Toilet Paper, Netflix, & Planters

If the country was surveyed with the question of, “What were your top 3 must-haves at home during the Covid pandemic?”, the answers would range from diapers to vodka and everything in between.  Besides the top must-haves of toilet paper and Netflix, Jackson Pottery would argue that PLANTERS would top the shortlist of Covid times must-haves. 

As everyone found ways to cope with all the extra time at home, one commonality emerged, a reignited passion for all things lawn and garden seemed to sweep the world and provide much-needed sales boosts and human interaction opportunities for IGCs. Amidst the struggles of navigating through covid, many IGCs recorded banner pottery sales in 2020. Between the abnormal demand for planters and recent supply chain interruptions, there is a strong chance your pottery shelves are barren, or even empty. As we begin to wrap up 2021 spring sales and plan for fall and spring 2022, it seems that navigating the supply chain waters will be the next big challenge. Not to worry. 

Like the L&G folks reading this article, Jackson Pottery is tough, persistent, and gritty. Anticipating the supply chain challenges, Jackson’s has ordered early (really early) and ordered in depth. They want you to win with your customer’s loyalty and win at the cash register. 

Don’t delay, the demand will likely outpace the supply. Many garden centers are doubling or tripling their pottery orders to meet the demand. Along with toilet paper, Netflix, vodka, and diapers, planter sales are surging everywhere. Don’t miss out. Take advantage of the Jackson programs today. ORDER EARLY, and ORDER DEEP. 

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