Good Tidings: Cross Merchandising & Selecting The Right Product Mix

Cross Merchandising
Cross merchandising refers to the display of opposite and unrelated products together to earn additional revenues for the store. Products from different categories are kept together in one place for the customers to find relation among them and make additional purchases. For example, next to your display of wreaths, you may want to place a display of wreath bows and easels so that the customer can add a bow to their wreath or an easel if they are buying a wreath for a cemetery. Cross merchandising helps the customers to know about the various options which would complement their product selection, such as decorative pottery next to plants. Cross merchandising makes shopping a pleasurable experience as it saves the customer precious time.

Product Mix
Offering the right product mix is the key to successful retailing. Source products according to the latest trends and season. Be informed on the age and demographics of your customers. If you have lots of young families with children moving into your area, you may want to offer more youthful products that the kids would enjoy seeing. If your customers are beginning to retire, you may want add products that are easy to use.
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