RESCUE! Products Save The Summer

outlook_r28_bannerSummer is here, the barbecues are fired up, and our backyards are in full bloom. The living is easy… except when you’re forced to deal with pesky bugs. To fully enjoy these carefree months, your yard and garden need a few good insect traps!

Want to rescue your roses and other ornamental plants from hungry beetles? The RESCUE!® Japanese & Oriental Beetle Trap is your season-long solution to not one, but two insect pests that damage plants and grasses. Place it 20-30 feet away from the plants you want to protect. The durable, two-layer bag is welded to the bright green panels, keeping it secure as it fills up with beetles. And if it fills up before the eight-week beetle season is over, you can simply use the slide-lock feature at the bottom to empty the beetles and reuse the trap.
From disposable to reusable to sticky traps, RESCUE!® offers many options for you to say farewell to annoying and filthy flies. The best-selling Disposable Fly Trap, Reusable Fly Trap, and the POP! Fly Trap use a food-based bait, irresistible to flies, that activates with water. For use indoors and closer to the house, the Fly Tape and TrapStik® for Flies lure the pesky insects to their sticky surfaces not with scent, but with colors and patterns that appeal to their compound eyes.
Yellowjackets are a frequent summer pest and a bane of the barbecue. With the RESCUE!® Disposable Yellowjacket Trap, you can banish them from your outdoor eating or activity areas, including your campground. As with our other traps, it’s simple to use – just add water and hang!
Wasps frequently build their dwellings – which look like open honeycombs – near human activity. These nests are often spotted under eaves, but they will also appear on a wooden swingset, under lawn furniture, in a mailbox and even in an outdoor electrical box. If wasp nests are where you need weaponry, RESCUE!® has a solution: The TrapStik® for Wasps. Hang it near a nest and watch it lure the wasps to the sticky surface with a color scheme and pattern the insects find visually appealing.
Proving that visual attraction is important for people as well as insects, the OrnamenTrap® enhances your outdoor enjoyment with the visual appeal of metallic copper plastic and a filigree design. Two OrnamenTrap® options – one for yellowjackets and one for flies – offer the same great performance as the Disposable Yellowjacket and Fly Traps, with a decorative element to beautify the landscape.
Fruit flies may be more of an indoor pest, but they hitch a ride on that wonderful summer produce brought in from outside. The newest RESCUE!® trap, the Fruit Fly Trap, uses both a feeding attractant and a red color proven attractive to fruit flies to start catching them within minutes of activation.
Coming in 2016, RESCUE!® will offer yet more ways to battle the bugs of summer with a line of all-natural repellent products. The GoClip™ offers wearable, on-the-go protection from either biting or stinging insects, with a mosquito/biting fly/tick version and a wasp/hornet/yellowjacket version. Pleasant-smelling essential oils protect the space around you from these insects for up to 6 days (based on 8 hours’ use per day).
The same all-natural repellency will be found in the DecoShield™, also new for 2016. Using essential oils, the DecoShield™ protects a 300-square-foot area from either mosquitoes/biting flies, or wasps/hornets/yellowjackets. The mosquito DecoShield™ version has a battery-operated LED to provide a warm glow at night.
Finally, RESCUE!® expands its trap offering to catch creepy-crawlies in the home with a new Spider Trap. Bringing a slim-profile design, copper metallic plastic, and innovative glue dot technology, even something as common as a sticky spider trap has gotten the RESCUE!® touch.
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