Top Sellers & Merchant’s Picks For July

Want to know what other retailers are buying or what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month? Find out with this list of Top Seller’s and Merchant’s Picks for July 2016.

Merchant's Picks

 VendorItem NumberItem NameWhy A Merchant Pick?
1G94 GulfstreamG94 100047720Sevin RTU Bug KillerPrevent bugs from eating your hard outdoor work.
2B70 BonideB70 775Copper Fungicide RTULots of moisture. Keep fungicide in check.
3S27 WoodstreeamS27 600Terro Ant KillerKeep ants out of your house.
4D40 DrammD40 1012700Revolver NozzleBest seller! Perfect for the dry yard
5S20 SpectrumS20 96014Cutter Insect RepellentMosquito season - keep safe this summer!
6D07 DalenD07 DX7Deer Netting - 7' x 100'Best seller! Don't let your roses be dessert!
7A63 LFSA63 NT3700BKLNitirile GlovesProtect your hands while working outdoors.
8L51 BobbexL51 B550110Deer Repellent - Quart RTUEffective way to keep the deer away from plants.
9H51 Hydro FarmH51 VI30131Super ThrivePlants in final growth spurt. Help them out!
10C01 C&SC01 CS12553Hot Pepper SuetGreat time to bring birds into your yard!

Top Sellers

 VendorItem NumberItem Name
1S20 Spectrum/Liquid FenceS20 HG71126Deer/Rabbit RTU Repellent
2E72 Enviro ProtectionE72 1025Granular Deer Repellent - 25 lb. Pail
3W12 Wild DelightW12 37420Deck Porch Patio Seed - 20 lb.
4L07 LyricL07 2647290Supreme Mix Bird Seed - 20 lb.
5B70 BonideB70 022Neem Oil
6S79 SummitS79 11012Mosquito Dunk
7L48 LegacyL48 HFZG550YWSFlexible Garden Hose
8P95 PygarP95 F28 1/2" Pruner