Pacific Home & Garden Foliage Collection – New Sizes, Shapes & Colors

Pacific Home and Garden’s new Foliage Collection comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Your customers will be able to use them inside or outside their home. Each planter comes with an attached saucer making it hassle and mess free.

Unlike typical indoor containers, limiting what you can plant, these have openings ranging from 8” to 14”, perfect for caladiums, hostas, and much more. Since the containers come nested, you can order a selection of planters to make a beautiful display anyone would love. Styles and colors are aimed at the fashion forward homeowner to bring in the perfect addition to their garden. The sizes of these sets make them perfect for small spaces. Whether placed on a table top or a small patio, customers don’t have to sacrifice space to enhance the beauty of their home or office.

The Foliage Collection offers beauty and practicality at an affordable price. Many times, customers have limited options when looking for saucers to help prevent spills on floors, patios, or deck spaces. People are accustomed to plastic liners that aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as a ceramic saucer. However, with the Foliage Collection the matching saucer is attached and enhances not only the beauty of the pot but it’s functionality as well. With this feature, these pots can be used indoors for herb gardens as well as traditional house plants.

There are several different styles that are inspired by Pacific Home and Garden’s best-selling Verandah pots as well as new shapes and textures. Customers can choose from an array of modern, classic, and traditional features. There is an opportunity for several different target markets with this collection. For the customers that are already familiar with the Verandah brand they may be drawn to the smaller versions of the Lattice and Eggplant pots. This provides them with the design they love on a smaller scale to perhaps group with pots they already have. For the buyer that is interested in sustainable living, these pots make a great starter set for herb and vegetable gardening from seeds or small plants.

The collection can also serve as décor pieces in any environment, making them great holders for decorative spheres and other small accent pieces. The available colors of Lombardy and Vino planters are white, silver, and oxide, which are seen in many modern living spaces where tones are muted but design is the most desired feature.

For those needing a pop of color to add to the garden or indoor areas, there are several planters that make great accent pieces for spring and summer. Reds, greens, and blues are classic colors available that bring the wonder of spring inside any space. The Foliage Collection is a great addition to the PH Garden line of pottery offering functionality and practicality without sacrificing beauty.

Pacific Home and Garden is available through Arett Sales as a Drop Ship Program. To place an order, contact your Arett Sales Rep or call 800-257-8220 and mention vendor #P40.

Get Growing with Dalen Products’ Stackable Garden

Everyone’s heard that vertical stripes make a dress flattering. The same is true for your garden! Take advantage of unused space by growing up instead of out to condense more plants into a smaller growing area. You can maximize your garden space even further by also trying container gardening. Dalen Products produces an item especially suited for both these trends: the Stackable Garden.

Examples and Benefits

Vertical gardening can refer to several different methods: huge scale like the urban indoor farms sprouting up in Japan and major American metropolises; lush indoor and outdoor wall gardens; stacking planters, and shady trellises.

Growing plants vertically is nothing new: climbing plants have entwined themselves around trees to reach the sun for millennia. Trellises have exploited this tendency in grapevines and other climbing crops since before the Romans. The ancient Babylonians and Mayans grew plants on terrace steps centuries ago. Wherever and however it’s implemented, vertical gardening can save space, increase yields, and add to an area’s beauty.

Container gardening is a gardening trend that dovetails nicely with vertical gardening. It too has a venerable history. Potted plants, from flowers to fruit trees to vegetables, were grown in medieval gardens for both utility and decoration. But never has container gardening been more suited to our living conditions than now. Growing plants, whether ornamental or edible, in a variety of containers is an excellent way for those with limited growing space to make the most of it.

Through container gardening, gardeners also have greater freedom to customize plants’ location, soil types, and fertilizers. It also saves time from weeding and having to till and amend the soil before planting. It lets gardeners grow plants too tropical for their zone, adds texture and interest to landscaping, and turns porches, patios, and balconies into productive growing spaces. While both container and vertical gardening have a lot to offer aesthetically, at bottom they’re all about efficiency in the garden.

How Best to Start Container and Vertical Gardening?

Putting a small area of your garden space to work with Dalen Products’ Stackable Garden is an innovative way to engage in both vertical and container gardening. The Stackable Garden allows gardeners to save on two of the greatest resources in short supply, especially in an urban setting: space and time. Growing plants in the Stackable Garden’s tiers quadruples growing space while cutting down on weeding and watering time.

