The Right Glove for the Job


“Which glove do you recommend?”
People often ask this question, especially when faced with a bewildering array of styles in a glove aisle. They want to know how to choose the right glove, what to look for, and why. These are good questions, and your glove sales will reflect how well you answer them.
“What are you planning to do?”
LFS Glove National Sales Manager Paulette Bergh says she usually answers with a question of her own: how are you planning to use the gloves? Because the job dictates which is the right glove. This is a simple answer, of course, but it will help the customer make the best choice.
Ask if they need protection from thorns or abrasive materials. A cushion against blisters from heavy shoveling or raking? Do they need the dexterity of the lightweight, thinly-coated palm dipped styles? Will they need a warmer, insulated glove? A cooler, breathable style? Waterproof? Chemical resistant? Do they need a dependable grip? All these factors will help determine the right glove for the job.
Of course, busy retailers won’t have time to converse in depth with each of their potential glove customers, so they can help the decision process by strategic placement of gloves near other merchandise. It’s not rocket science, and most retailers already do some cross merchandising; the good news is, the more you do, the more gloves you’ll sell.
In fact, skillful cross merchandising can increase sales overall. Customers appreciate easy access to the things they need for their projects, and often a well-designed retail display will remind them of accessories they might have forgotten or show them possibilities they were not aware of.
Instead of the daunting “wall of gloves” on aisle Z, invest in some freestanding floor racks and countertop glove display racks. LFS Glove offers display racks, spinners, clip strips, and bin boxes free with minimum purchases. Once you have some displays, you can spread your glove inventory throughout the store.
The creative possibilities are as varied as your product mix. Put the heavy-duty work gloves near the shovels and rakes. Put the fully-coated gloves by the fertilizers and pesticides, and near the water garden supplies. Make sure there are plenty of thin, dexterous styles with the seed planting pots and seeds, and prominently displayed by the bedding plants.
Be sure to put a countertop spinner of children’s styles by the checkout counter! Moms and Grandmothers find these pint-sized gloves hard to resist. Add a floor rack with some other brightly colored styles as well, because gloves are the perfect impulse item.
“Gloves are actually pretty easy to sell,” Bergh said. “They don’t cost much, they’re attractive and comfortable, and they’re useful. So, they are a purchase that’s easy for customers to justify, especially if you can show them the right glove to get a particular job done.”
“It really does make a difference to have the right glove when you start a job,” she emphasized. “If your hands stay warm when it’s cold outside, or dry when you’re working in the mud, you don’t get stabbed by blackberry thorns, or develop a blister from pushing the lawnmower – you’re a much happier customer.”
Happy customers come back again and again, and tell their friends about your store. This is a win-win situation!
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