The Page Seed Company

outlook_P83_bannerAmerican owned and operated, The Page Seed Company has been supporting independent garden centers since 1896. Page Seed, just like their customers, is a small company always striving to do their best by providing customers a product that they can trust and are always trying to accommodate their needs. Many years ago they decided that their primary focus was to ensure that dealers and their customers received a product that has the best germination available in the market, and they stand behind that promise. They also made a promise that none of their retail products are genetically engineered and have gone to the extent of making sure that all of their seed packets have that in print. It is important to today’s gardener that the products they buy, plant, harvest and consume are safe and can be trusted.

Their range of brands was developed in order to meet three key objectives: price point, value, and type of gardener. Page’s Premium has the largest variety selection of their brands, with over 200 varieties and a price point of $1.69. High fill weights give the gardener value and the broad selection targets the savvy gardener. Liberty Garden, with a streamlined offering, targets more of the hobby gardener at a value conscious price of $.89. This brand has all the basic varieties for the average gardener and is the #1 independent garden center brand they offer. In September of 2011, they designed this brand so that their independents could compete against the big box stores. They built value and quality into one brand. Two years ago they launched Page’s Organics to meet the demands of the ever growing organic community. The numbers continue to grow in this category and they feel that their organic line completes their line up. What makes their product lines different than the others? Page Seed offers brands to fit the needs of their customers. They take three different lines of business and give consumers a choice. Other seed companies take a brand and “sell” it at a different price. They choose to give options based upon offerings, value and price point, not cost. A customer can always be assured of high germination, regardless of brand chosen.

At Page’s Seeds, from planting the first seed all the way to harvest, they are dedicated to helping their customers grow. They will continue to support their independent garden centers and independent distributors.

They thank you for your trust!

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