Why Use One of Dalen’s Stackable Gardens?

10 features that make the Stackable Garden a great choice:

  • Easy to water: just water the top planter and it will spread to the lower ones; no need to water each “pocket” individually.
  • Saves space: fit a lot of plants into small or awkward spaces (like a patio corner, courtyard, balcony, porch, or front stoop).
  • Versatile: plant edibles and ornamentals; different tiers can hold plants with different soil or nutrient requirements.
  • Healthier plants: plants in containers tend to have fewer diseases and pest problems.
  • No weeding: the small pockets keep out weed seeds.
  • No heavy maintenance: eliminates the need for heavy-duty gardening equipment.
  • Fewer shaded areas: designed to ensure sunlight hits every pocket, so no need to worry that certain plants won’t get enough sun.
  • Convenient access: grow fresh herbs and vegetables within easy reach of the kitchen—the ideal farm-to-table!
  • Portable: easy to set up, take down, and take with you if you’re a renter or are moving to a new home.
  • Easy to store: at the end of the season, each level can be nested inside the other to save space.

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Jack’s Launches Two New Must-Have Products

Arett Outlook March 2016

Home gardeners measure success through senses and emotions, happy when their plants are growing well and problem-free. They enjoy looking at gardens full of colorful blooms. They love cooking delicious meals of freshly picked vegetables. They feel great when a neighbor compliments them on their plants. The easier to grow, the more problem-free the plant, the more vivid the colors, the tastier the flavors, or the more aromatic the fragrance, the happier your customers will be. Jack’s Classic formulations are designed to make plants easier to grow, and simply grow better.

Loyal customers are the key to a successful garden retail business. The simplest way to ensure loyalty is to help them grow plants successfully. The folks at Jack’s have developed two new products to help your customers achieve great gardens. Jack’s Exact Mix Sprayer is made for applying Jack’s Classic to large areas, and the Jack’s Classic Tomato FeED enhanced with Calcium and Magnesium.

The Jack’s Exact Mix Sprayer was designed for plant and garden lovers and is made specifically for the application of Jack’s Classic Water Soluble fertilizers. You can use all of the Jack’s Classic Formulas in the sprayer except the Hydrangea Blue and Classicote with Crystal Green. Jack’s Classic Water Soluble fertilizers are completely soluble, which allows them to be applied accurately using the 3 EXACT settings on the sprayer. Full Strength is used for flower and vegetable gardens, hanging baskets, containers, and bedding plants at a 1 tablespoon per gallon rate of application (every 7-14 days). Half Strength is used for perennials and low feeding annuals, like new guinea impatiens at a 1/2 tablespoon per gallon rate. Quarter strength is for feeding plants everyday (Constant Feed).

Jack’s Exact Mix Sprayer is easy to use and comfortable to hold while you spray and feed. Fill the sprayer with 6 ounces or 12 tablespoons of Jack’s Classic, add water to the fill line (36 ounces), attach the sprayer to the bottle, and choose your setting.

Jack’s Classic Tomato FeED 12-15-30 is formulated for vigorous plant growth from roots to green foliage, abundant flowering, and fruit set for all tomato varieties, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, squash, and zucchini. Tomato FeED contains a micronutrient package and magnesium for improved feeding results under diverse soil and growing conditions. It also includes calcium, an effective nutrient to help prevent blossom end rot. This new formulation can be used in place of Jack’s Classic All Purpose 20-20-20 and can be used in conjunction with Jack’s Blossom Booster. It is recommended to feed at the 1 tablespoon per gallon rate every 10-14 days.

JR Peters, INC is a custom toll manufacturer, designer, formulator and producer of fertilizer products for the horticulture, specialty agriculture, and retail markets. Started in 1947 by Bob Peters, his Horticultural Services Co. tested soil for greenhouse growers and made recommendations on how to produce the best crops. Today, under the leadership of Bob’s son, Jack Peters, JR PETERS, INC is advancing the tradition of Peter’s family quality products and services.

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Sun Gro Potting Mixes – What’s in the Mix?

Arett Outlook March 2016

Sun Gro retail products are made with the highest quality ingredients in the same facilities that produce their professional grower mixes. Their many brands cover every gardening need – from general gardening to container-specific planting to specialty plants and plant foods. Whether your customer is a weekend gardener or a master gardener, he or she will all find products to suit their plants, projects, and lifestyle.

A growing mix supports the plant and holds water and nutrients for its growth. The following is a brief overview of various ingredients found in Sun Gro’s mixes.

