Jonathan Green: Remind Your Customers To Feed Their Soil

Are your customers feeding their lawn every year but still aren’t satisfied with the results? That’s because they’re doing half the job. They must FEED THEIR SOIL, too…with Jonathan Green’s “New American Lawn” Plan.

The soil is loaded with nutrients, but many never reach the grass because the soil chemistry and biology are not active. This includes nutrients from lawn fertilizer, too.

Jonathan Green’s “New American Lawn” Plan CORRECTS THE PROBLEM with two soil-reviving fertilizers, Mag-i-Cal and Love Your Lawn/Love Your Soil.

Mag-i-Cal adjusts soil chemistry by BALANCING the pH; while Love Your Soil repairs soil biology as it LOOSENS HARD SOIL and ACTIVATES SOIL MICROBES. When both are in sync, lawn foods are COMPLETELY absorbed by the grass and roots grow much deeper.

Make sure that your customers know to do the whole job! “Feed Your Lawn…AND YOUR SOIL” with Jonathan Green’s “New American Lawn” and finally give them get the great lawn they’ve always wanted.

The New American Lawn soil foods are compatible with any lawn food product or program. We recommend using them with complementary Jonathan Green lawn foods, namely Green-Up with Crabgrass Preventer, Green-Up Weed & Feed, and Winter Survival. When you sell these three lawn foods with Jonathan Green’s two soil foods discussed above, the consumer buys a superior LAWN AND SOIL PROGRAM that is unequaled by any on the marketplace!

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