Xierun Garden USA: The Versatility of Fiber-Cement Planters

Specializing in lightweight fiber-cement planters, Xierun Garden USA offers their proprietary blend (Durx-litecrete), which is an improvement on the traditional fiber-cement technology.    

Why Lightweight Pottery? 

The lightweight “trend” in pottery is not just a trend anymore, it is a need. Green spaces are at a premium these days. Neighbors are closer together and new regulations for weight load on balconies and decks make privacy solutions a challenge. How can homeowners showcase their style and add privacy without sacrificing green space? Pottery and plantings are the answer! Lightweight, stylish pottery for compact spaces can be found at the Xierun Garden booth at Arett’s Virtual or Live Pottery Showcase.  

Furthermore, lightweight pottery gives the homeowner flexibility and portability to take a large piece home without waiting to schedule a delivery and jump through city red tape in certain circumstances. The lightweight concrete also provides a substantial-looking alternative to plastics and composites yet is approximately half to a quarter of the weight of a traditional concrete planter.  

Xierun Garden USA & Arett Sales 

The need for the lightweight alternative has led to Xierun Garden USA joining the Arett Sales family.  Xierun Garden USA has already shown steady growth over the short period they have been on board.  Specializing in lightweight fiber-cement planters, Xierun Garden USA offers their proprietary blend (Durx-litecrete), which is an improvement on the traditional fiber-cement technology. 

What is Dux-litecrete? 

Seeing a need for a more sustainable way of production, the engineers at Xierun Garden USA have developed an innovative new technology that Xierun has trademarked as Dux-litecrete. Dux-litecrete uses sustainable/biodegradable elements in the mix, yet still has structural integrity and is an improvement over previous generations of fiber-cement planters.  Developed exclusively for the U.S. market, Xierun Garden’s proprietary GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) material, Dux-litecrete, has the thickness and density of stoneware, without the vulnerability of fired material to break or crack under extreme temperatures. Dux-litecrete is made with sustainable products by using a plant-based reinforcement fiber as opposed to the traditional fiber-glass.   

About Xierun Garden USA 

Xierun Garden USA, Inc. is based in Ontario, California and strives to provide high quality, decorative garden products for every household.  Xierun Garden USA’s factory was founded in 1997 and though a relative newcomer in the USA, Xierun has been producing timeless and contemporary designs that make them one of the leading manufacturers in the fiber cement/ GRC industry.  Each product is handmade and the molds are crafted by highly trained artisans that take the utmost pride in their work.  Xierun’s statuary in particular has an artist’s touch where you can see how each piece is meticulously labored over until the artist is truly satisfied with their art, which in turn will be used as a mold for the statuary that is ultimately produced for the consumer.  Whether for the home or business, Xierun Garden USA strives to produce garden décor that is innovative, classic and dignified. 

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