GrowOya — Simple, High-Efficiency Watering The Traditional Way

It’s so often true that all that’s old is new again. In times like these—new gardeners abound, everyone as busy as can be, and watering gardens often neglected—it makes sense to look back to traditional ways of doing things to uncover forgotten technologies that make sense for current conditions.

In the case of localized irrigation systems, there is a traditional technology that is making a serious comeback, and for good reason. Clay pot irrigation (also known as Oyas or ollas) has been re-discovered as a super easy, extremely high-efficiency watering system for home gardeners. The inherent ease of watering your garden it provides—water far less often and with less need for specific watering knowledge—and a water savings of up to 70% over common surface irrigation makes for plenty of good reason why we’re seeing more clay pot irrigation in gardens.

What is Clay Pot Irrigation?

Clay pot irrigation is a traditional form of localized irrigaton where a clay pot is buried among your plants, with the neck sticking just above the soil, and filled with water every few days. The planted clay pot (called an Oya or olla) is made of unglazed porous clay, allowing the water to slowly, efficiently seep out of the pot. Plant roots instinctively grow toward the water source and connect directly with the Oya, which allows them to take exactly the water they need when they need it, no more no less. Providing a highly efficient form of watering that is easier for gardeners and much better for plants.

The Oya has been used in agriculture-focused cultures dating back thousands of years. Spanish settlers brought Oyas to the Americas during colonial times (which is the derivation of the name olla). Clay pot irrigation is even detailed in the Chinese Fan Sheng-chih Shu (the first agricultural extension book) published more than 2000 years ago.

Oyas are the perfect solution for the growing crop of newbie gardeners—they take the guesswork out of when and how much to water your garden. Fill the Oyas every few days and the plants take care of the rest themselves. They are also the perfect tool for busy gardeners who can’t get to their gardens daily or who want to take advantage of the bright days to get away on vacation. And of course Oyas save a ton of water—considerably more than drip irrigation and far better than conventional surface irrigation—so you’re doing the right thing for the environment.

Three different sizes of Oyas are available on the market to water different garden configurations. There are small Oyas (1 litre capacity) sized for planting in a half barrel or large patio pot, medium Oyas (3 litre capacity) that will water a 3-foot planter box, and large Oyas (6.5 litre capacity) for the bigger boxes or your 4-foot raised bed.

Oyas now available through Arett

Recognizing the problem-solving features of Oyas for today’s market, Arett has added Oyas to the warehouses in 2017. GrowOya is the leading company in the Oya revival, offering a product that combines traditional technology with advancements in clay production techniques. Packaged and presented with the growing segment of new gardeners in mind, GrowOya is making a traditional technology relevant to a new market.

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