Regal Art & Gift: Signifying Quality, Service & Fresh Design

outlook_r27_bannerRegal Art & Gift is a wholesale distribution company that has signified quality, service, and fresh designs for over 20 years! They are committed to providing some of the most popular collections of home and garden décor for your store! Their top of the line products and hand-crafted designs have great attention to detail and fantastic prices.

Shop and discover their wide selection of decorative home and garden products, including beautiful metal bird statuary, a wide range of artistic solar lights, mesmerizing kinetic stakes, art glass birdbaths and feeders, colorful garden stakes, gorgeous fountains, and so much more.
Regal Art & Gift‘s new 2015 Supplement Catalog offers 88 NEW and exciting items in Angel, Fall, Winter, Halloween, and Holiday themes. Regal introduces the latest LED technology in lighted indoor décor in each Angel, Fall and Holiday category.
Regal Art & Gift also gives back! Regal holds a belief that with the blessing of prosperity comes a responsibility to “give back” a portion of one’s income, time, and energy to those in need. Since starting the business in 1992, the owners of the company have “tithed” regularly every month by giving 1/10th of their income to charitable causes. Not only do you receive wonderful product from Regal, but are also a large part of giving back to those in need!
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