Yes, There Really Is A Scenic Road

outlook_R82_bannerIt all started in 1977 in a small barn out on Scenic Road in beautiful Lancaster County, PA. The barn was on a farm owned by Mr. Lapp, a man whose family had been working the land in the Amish way for generations.

Needless to say, Mr. Lapp knew a thing or two about farming, and about creating products that would make the job more efficient. A two-wheeled wheelbarrow that remains the industry standard today for ease of use, strength, and longevity—he was the first to market it, way back in 1982.
How about a 10 cubic foot wheelbarrow that is designed to be 32″ wide and easily fit through a standard stall gate? He solved that one too, back when the industry standard width for 10 cubic foot wheelbarrows was 36″.
When you do the job yourself, you learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t.
In 2003, Mr. Lapp chose to return to his first love: farming. He sold Scenic Road Manufacturing to David Esh, a long-time employee who continues to run the company today.
In keeping with its roots, Scenic Road Manufacturing remains a privately-owned Amish business, always true to its strong values when it comes to family and faith. Customers are always welcome to visit.
Our Wheelbarrows Are Built To Outlast And Our Warranties Prove It.
It’s the last wheelbarrow you’ll ever buy and the one you’ll hand down for generations. In fact, Scenic Road is so confident in their products that their Scenic Road series comes with a ten-year warranty and every product in the Scenic Lane series is guaranteed for five years, no questions asked.
Why Are They So Confident?
Each of their wheelbarrows is made from top quality American parts and is assembled in Lancaster County, PA. All steel parts are finished with a durable powder coating.
Their extra-heavy-duty Scenic Road Series high-density polyethylene trays with UV stabilizers are up to 50% heavier than the competition, their extra-thick 2” lacquered handles are made of top-grade American Ash, and all of their undercarriages are built with heavy structural steel—no sheet metal here. These extra-heavy-duty wheelbarrows have an 800 lb. load capacity, and their unique braces provide improved stability.
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