New Edible Varieties for 2021

Here are some of the new home-garden crops to add to your vegetable offerings. 

Pepper ‘Armageddon’ 

‘Armageddon’ is the world’s first F1 hybrid super-hot chili pepper. It is two weeks earlier than comparable varieties, with a higher number of peppers as well. In addition, it offers improved plant vigor and fruit uniformity. 

Brussels sprouts ‘Redarling’ 
Syngenta Flowers

An innovative crop, this new Brussels sprouts boasts purple-red color and a mild taste. It produces firm, well-filled, colorful buttons with good standing ability. High-yielding stalks reach 31 inches tall. 

Tomato ‘Siam’ 
PanAmerican Seed 

‘Siam’ is part of the new Kitchen Minis collection of potted vegetable plants that your customers can grow inside on a sunny windowsill or counter without a garden. This versatile variety works in 4 1/2- to 8-inch containers. On average plants reach 7 to 9 inches tall and 10 to 12 inches wide, making it manageable in shipping. 

Cabbage ‘Sweet Slaw’ 

This variety’s smooth, dense and cone-shaped head has a short core — making it perfect for slicing or shredding. Home gardeners will appreciate its sweet flavor, quickness to fruit and long harvest window. 

Tomato ‘Mountain Man’ 
Syngenta Flowers

‘Mountain Man’ is a beefsteak tomato that produces extra-large fruit with delicious flavor starting in early season. High potential yields and multiple harvests are supported by strong plants. 

Eggplant ‘Asian Delite’ 
PanAmerican Seed 

This slender, elongated eggplant is glossy with bright purple skin and white, tender, non-bitter flesh. Plants are upright and semi-spineless, so they are easy to harvest. They are great for in-ground gardening or in a large container. 

Tomato ‘Gold Spark’ 

This great-tasting yellow grape tomato has high yield potential and consistent sweetness throughout the season. Fruits weigh about a half ounce and have excellent shelf life. Plants have strong vigor and high resistance to Tomato Mosaic Virus. 

Snack pea ‘Snak Hero’ 
Syngenta Flowers

‘Snak Hero’ creates a whole new produce category — snack pea. It presents succulent, slender, 4-inch pods that are easier to hold for a sweet healthy treat. Pods are stringless and perfect for garden fresh snacking, stir fry or freezing for later. 

Tomato ‘Tasti-Wee’ 

New to the BOOST collection, this crack-resistant tomato contains 40% more lycopene than similar types, which helps protect against cell damage. It is full of flavor with good disease resistance. 

Strawberry ‘Berried Treasure Pink’ 
Proven Winners 

Joining the previously introduced ‘Berried Treasure Red’, Pink offers semi-double, pink flowers alongside small, sweet fruits all season on a compact, everbearing plant. It reaches 12 to 16 inches tall, prefers full sun, and is hardy to Zones 4 through 9. 

Pak choi ‘Asian Delight’ 

A new All-America Selections winner, this pak choi features small to mid-sized Canton-type heads with a tasty, tender white rib and dark green, textured leaves. Expect to begin harvest in about 30 days. Plants will hold for about two to three weeks after maturity. 

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