Sphagnum Peat Moss is the non-living, fibrous material formed when Sphagnum moss decomposes. While peat moss is brown, like garden soil, it has a different texture and weight; it’s light and spongy and crumbles into small clumps. It is nature’s best all-purpose soil conditioner because of its remarkable ability to manage water efficiently and hold nutrients that may otherwise leach out. That is why Sun Gro adds Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss to all of their key potting mixes.

Bark increases air capacity. Its unique particle size and shape allows air to circulate through the soil, providing oxygen to the roots.

Perlite is crushed volcanic rock that is expanded or “popped” in a furnace. Perlite particles are roundish and white. This natural additive is used to aerate the media and aid in water retention.

Coconut Coir is a by-product of the coconut fiber industry. Coir is the “dust” produced during processing. It adds bulk and texture to mixes and can hold up to 9 times its weight in water.

Compost is organic material (such as bark, peanut or rice hulls) that has been processed and decomposed. Compost is used primarily to provide natural and stabilized organic matter to a growing mix. Compost has excellent water-holding ability and a particle size that helps with oxygen exchange.

Earthworm Castings provide a rich, natural fertilizer. Castings are the end-product of the decomposition of organic materials by earthworms. Earthworm castings are nutrient rich and biologically active, and enhance the ability of soil to retain water.

RESiLIENCE® – Silicon (Si) is a beneficial plant nutrient that when added to a growing medium can result in more vigorous plants. RESiLIENCE is Sun Gro’s brand name for patented growing mixes enriched with silicon. RESiLIENCE mixes enhance plant quality, resulting in thicker/stronger stems, compact growth, increased root mass, and extended resistance to wilt.

Controlled Release Fertilizer is added to select potting and container mixes and soil amendments to provide a modest amount of fertilizer for several months. The fertilizer is “coated” so the fertilizer releases over time.

Mycorrhizae is a group of fungi which form a mutually beneficial relationship with many plants. It grows inside a plant’s roots or on its surface. The fungi benefits from the plant’s nutrients and in turn send their hyphae (similar to small roots) into the surrounding soil to absorb nutrients and water. Sun Gro utilizes a proprietary 7-species blend which provides greater mycorrhizal establishment in a wider variety of plants.

Wetting Agents make potting mixes wet up evenly. This ensures good water distribution throughout the root zone throughout the growth of the plant. This is critical for mixes which contain components that naturally repel water, such as peat moss.

Organic products are ingredients that are carbon based, were once alive, and do not contain synthetic chemicals. Examples include peat moss, bark, organic fertilizers, and organic wetting agents

Natural Products are other components such as perlite, vermiculite, gypsum, limestone, and RESiLIENCE silicon. “Natural” means they are not carbon based but are obtained from natural deposits and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals. Vermiculite and perlite, for example, are ground up, screened, and expanded.

The major role of a growing mix is to support the plant, while holding water and nutrients for the plant to use during growth. Sun Gro is the largest supplier of professional growing media in North America. They also are the leading manufacturer of Canadian Sphagnum peat in North America.

They combine the best quality components to ensure their growing media creates outstanding results every time.

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Encap® Flower Kits: Flower Gardening Made Easy

Arett Outlook February 2016

As winter gives way to spring, we’re all beginning to dream of the beautiful blooms we’ll color our yards with this year. And while some of us might have been blessed with a green thumb, others of us are not so lucky; we envy the gorgeous displays our neighbors cultivate, wondering where they find the time, or where they acquired such skill. This year, we can all have the floral displays we’re dreaming of, without having to become a master gardener in the process. All-In-One™ Flower Kits from Encap® make creating beautiful flower gardens easier than ever.

Encap® offers a full line of flower kits, each with vibrant, eye-catching packaging. These all-in-one kits contain everything needed to grow beautiful blooms that will last all season long, including seed, fertilizer, mulch, and Encap’s patented technologies to produce maximum results. With varieties to suit any gardener’s tastes, Encap® offers:

  • Pollinator Bird & Butterfly Mix
  • Pollinator Honey Bee Mix
  • Wildflower Aromatic Mix
  • Wildflower Bouquet Mix
  • Wildflower Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix
  • Wildflower Shady Mix
  • Daisy Mix
  • Zinnia Mix


While all flowers promote pollination, some flowers are a more attractive food source than others. Add to this the fact that different organisms and species have varying preferences, and it can be tough to know what types of flowers to cultivate in order to attract the pollinators you’re looking for. That’s why Encap® created the Pollinator Series, a collection of flower kits that are specifically designed to attract nature’s pollinators.

