Michigan Peat Products come from a company-owned bog located in the thumb of Michigan.

Arett Outlook March 2016

Michigan Peat harvests, packages, double wraps, and caps all pallets they ship. In short, they control the entire process until the finished product is unloaded by their customer; be it on a direct shipment from them or out of the Arett warehouse.

All BACCTO products start with Naturally Natural Organic Peat. This brings an unparalleled consistency to all Michigan Peat products regardless of when they are ordered and delivered. Top quality products are assured time and time again.

Consistency is important not only if you are ordering grower products; but also in your retail operation as well. You don’t want your customers upset with you and your company due to poor or inconsistent product. Michigan Peat’s goal is to keep your customers happy so they keep coming back to your store time and time again – year after year.

Just as important is the fact that BACCTO PRODUCTS ARE NOT SOLD TO MASS MERCHANT or BIG BOX STORES. All this translates into profitability for you. No looking over your shoulder at the current prices in Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Wal-Mart when you sell BACCTO.

BACCTO growing media features a natural water-holding capacity, so there is no need for added chemicals to insure that the soil stays moist for optimum plant growth and development.

  1. BACCTO products are supported with co-op advertising. These funds may be utilized in a variety of ways:
    1. Direct mail e-blasts
    2. Direct mail postcards
    3. Conventional newspaper ads
    4. Radio and television
    5. Ask if you have special needs
  2. Baccto.com features a dealer locator so your customers can find you quickly – and there is no charge to be listed.
  3. Store support, including features banners, pallet stands, and product inserts, are available to dealers – again, there is no charge for these items.
  4. Key BACCTO products are featured in direct mail consumer rebates. Increase your profits and sales at the same time.
  5. BACCTO products offer eye-catching packaging to stop the consumer.
  6. BACCTO offers a complete line of OMRI-listed products to meet your customer’s demands in the every growing organic category.
  7. BACCTO offers employee training; both in product knowledge and more importantly “how to” sell more products.
  8. BACCTO BUCKS for COLLEGE is a $1,000 scholarship available to all BACCTO customers and their employees (also their families).


  • The Cow – Compost and Manure – An OMRI-listed product that allows for top dressing gardens and lawns. You can plant directly into the no-odor product without fear of burning the plants.
  • VEGGIE Mix – An OMRI-listed product that is rich in nitrogen due to the addition of turkey litter. Veggies grow and develop best in a nitrogen rich soil. Top dress gardens or plant directly into the odor free product.
  • BACCTO LITE – The ideal lightweight soil for both indoor and outdoor planting. The natural water-holding capacity makes the soil ideal for hanging plants. The “lighter weight” product allows for easier handling.