GardenSleeves: Where Fashion Meets Function

Five years ago, armed with just a sewing machine and a bad case of poison ivy, I envisioned a gardening glove unlike any other. Combining fashion with functionality, I designed a glove with a lightweight, breathable cotton sleeve that extends comfortably over the bicep and secures with a stretchy elastic band. Frustrated by the lack of such a product in the market, I took matters into my own hands, crafting prototypes and testing them in my garden. The result? GardenSleeves—a true arm saver that protects against poison ivy, ticks, spiders, and the inconvenience of soil seepage into wrist-length gloves. With comfort and functionality at the forefront, I founded the NOMPI Glove Company and patented GardenSleeves in 2018.

Taking GardenSleeves on the Road

GardenSleeves quickly gained traction, earning praise like “Brilliant” and “You should go on Shark Tank” at flower and garden shows across the east coast. Unlike hot, tight polyester spandex sleeves, our 100% cotton sleeves are cool, comfortable, and easy to wear for arms of all sizes. Attached to a durable nitrile-dipped water-resistant glove, GardenSleeves prevent dirt and ticks from infiltrating the glove-sleeve interface. Plus, our machine-washable design ensures hassle-free maintenance. GardenSleeves aren’t just gloves; they’re a new standard in gardening attire.

A Problem Solved

From ticks and poison ivy to mosquitoes and fire ants, GardenSleeves tackle nature’s challenges head-on. No more changing into hot, long-sleeved shirts or duct-taping sleeve cuffs to gloves—our product offers a simple, brilliant solution. Countless gardeners have thanked us for “saving their arms,” reaffirming our commitment to providing rash-free, scratch-free protection all season long.

Made in America

What began in the basement of my New Jersey home has blossomed into a true American success story. With a steadfast commitment to USA-made manufacturing, we’ve partnered with a local sewing shop in Philadelphia to meet growing demand while staying true to our roots. From our family to yours, GardenSleeves are crafted with care every step of the way.

Happy Gardening!

Lynne Silber, Owner & Founder, GardenSleeves by NOMPI Glove Co.

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