Quick & Easy Gardens With Uneak Garden Kits

Making the garden a personal functional space can be tricky; from getting the right look, to tailoring each year based on your growing needs. Uneak has you covered. Bring creativity, style and complete function back to the garden with Uneak’s premium garden hardware & kits.

Uneak Gardens helps make any space a place to grow, build, play and design! Their easy-to-use, solid steel corner brackets lock in 3 different angles 45, 90 and 180 degrees to give you unmatched strength and versatility. With Uneak, you don’t have to struggle finding a system to fit your space, you can design any shape to fit exactly where you need it. Uneak Brackets also stack and lock for multi-levels. Uneak helps gardeners embrace their space and customize to meet their needs, whatever they may be.

Uneak Premium Brackets

  • Made of solid steel – save with a durable long-lasting structure
  • Baked powder-coated finish – fade-resistant UV protection beats the elements
  • Snap & stack for multi-levels – simple to grow more with strength and reliability
  • Just add 2×6 timbers- set up in minutes and get back to gardening

Experimenting with what you grow and how long you can grow it has never been easier. Uneak Gardens modular systems can be set up in a snap. The Premium Kits come complete with the highest quality composite timbers and solid steel corner brackets. The best part is that gardeners can start small or go big! Grow leafy greens, deep rooted veggies, flowers and more!

The raised bed systems heat soil quicker so the growing season can be extended into the fall or started earlier in the spring. Kits can be mixed and new kits added whenever gardeners are ready to try something new and they can do it with ease whether they are a beginner or a seasoned pro. Uneak makes building raised garden beds easy; no skill required.

Uneak Premium Kits

  • Made of U.S.A. 2X6 rice husk composites – no rotting, no breaking, water-resistant powerhouse
  • Combine kits – the easiest way to expand and add versatility with ease
  • Minimal tools required – save on costly preparation material
  • 7-year warranty – proven peace of mind

Uneak Gardens bracket hardware and kits help gardeners unlock custom versatility to make it easy to do it themselves and focus on what they love most – their garden and their space! They can develop a modular solution that is sure to be both functional and beautiful.

Easy to use, easy to build, professional and extremely durable; meet the newest innovation in modular gardening systems, Uneak Gardens!

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