Pollinator Bird & Butterfly Mix

Pollinator Bird & Butterfly mix is specially formulated to attract birds and butterflies, promoting natural pollination, and offering a reliable food source for these popular garden visitors.

Pollinator Honey Bee Mix

The Honey Bee Mix is a special blend of flowers designed to attract and feed Honey Bees. This fosters local pollination and also provides a much-needed source of food for honeybees.


As homeowners look for more natural looking flower beds, wildflowers are becoming an increasingly popular option. Wildflowers provide vibrant floral displays, but give a less “manicured” feel. Hundreds of wildflower varieties exist, allowing for endless options in combinations. Encap® created a line of Wildflower kits for this reason, and has designed each kit with a specific purpose in mind.

Wildflower Aromatic Mix

Wildflower Aromatic Mix is a unique blend of wildflowers designed to not only provide colorful blooms, but also to give off a fragrant aroma.

Wildflower Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix

Wildflower Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix delivers beautiful displays that are formulated to attract both butterflies and hummingbirds.

Wildflower Bouquet Mix

Wildflower Bouquet Mix is a blend of flowers designed to provide just the right cuttings to create stunning bouquets.

Wildflower Shady Mix

Wildflower Shady Mix is a blend of wildflowers that grow best in shade. From Forget-Me-Nots to Sweet William Pinks, even those hard to grow shady spots around your yard can boast abundant flowerbeds.


Daisy Mix

The assortment found in Encap’s Daisy Mix provides varying heights and colors of daisies, creating a spectacular display of this classic favorite.

Zinnia Mix

Encap® also offers a Zinnia Mix. Zinnias have always been a popular choice among gardeners, because they are easy to grow, and offer a wide range of vibrant colors.

An Easier Way to Beautiful Blooms

Encap® Flower Kits not only look great, but they make gardening easier than ever, even for those of us who are inexperienced gardeners. Patented technologies help to maximize results while minimizing work:

Advanced Soil Technology™ (AST®)

Encap’s Advanced Soil Technology™ is a proprietary product that has revolutionized the way we garden. This patented technology improves the soil environment, enhances seed establishment, reduces nutrient loss, and maximizes water filtration. It works by bonding with the soil upon contact, to get into the root zone where it’s needed most.

Seed Watering Technology™ (SWT®)

Encap’s Seed Watering Technology™ takes the guesswork out of watering. This patented technology sparkles on the soil surface when wet, and gets dull when dry; gone are the days of over- and under-watering.

Encap® Flower Kits are easy to use: simply remove dead grass and debris from the planting area, spread the contents of the kit, water, and wait.

This year, there’s no need to stress over flower gardening; get All-In-One™ Flower Kits from Encap®!

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Terra Verde Home


Terra Verde Home

Terra Verde, the private label brand of Arett Sales Corporation, continues to offer the highest level of quality and craftsmanship, at exceptional value, allowing the Independent Garden Center the ability to keep competitive in the marketplace. Their bi-lingual packaging is colorful and informative, and their attractive merchandising displays are designed to maximize every sales opportunity.

New to the Terra Verde assortment this year is “Terra Verde Home”, a targeted assortment of outdoor furniture, fire pits, and garden accents. Aimed at the fashion-conscious home owner, the furniture includes resin wicker bistro sets, mixed media park benches, canopied swings, and a unique “tete-a-tete” two-person glider. The garden accents include four sizes of bicycle-shaped plant stands, metal bird baths with decorative resin accents, and a full size chestnut-wood whiskey barrel.

Your customers will love the well-priced park benches. Choose from the powder-coated extruded steel styles or the aluminum, cast iron, and wood slat styles. Each features a decorative motive in the back panel, and retails between $99.99 – $129.99, with great margins. With four designs to choose from, you’ll be able to satisfy any customer need.

The canopied 2-person swing is a piece you won’t want to miss. Standing almost 7 foot tall, this swing features a resin wicker seat and a powder-coated steel frame. Scroll design details are included in the side panels and the durable canopy is perfect for those hot summer days.

