World Source Partners Brings You Products From Around The Globe

World Source Partners (WSP) imports, markets, and sells products to retailers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Experts in product development and sourcing, World Source Partners understands the North American markets and finds the right products for today’s consumers. WSP has developed important partnerships with major European brands, like Gardman UK, to bring their products to North American markets and also sources products directly from Chinese factories for the best in quality built products at competitive prices.

Today, World Source Partners sells products under four different banners:

Gardman USA is the largest brand of the WSP offering. As a key supplier of garden and wild bird care products to the US gardening market for the last 20 years, Gardman understands the core categories that matter in driving sales. WSP leverages the fact that Gardman UK is the number 1 gardening brand in England, and is able to stayone step ahead of the market by watching trends in home decor, grow-your-own vegetables and fruit, and wild bird care.

Depth of range and choice remain firmly rooted at the core of the Gardman program, now backed with greater market differentiation offered through a series of creative brand developments. Gardman has a portfolio of category-leading brands that inspire purchasing and provide trade up opportunities. They offer complete category-managed range solutions that cover all key price points with continuous new product development offering more market choices. Gardman is focused on the core product categories that drive your business and they use their expertise coupled with extensive research to provide you with a better understanding of consumer’s needs. Key categories with product offerings include growing, landscaping, garden decor, and wild bird care. Impactful in-store merchandising and packaging have been developed to drive sales.

The Nuttery is another line based in England, founded by Leslie Lipton 25 years ago as a result of watching a BBC documentary – Daylight Robbery – which showed how squirrels can overcome obstacles to reach wild bird seed in regular bird feeders. Leslie, an architectural designer by trade, set out to design a bird feeder that would baffle even the brainiest squirrel, and so the Nuttery was born. 25 years later, the first feeder – The Original – is as popular as ever with worldwide sales of well over a million feeders. The Nuttery offers feeders in two major collections: the Contemporary collection and the Classic collection and have recently launched two large capacity feeders, The Hotel and The Elipse.

Sun Pottery offers a broad range of glazed pottery and bird baths from Vietnam in seven different designs and ten colors. This pottery is fired in eco-friendly natural gas kilns that provide consistent colors of the highest quality. They are frost proof and the soil capacity is shown in each glazed pot. They also offer terra cotta pottery from Italy and Yorkshire pottery from England. For informative videos, check out our videos online.

The most recent addition is La Hacienda, another line based in England that features brightly-colored outdoor fire bowls and fire pits with a baked enamel finish. They also offer larger metal fire pits, as well as both traditional and contemporary cast iron and steel chimeneas and a pizza oven. Covers are available to protect the products from the outdoor elements.

World Source Partners is headquartered at 9285 Commerce Highway, Pennsauken, NJ 08110 with warehouses in Bristol, CT and Fife, WA. You can contact us at or by calling customer service at 856-382-0073.