Wet & Forget Rapid Application – Taking Easy To New Heights

The much anticipated Wet & Forget Rapid Application hose end is now available! The new hose end was developed to make outdoor cleaning, for high elevations and large surfaces, quick and easy. Like the Wet & Forget concentrate, you simply spray it on and leave it. Wet & Forget goes to work with Mother Nature to gently clean surfaces over time. Consumers simply attach the bottle directly to a garden hose and begin spraying. The hose end reaches up to 30 ft. elevations and provides up to 2,000 sq. ft. coverage from one 48 oz. bottle. An entire house, roof, driveway, or deck can be treated in just minutes!

Now consumers get all the benefits of Wet & Forget’s easy spray and leave application and gentle formula in a new Rapid Application hose end.

Arett Outlook: What considerations went into the development of the Wet & Forget Rapid Application hose end?

Wet & Forget: Loyal Wet & Forget customers have been requesting a Wet & Forget hose end for several years now. We knew we needed to come up with a new and innovative way to clean roofs and large surfaces with Wet & Forget but we didn’t want disappoint our customers by rushing into the market with a sub-standard hose end. We took our time and did the necessary research to assure we launched with a hose end that would not disappoint and would address the major issues associated with cleaning moss, mold, mildew and algae from high elevations and large surfaces. After doing a thorough investigation of the benefits and issues with the current hose ends on the market we decided it was necessary to develop a proprietary hose end to address reach, coverage and consistent product output.

Arett Outlook: What can consumers look forward to with the new Wet & Forget Rapid Application hose end?

Wet & Forget: During our research, we quickly realized many hose ends on the market still required a ladder with 20’ or two-story reach. The biggest fear consumers have when treating high elevations is having to get up on a roof or a ladder. We wanted to try and keep our customers on the ground during application, whenever possible. We really focused on getting better reach, we’ve been able to obtain 32’ reach horizontally and 30’ reach vertically with our new hose end. The Wet & Forget label states, up to 30’ keeping in mind water pressure can change the distance performance of a hose end.

Arett Outlook: How does the new Rapid Application hose end differ from other products on the market?

Wet & Forget: When investigating coverage, we found several outdoor cleaning hose ends on the market only offer 200-600 sq. ft. coverage from one 32-ounce bottle. If you were cleaning an average 1,100 sq. ft. roof you’d need anywhere from 2-6 bottles depending upon the surface and growth. If you had a tennis court at the standard size of 34’ x 56’ for a total of 1,904 sq. ft., factoring in most asphalt surfaces are porous, it could potentially need over 9 hose end bottles to finish the job, which can be quite costly and result in additional visits to the store just to finish the job of 1 bottle of Wet & Forget. We decided a 48 oz. bottle with 2,000 sq. ft. coverage would be ideal for consumers so they could tackle most big jobs with just one bottle.

We knew it was important to make sure our hose end quickly delivers a large amount of product with a consistent dilution. The easier we make it and the less time it takes, the more likely the consumer will confidently tackle outdoor cleaning themselves. Our Sniper Nozzle fan tip quickly disperses large amounts of product so applications can be done in just minutes. During the fall we did an application of Wet & Forget Rapid Application to the side of a two-story home with vinyl siding and a 2-1/2 car stamped concrete driveway. Both surfaces were approximately 800 sq. ft. and both were easily treated in less than 2 minutes!

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