Arett Sales Employee Awards

There’s some terrific work taking place at Arett Sales, and we can’t wait to share the great news! Each year, Arett Sales holds a Company meeting to kick off the new season and recognize the outstanding performance, superior dedication, and positive attitude of some of our team members throughout the past year.

For the 2020-2021 season, Arett Sales recognizes the following employees for their outstanding performance.  

2021 Arett Sales Customer Service Award – Kathy Rush 

   The Customer Service award goes to Kathy Rush for her dedication to providing quality service and customer satisfaction to Arett customers, suppliers, and fellow Arett team members. This award recognizes Kathy as a person who has “gone the extra mile” in a consistent and substantial way. “Kathy is always willing to offer a helping hand within all departments. She is not afraid to learn new things and without asking, she is always the first to volunteer to assist. Most of all, she always brings a smile to everyone’s face and is a pleasure to work with” – states Paula Colon, Arett Sales Product Merchant.

2021 Arett Sales Creativity Award – Michelle Kennedy  

The Creativity award goes to Michelle Kennedy. This award recognizes someone who has created or innovated concepts to make our job more efficient and effective. In addition, these ideas save money and/or time and result in improved workflow, increasing overall employee performance, and staff development, or lead Arett Sales in a new productive direction. Michelle’s ideas and execution streamlined the process for our manufacturer partners entering their Show contracts. “This year, there was plenty of creativity going on and it was a little more difficult to keep in touch with all of us working remotely. Michele has brought a new perspective to the merchanting team. She is always looking for new ways to improve and streamline our processes. I can always count on Michelle’s fresh take and new ideas and her willingness to take on challenges. This is a well-deserved recognition” – states Adam Chesbrough – V.P. of Marketing.

2021 Arett Sales Salesperson-Of-the Year Award Goes to 4 Salespeople! 

In special recognition and appreciation for outstanding performance and dedication to excellence, Arett Sales would like to recognize the following salespeople for their outstanding sales and customer service performance.

2021 Years of Service Awards  

In appreciation for continued years of dedication, service and commitment to excellence, Arett Sales recognized the following individuals:  

10 Years of Service Bob Bazilio, Bristol Warehouse 

15 Years of Service 

20 Years of ServiceBruce Peditto, Director of Operations  

25 Years of ServiceMichael Castan, Long Island, NY Sales Representative  

35 Years of Service

May you continue to inspire us for many years to come.  People are the backbone of our organization, and we’re always looking for ways to say, “thank you.”  Well done and  Congratulations to all!

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