Why Feature Lyric Wild Bird Food?

outlook_g81c_bannerAs an Independent Garden Center, it’s important to pay attention to upcoming trends to help grow your business and be prepared to take advantage of changing consumer demands with products that meet the need. Many are already familiar with the impressive stat, that backyard bird watching is the second most popular outdoor activity in the United States – second only to gardening. Because bird watching is an all-year, all-region activity, this category has potential to pay big dividends and assortment can be a significant key to success.

In a recent study conducted by the Wild Bird Feeding Industry, research revealed that the average U.S. household spends nearly $80 annually on wild birds’ feed – broken down into spending for the following: economy seed mix; premium seed mix; straight seed; suet and other pressed seed cakes; and “other.” With over 40% of households participating, that puts the U.S. Retail market size at well over $3 billion. With premium seed mix accounting for nearly 20% of market share, you’ll want to ensure your overall bird food offering is well diversified to meet the needs of all potential customers.
Lyric Wild Bird Food, for years – has offered an exceptional lineup within the premium seed mix segment. Backyard birders love all varieties of this premium wild bird food line for its fine natural ingredients and hand-crafted mixes that attract more birds all year long.
Lyric Wild Bird Foods will now stay fresh longer, too, with the integration of their new Stay Fresh Technology. Oxygen absorber packets are included in bags 15 lbs. and smaller. Reduced oxygen content keeps the food fresher longer. The StayFresh packets coupled with Lyric’s pest-resistant, impermeable bags ensure the natural ingredients are at their nutritional and bird-pleasing best at all times.
Consumer testimonials validate that switching from lower-priced, lower-quality bird feed to Lyric products, typically nets increased wild bird activity at the feeders.
Lebanon Seaboard Corporation, the manufacturer of the Lyric Premium Wild Bird Food brand, has plants and distribution centers strategically located to ship to major Wild Bird Food Markets in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic very cost effectively. Lyric also responds quickly to changing market conditions to remain very competitively priced for a premium quality product. Lyric Wild Bird food consistently receives rave reviews from customers that appreciate the bird varieties attracted by the gourmet blends.
Don’t miss out on this growing trend and important Premium Wild Bird Food opportunity with Lyric. If it’s not part of your current offering, there has never been a better time to add it. You will sell more bird food, while your customers will feed more birds. Nothing keeps them coming back for more than the simple delight experienced by a mix that attracts more birds.
In a recent customer testimonial about the Lyric Fruit and Nut High Energy Wild Bird Mix, a birdwatcher writes: “This has to be the cleanest bird food I have yet come across. As compared to less expensive bird food mixes, there is no dusty, debris riddled filler such as millet in this blend. No shells, no chaff, no twigs, no stones.”
Lyric – the Finest Nutrients. See the Difference.
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