OASE: Selecting The Right Filtration System

Warmer weather is finally here and your customers are enjoying their valuable time outside. Over the next few months their yard will be an extension of their home. Water gardens are a focus in many of the best backyards and utilizing OASE’s Clear Water Guarantee items will ensure that water gardening enthusiasts are using more time for enjoyment and less time for maintenance.

OASE offers a line of products that, when used in conjunction as a complete filtration system, qualify for the Clear Water Guarantee. When the products are used correctly and registered online, OASE will provide VIP customer service should any issues arise during the life of the filtration system. There are two types of OASE Clear Water Guarantee systems: Pressurized and Flow through filtration. All qualifying products proudly display the Clear Water Guarantee icon on the packaging.

Your customers will have their own ideas on how to incorporate a water feature into their garden or yard. Whether it’s a pond rehab or a new water installation, OASE products provide the easiest, most cost effective solutions to do it right. When assisting your customer with their water gardening needs, the OASE system is broken down into three essential parts:

  • The Filter – size and type based off the size of the water feature;
  • The Pump – an AquaMax OASE pump that is predetermined base on the size of the filter;
  • The UV Clarifier – to help clear the green out of the water.

OASE provides a simple chart and set of questions to determine the appropriate solution. The following questions will determine the product choice:

  • Determine your pond size.
  • Determine the fish load.
  • Refer to the chart to determine the appropriate products for your pond.

With a tidy landscape and a new or upgraded water feature – your customer can now enjoy every minute outdoor in their yard. OASE’s line of Clear Water Guaranteed products will allow the pond owner to spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying their time outside – making their yard feel more like home all season long.

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