Dr. Earth®: It’s All About the Soil

Mother Nature is the wisest teacher. It is from her that we learn that the path to a healthy plant, healthy harvests, and healthy bodies is not through chemically “feeding” the plant, but through feeding the soil and nurturing the beneficial organisms in that soil. These principles have always been right in front of us, but we humans have been slow to implement them. At Dr. Earth®, they always start from the ground up!

Dr. Earth®: The Organic Gardener’s Most Trusted Brand

Because of their obsessive commitment to produce the cleanest, healthiest products – whether a soil, fertilizer or control – Dr. Earth® has become the go-to brand for discriminating organic gardeners everywhere. They know they can trust that all Dr. Earth® products are people and pet safe, using only food and feed-grade ingredients. With 160,000 loyal followers on Facebook, they’re clearly doing something right! Their products contain no GMO’s and no chicken manure. Their OMRI, OIM and MycoApply certifications are further testaments to the cleanliness of their products and the veracity of their claims.

Dr. Earth®: Comprehensive Coverage in All Categories

The Dr. Earth® product line offers great breadth and depth; with over 100 sku’s – including soils, dry fertilizers, liquid fertilizers and controls – it’s an easy line to add to complement other organic lines. When merchandised as the main organic brand, their thoughtfully-planned, eye-catching packaging – color-coded to make for easy shopping – creates an irresistible display.

Dr. Earth®: Ground-breaking Technological Advances Have Revolutionized Organic Gardening

Dr. Earth’s® passion is advancing and supporting sound organic gardening practices, and has been for over 20 years. They are always on the lookout for ways to make organic gardening easier and more effective – all while never losing sight of their other passion: making sure they stay true to their commitment to provide the healthiest and cleanest products available anywhere.

This quest for improvements in the field of organics has led to Dr. Earth® innovations that have changed the face of organic gardening forever:

  • ProBiotic®: The first of their innovations – adding beneficial living organisms to their soils and dry fertilizers – turned gardeners’ negative perceptions about organic gardening into positive ones. They created living, breathing, dynamic products that would quickly provide nutrients to plants, increase their drought-tolerance and overall health, and help break up heavy soils. An essential part of every soil and dry fertilizer they produce.
  • ProMoisture Hydrate®: Providing essential hydration to soils, beneficial organisms, roots and other plant tissues. An important ingredient in every soil and liquid fertilizer they make.
  • PreBiotic®: Food for the beneficial organisms, helping them to break down organic matter and increase their populations more quickly. Contained in every Dr. Earth® liquid fertilizer.
  • TruBiotic®: This newest innovation – brings ProBiotic® technology full-circle. The increase in microbial populations and the addition of many more varieties of mycorrhizae have resulted in the best mix of beneficial organisms available on the market today – available only in Dr. Earth® products.

Dr. Earth®: Their Differences Are Their Strengths

While many organic brands opt for cheap additives and fillers, Dr. Earth® always chooses clean, healthy, long-lasting nutrients. In their products you will find:

  • Fish Bone Meal: Their primary nutrient, sourced from ocean-caught fish from cold waters. A superior source of quickly-available calcium. It’s a healthier option than farmed fish or fish from warm waters and offers long-lasting nutrition. There’s no danger of salmonella, E.coli, pesticides, antibiotics, etc.
  • Seaweed Extract, Worm Castings, Kelp Meal
  • NO CHICKEN MANURE which is one of the cheapest and most widely-used ingredients in organic fertilizers. It’s a dangerous source of salmonella and E. coli infections. It also provides short-lived nutrition
  • …And Much, Much More
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