds of years old wood-fired dragon kilns. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind!
  • Tuscan Sun – the beauty of Tuscany and French county gardens has influenced the design of this pottery line. Hand works and color variances characterize every piece and convey a sense of uniqueness to these products.

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Pacific Home and Garden is available through Arett Sales as a drop ship program and a warehouse pallet program. To place an order, contact your Arett Sales Rep or call 800-257-8220 and mention vendor #P40.

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