Good Soil and Good Knowledge for Better Gardening

What makes a good garden? Good soil, good knowledge, good plants, and good care are all that you need. That’s why Sun Gro Horticulture offers superior gardening soil and knowledge through its flagship brand, Black Gold. We know that good gardens start with superior soils, and Black Gold horticultural experts give gardeners the best information for growing success, through timely blogs, how-to videos, and our new Ask a Garden Expert support service. To further engage Black Gold gardeners, we also offer monthly garden giveaways to help gardeners get even more excited about our products and services.

Ask a Garden Expert

Black Gold gardeners get the best possible support. Our garden expert and spokesperson, Jessie Keith, has over 30 years of gardening experience and degrees in horticulture and plant biology to ensure our gardeners get the best advice to make the most of our products. Do you have a gardening question, need help identifying a plant, or need advice on how to use a product? Submit your question to Black Gold’s Ask a Garden Expert. Within 24 hours, Jessie will answer your question. Answers will then be posted on the Black Gold Ask a Garden Expert Q & A forum to let others learn from your gardening experiences.

Exciting Garden Blogs

Each year, Black Gold blogs receive hundreds of thousands of visitors. Over 450 timely in-depth online blogs help readers get to the heart of gardening subjects and current trends. Want to learn more about vegetable, organic, flower, or container gardening? Search our blogs for the answers. Each is rich with photos and expert information written by Black Gold’s team of professional garden writers.

In addition to Jessie Keith, Black Gold’s garden writing team includes Maureen Gilmer, a noted author of 18 gardening books, and writer of Yardsmart, a national column syndicated by Scripps Howard News Service; and Mike Darcy, a respected garden writer and television and radio personality. In 2018 Black Gold will also invite cutting-edge garden bloggers from award-winning blogs, such as Garden Betty, Urban Gardens, and Garden Therapy, to provide great stories for our website.

How-to Garden Videos

Our monthly Gro Your Own™ videos take a hands-on approach to helping gardeners grow their own fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Jessie Keith uses her own productive vegetable garden to help others grow better with Black Gold. We also create DIY gardening craft and project videos that cover everything from container garden and terrarium design to flower gardening, and more. These videos receive thousands of views each month.

Great Gardening Giveaways

In 2017 Black Gold launched a series of monthly garden giveaways created in partnership with other respected horticultural companies, such as Proven Winners®, High Mowing Organic Seeds, and Van Bloem Gardens®, among others. These giveaways secured thousands of entrants, which helped boost our social media presence, promote our products, and obtain new customers. In 2018, we will be offering a new suite of monthly giveaways with partners that include High Mowing Organic Seeds, Smart Pots®, Algreen®, Biosafe Systems®, and Van Bloem Gardens®.

(If your company is interested in partnering with us on a giveaway, please contact Bruce Adams at

Savings Opportunities for Black Gold Gardeners

Savings encourage sales, which is why Sun Gro® Horticulture offers a generous rebate coupon to gardeners that choose Black Gold® and other Sun Gro retail products. These rebates let our customers take $3.00 off of every $10.00 they spend on our products to help them create more beautiful, vigorous, cost-saving gardens.

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