Open House Exhibitor Spotlight: Vegepod

Our Open House ‘Take Flight’ Butterfly is a symbol of a flight towards excellence and innovation to improve our industry and/or our world. As part of the 2017 Open House, we’ll be sharing stories with you from our customers and exhibitors that highlight that spirit of excellence and innovation.

Vegepod  Raised Garden Kits — Grow Veggies The Easy Way‎

Vegepod began eight years ago like any good invention, out of failure and necessity. Matt Harris, inventor and CEO, tried like 80 percent of us at some stage in life to grow and harvest vegetables at home and, again, like the vast majority of those people, kept failing for a variety of reasons.

Harris set out to construct a vegetable garden kit that could go anywhere and solve all problems in one solution. Thus the birth of Vegepod. Eight years on and Vegepods are now being sold in 80% of independent hardware stores and garden centers throughout Australia, plus in several international markets including the UK, USA, Israel, and New Zealand.

Vegepod’s innovation and incomparable gardening success rates were then realized on a winning appearance on “Shark Tank” last year. Naomi Simson jumped on board as an investor and the show created a spike in awareness for Vegepod in Australia.

The real key to Vegepod is that it works. Marketing manager, Simon Holloway, stated at the Vegas hardware that end-users are now enjoying a very mature and refined product unrivalled in its offering.

“Vegepods are not some new fan-dangle product,” Holloway said. “We have tweaked and improved them consistently over the 8 years in all areas, such as core design, materials, packaging, and accessories. We never get a single product returned and also enjoy 20% of our customers returning for a second purchase.”

Vegepods combine several key features in the one solution in what Vegepod claims to be the world’s largest, fully-contained, raised wicking bed. These features include:

  • a deep water reservoir in the base of the containers, allowing ‘self-watering wicking’ to occur and solve under-watering problems, a well directed overflow hole to solve over-watering issues
  • a protection and micro-climate canopy, which has easy-access hinging and prevents all pests, wildlife, and inclement weather from harming plants
  • a mist-spray system inside the roof of the canopy to enable easy and gentle watering connected to a hose
  • a full foot of growing depth to provide a ‘proper’ growing medium for all plants, including root vegetables
  • materials all food-safe grade
  • optional stands or trolleys to raise the pods to waist height for easy access and mobility
  • 3 size options (small, medium and large), flat packed in a surprisingly small box that fits into any car.

Harris relocated his family to California 6 months ago to drive the USA arm of the business. Brother and CFO, Paul Harris, said “We originally tested the market over here by exhibiting at three garden shows for the public. We were ecstatic to see the USA gardener was no different from our Aussie compatriots and we sold out at each show. We have simply been inundated with interest. It’s been a bit overwhelming to be honest and we have a lot of work to do to make sure the Vegepod brand is as highly regarded here as it is in Australia.”

The Vegepod is in a league of its own when it comes to the backyard or patio veggie patch. Stylish, affordable, and, most of all, efficient. You can never offer a guarantee of success when mother nature is involved, but this is definitely the best chance you have.

The Vegepod will be on display at Arett’s 2017 Open House, in Atlantic City from September 10th – 12th.  For more information, or to register for the Open House, visit