Encap® All-In-One™ Flower Kits

outlook_E43d_bannerAs spring begins to roll around, we’re all eager to get outside and into our gardens. And, while planting flowers is a sure way to usher in spring, not all of us have the time or know-how to cultivate the beautiful blooms we’d like for our homes. Luckily, All-In-One™ flower kits from Encap® make creating a stunning flower display easier than ever.

The Encap® line of flower kits features eight beautiful varieties to suit all your customer’s flower garden needs. Each kit is a blend of perennials and/or annuals, and comes with everything needed to create a flourishing flower garden that lasts all season long.

Varieties include:

  • Pollinator Bird & Butterfly Mix
  • Pollinator Honeybee Mix
  • Wildflower Aromatic Mix
  • Wildflower Bouquet Mix
  • Wildflower Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix
  • Wildflower Shady Mix
  • Daisy Mix
  • Zinnia Mix

Whether they’re looking for a classic favorite, or hoping to draw in nature’s pollinators this season, Encap® has a flower kit for everyone.

Flower Gardens Made Easy
Not only do Encap® flower kits come with an All-In-One™ blend of fertilizer, mulch, and seed, but they also come with Encap®’s patented technologies as well, helping to minimize work, while maximizing results.

Advanced Soil Technology™ (AST®)
Encap®’s Advanced Soil Technology™ is a proprietary product that has revolutionized the way we garden. This patented technology improves the soil environment, enhances seed establishment, reduces nutrient loss, and maximizes water filtration. It works by bonding with the soil upon contact, to get into the root zone where it’s needed most.

Seed Watering Technology™ (SWT®)
Encap®’s Seed Watering Technology™ takes the guesswork out of watering. This patented technology sparkles on the soil surface when wet, and gets dull when dry; gone are the days of over- and under-watering.

Pollinator Series
The latest addition to the Encap® line of flower kits is the pollinator series. These kits are specially formulated blends that help to attract and feed pollinators throughout the growing season.

This provides a variety of benefits, both to the pollinators, and to the gardener. First, pollinators provide a constant flurry of activity for garden spectators. Certain plants attract various butterflies, bees, insects, and hummingbirds to the garden, providing a spectacular show of wildlife. Secondly, these pollinators pollinate surrounding plants, helping your existing plants to flourish and reproduce. Lastly, cultivating plants that encourage pollination provides a food source for pollinators, helping to ensure their continuation as a species. This is of particular importance when it comes to honeybees, which have suffered decreased populations as of late, due to a bee pandemic.

Encap® Pollinator flower kits are a sure way to bring pollinators into the garden this season.

How the Flower Kits Work
These All-In-One™ kits make gardening easier than ever. After the last spring frost, simply prepare the soil by raking away any dead grass or debris, sprinkle on the mix, water as needed, and watch the flowers grow. It’s that easy!

Encap®’s flower kits are the perfect choice for flower gardens this season. Whether your customers are looking for a functional flower garden, or one that just looks stunning, these All-In-One™ kits make cultivating a beautiful display easier than ever.

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