The resin wicker bistro sets are designed to put the independent garden center back into the furniture market. Each includes 2 chairs and a table, and most come in a single box for ease of inventory management. They don’t take up a lot of valuable floor space in your store, but will quickly become a focal point in your display. Best sellers include the cushioned sets in driftwood or 2-tone brown, with a suggested retail of $399.99, and the tile-accented set, with a suggested retail of $159.99.

Also included in this year’s introduction of Terra Verde Home are wheelbarrows and a garden cart. The wheelbarrows are 6 cubic feet each, and come with either a steel tray, with a hammer tone finish, or poly tray, in the traditional Terra Verde orange. Both feature 16″ pneumatic tires and sturdy steel handles, and feature a unique foot for added stability. The garden cart has 10″ pneumatic tires and features removable sides for a variety of uses in the garden, or as a tool for maintaining your live goods area. The cart is rated at an 800 lb. capacity for even the toughest jobs.

Also new this year is a complete assortment of railing brackets for any balcony, deck, or fence. Available in 14 styles/colors, they are priced to strengthen your margins, and increase your sales. Each comes in Terra Verde Home packaging, to update your assortment with classic designs and clean, attractive, and informative cards or labels.

Program T70M1 is open now for all the new Terra Verde Home products, giving you an extra savings of 10 – 20% off our regular value pricing.
Order Now Using Program Number: T70M1

Arett Sales’ June Market Highlights:

outlook_a01r_banner.jpgLawn and garden retailers attended the Arett Sales June Market, held on June 24 at the Valley Forge Casino Resort Event Center, and took advantage of a diverse selection of products and money-saving merchandise discounts. The show was a huge success, attracting many existing customers and new customers.

“I have goose bumps. I’m so excited!” said Renee Quinn, Landscape Home & Garden, Newburgh, NY.
“We try to attend all of the Arett [Sales] events, from the shows to the Good Tidings Showroom,” said Mary Whitcomb, Outdoor Living/Garden Supplies Buyer, Mahoney’s Garden Centers in Massachusetts. “The time invested is well worth it. We always find something new, innovative, and exciting.”
This year’s June Market was no exception. Here are some of the highlights.
Terra Verde Home (T70), the new import line exclusive to Arett Sales, was introduced at the June Market and was a resounding success. The line features quality, well-priced, lawn and garden décor and accessories that fill niche categories that can add excitement to every retailer’s assortment. As with all Terra Verde merchandise, this new collection will be available exclusively at independent garden centers and hardware stores.
Some of the hottest items of the line included several styles of bistro sets in both resin wicker and steel, with or without cushions. The canopy swing was also a popular item with buyers, as was the matching tete-a-tete. “I’ve got to have this one” was the reaction once the retailers realized the attached seats in the tete-a-tete were actually gliders.
Rounding out the Terra Verde Home selection were 6 cubic foot wheelbarrows in both steel and poly and a great selection of well-priced garden carts, hose reels, cast iron/steel bird baths, deck-rail brackets, and plant hangers. Retailers were delighted with the quality at such affordable prices.
outlook_a01r_body2Hacienda San Carlos (H94) offered a must have line of Halloween and Christmas luminaries. Pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, witches, snow men, and Christmas trees were just some of the styles available. These clay figures can be used with candles or electric lights, and are large, well-constructed, hand painted pieces made in outlook_a01r_body3Mexico. Available to ship in mid-August, they will arrive just in time for your fall and winter set ups. And don’t forget their great lineup of clay chimineas and fire bowls – now in stock and ready for delivery. These proven winners are just what your customers want for their back yard gatherings.
Tom’s Home and Garden (T37) is a direct importer of home and garden décor, offering exceptionally diverse quality product with competitive prices, and proved to be a must-visit booth at the show’s entrance.

