Monterey’s New Products For 2017


Monterey Lawn and Garden offers professional grade products packaged for the homeowner and independent garden center. Their products offer fast results, long residual, and high square foot coverage. 50% of their products are OMRI listed and NOP Certified. In addition, Monterey offers many unique lawn and garden products that fill voids in the marketplace, strengthening the retail presence of independent garden centers.

Monterey’s new products for 2017 continue to improve their position in the organic category. Complete Disease Control is a broad spectrum bio fungicide for preventative control of foliar and soil diseases. It is OMRI listed and available in a concentrate and RTU.

Their new Liquid Copper Fungicide RTU is a dormant and growing season fungicide for use on virtually all types of flowers, vegetables and ornamentals, also OMRI and NOP listed.

Consan 20 is the best fungicide, disinfectant, algaecide and deodorizer for hard surfaces inside and outside the home, especially great for greenhouse usage.

Monterey Fungi-Pro is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide that protects lawns, fruit trees and vegetables for up to two weeks.

As Monterey Lawn and Garden continue to focus on the trends in our industry, they have brought back the 8 oz. size of many of their best selling products, strengthenings the independents’ position for lower price points to the consumer and less leftover product in the their garage or shed.

While the industry continues to decrease offerings, Monterey Lawn and Garden offers many products that consumers cannot find. These include Honey Bee Attractant addressing a major concern in our industry, Nutgrass Killer 11, effectively killing a nuisance Northeast weed for lawn care, Weed Wacker Jet Spray, which offers a foaming agent to identify where the consumer has treated, Mark-it Blue, which helps consumers see where they have sprayed, Sucker Stopper in a convenient RTU form, and treatment products for houseplants, which many feel has become a lost category.

In 2015 Monterey Lawn and Garden introduced super strength Pond Dye for use in ponds, fountains and lakes. At a rate of one quart per acre in water 4-6 feet deep and available in blue, dark blue, and black, the quart size offers the same coverage as others gallon sizes and costs much less.


Heading into 2017, Monterey Lawn and Garden continues to offer a wide variety of professional grade products that guarantees the consumers satisfaction as they attack their home and garden problems. Their emphasis is on the independent garden centers, farm and feed retailers, and the consumers desire for effective, safe and convenient solutions.

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