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Landscaping Products for the Home and Garden. 

Growing up on a family farm in North Carolina, Ike Lewis believed nature was a gift that nurtured a man’s soul. Gardening was his world, and he knew it better than anyone. That’s why he believed people should be particular about the products they choose for their outdoor projects—to demand honest solutions that deliver high-quality performance at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.  

Every product we offer is guided by this principle and is guaranteed to meet or exceed the level of quality Ike demanded. It’s why his name is on the package. Our entire line of lawn and garden concentrates, watering solutions, and ice melts offer quality without compromise, delivering exactly what your customers need and nothing but; no gimmicks here. 

For your customers that demand the freedom to grow their self-driven ambition into something greater? You’ve come to the right place. Here are several of our most popular categories of products: 


Whether a customer needs to protect shrubs from unwanted insect pests or to defend flowers from unsightly weeds, our unadulterated concentrated herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers and specialty products allow customers the freedom to create solutions most effective for the project in front of them. 


Getting parched trees exactly what they need, our tree watering bags and rings provide continuous and even water distribution and saturation that helps customers avoid overwatering or underwatering trees and shrubs—giving them peace of mind during summer’s hottest swelters. 


Helping customers defend what they’ve worked so hard on, our frost protection bags and blankets feature a breathable fabric that allows sunlight to reach plants to trap and hold heat for survival against early and late frosts. 


When temperatures drop and the snow falls, preparation is paramount to protecting people and their property. As they say, winter doesn’t stop for anyone; but neither do we. Help customers stay safe while minimizing environmental harm with our line of simple-to-use, advanced granular and liquid ice melts that never back down. 


We want to make sure that you have the support you need to inform all types of lawn and garden customers about IKE’s line of products. From the visually exciting point of sale displays to generate in-store awareness to targeted digital ad campaigns offering additional support to specific store locations, we offer a wide variety of marketing tools and services that can help you connect potential customers to our products. With PR assistance, social media support, and a robust, informative website, it’s easy for customers to find the product that best fits their needs and then the nearest retailer location or online storefront that has available what they need. 

At IKE’S, we pride ourselves in knowing that we treat our customers as partners and deliver only the highest quality products guaranteed to meet or exceed the level of quality our namesake demanded, backed by best-in-class customer service.  

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