Sunshine Ceramica: What’s New for 2022

Shop Sunshine Ceramica at the Arett Pottery Showcase, June 20th-July 22nd, 2022!

New for 2023, Sunshine Ceramica are introducing lightweight planter ranges to accompany our current collections.

Based on our 2022 best-selling pallet assortment of bold and bright hand painted colors. We are pleased to offer a new lightweight selection of hand painted bold and vibrant colored planters supplied in 3 sizes. Made from a composite of stone and recycled plastic, these have all the feel, durability and look of a clay planter, but without the heavy weight.

Introducing Zest Pots. encompassing all of the artisanal elements we’re known for and supplied in our best-selling shape and sizes. We have worked with a selection of designers to create exclusive, hand painted, Mediterranean-inspired patterns. Each design is printed onto a waterproof canvas, and then embedded onto the side of each planter.

Choose from 6 designs including our best-selling designs:

All new products are Frost Proof, U.V. Resistant and made from 100% Recycled Plastic.

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