Dramm Introduces A Full Line Of New Products


Put some DRAMM color in the garden this season!  
DRAMM expands the One Touch™ line of watering tools with the introduction of the Revolution™ 9-Pattern Spray Gun. Comfort, style, and precision under your thumb! Aids in any outdoor function involving water: wash your car and boat; clean your deck and sidewalk; water your flowers and young trees. Easily switch between water flow selections with the quick-change feature. The Revolution™ 9-Pattern Spray Gun is equipped with the One Touch™ Valve allowing complete and total water flow control with just one touch of your thumb. The ergonomic design, heavy-duty metal construction, and eye-catching color will revolutionize the way you look at hand watering.
The Little Buddy™ Hydroponic Clippers features 3” fine tip blades for precision cutting. Made with TPR rubber for a durable and lightweight feel, The Little Buddy™ has a spring-action design allowing for quick, easy, and accurate trimming and shaping. The Little Buddy™ Hydroponic Clippers has a locking mechanism for safe and easy storage, comes in yellow for high visibility, and is available in stainless steel blades, which resist corrosion, or titanium blades, which resist sap.
DRAMM offers a full array of “made in the U.S.A.” ColorStorm™ Soaker Hoses that vary in sizes and diameters to fit any budget. The complete line of ColorStorm™ Soaker Hoses conveniently waters gardens and beds, is made from recycled material, and thoroughly waters using less water than conventional watering.
Dramm has been making professional watering tools for nurseries, greenhouse growers and avid gardeners for over 70 years. Dramm strives to produce products that save time and energy while providing quality products that will last a lifetime.
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