Tom’s works with dozens of artisans from Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, China, Mexico, and the United States. Their new collections include:
• Composite Outdoor Fountains (most popular booth category)
• Reclaimed Teak:  dining tables, horse statues, and benches
• Composite Outdoor Pots and Urns
• Hang Forged Iron Décor and Tin Cachepots
• Wood Lanterns, and so much more.
Southern Patio Planters (D80) featured their planters made of cutting edge, lightweight materials that mimic expensive natural finishes. Their versatile high-density resin planters (HDR) continue to be a driving force in the decorative planter category.
 Key styles to the HDR category include the Devyn Planters, which are a breath of fresh air to any garden with the brilliant glossy colors. New colors include lagoon, paradise, orchid, and coconut, which were added to sky, lemon, framboise, and spring green. Don’t forget the ever-popular Kentucky Walnut Faux-wood finish (HDR)outlook_a01r_body5 Whiskey Barrels which create a down-home, country style feel to any outdoor space. The newest addition, the Winston Urn in weathered black, was a must buy.
Williams Bay Planters (W18) offered a complete line
of fiberglass and patented stone-lite planters that duplicate the look of stone at a fraction of the cost/weight with a hand applied finish for a beautiful, natural look.
The Urns continue to be the most popular styles in the Williams Bay product line. Generating excitement in the June Market booth were the 24″ Havana Urns, 24″ Venetian Urns, the Florence Collection of planters and the glazed stone-lite birdbaths. The Florence Collection in fiberglass display beautifully embossed floral bands available in iron rust or country white.
Don’t forget their new two-tone glazed finish introductions: Emily Planter (available in red and blue), Sadie Planter (available in green and blue) and the Chloe Planter (available in red and blue).
The Sun Pottery Company’s (U99) line of glazed and terracotta pottery and birdbaths provides the local garden center with a solid foundation to build a comprehensive container selection. All of their items are fired in natural-gas kilns, providing a more uniform finish while being kinder to the environment. Pottery collections include pot-feet and saucers. Every piece is hand finished and then carefully packed to minimize breakage. Clay and terracotta items are frost proof to -4 degree. Their birdbaths feature an exclusive top-to-bottom locking system. Each design is subtle and tasteful.
New England Pottery (NEP) (N47) continues to be the industry’s leader in decorative pottery, indoor containers, and planter accessories. Always at the front of the line when it comes to fashion trends; NEP offers innovative colors and textures, quality, and style. Their broad product line can accent every living space. Already looking forward to 2016, NEP debuted 14 new items at the Arett June Market. NEP continues to support local garden centers with “independent” exclusive items.


Gold Coast Hats (G96), a division of Peter Grimm and an industry leader in headwear apparel, was a very popular first-time exhibitor for Arett. They showcased a variety of functional, rugged, and stylish hat displays, including men and women’s sun hats, hunting and fishing hats, straw hats, visors, knit beanies, and cold-weather hats.
Burlap was the big mover in the Eaton (E10) booth. The Eaton booth staff was busy taking orders for everything from the retail packaged 7 oz. Burlap Pac’s to the bulk 125 and 100 yard rolls, in both tan and dyed for the holiday season. Eaton’s recent acquisition of the Walter Clark line broadened their assortment to include all aspects of tree care…and customers were happy to see the product available once again.
outlook_a01r_body9Siobhan’s Irish Fire Logs (B84) was another new exhibitor at the June Market. Siobhan’s brings old-world peat and turf logs to America. These 100% organic logs are made from Ireland’s “Black Gold” peat; dried and compressed to burn hotter, longer, more aromatic, and cleaner than ordinary firewood. Recommended for both indoor and outdoor usage, the fire logs are ideal for fireplaces, chimineas, barbeques, fire-pits, and camp fires. Siobhan even offers a portable “Fire Go Box” version for hikers and campers. They make a great gift too!
Milazzo Industries (M84) is leading the way to clearing
snow and ice from customers’ sidewalks and driveways this winter. Their selection and competitive prices on ice melt products will keep everyone a little safer when bad weather hits this winter. Particularly well received were their pallets of 50 lb. Qik Joe calcium chloride ice melt in a poly bag and the 8 lb. Qik Joe Pet Safe EZ pour jug. Their new introduction of the Pet Safe 20 lb. bag without urea, for states with chemical restrictions, thrilled many retailers who are happy to be back in the ice melt business.
outlook_a01r_body11As usual, Power Alle, the “go to” place for special deals,
was bustling with activity. Customers took advantage of the approximately 80 “Power” deals from 40+ vendors. Global Harvest (G27) had one of Power Alley’s best sellers with their Scotts Morning Song 40 lb. Black Oil Sunflower Seed, which sold 361 pallets. Some of the other hot-selling items were Terra Verde Park Benches (T70) and Woodsteam Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders (W75). After this past year’s record snowy winter (and perhaps in anticipation of another bad winter to come), many customers took advantage of the deals offered on Rugg Manufacturing’s (R80) full line of snow shovels, Ames’ (A42) roof rakes, and Angel-Guard Products’ (A39) innovative Snobrum.
“The deals were outstanding!” said Arett Salesman Tom Osborne. “My customers spent a considerable amount of time shopping Power Alley. One of them earned $20,000 in Power Alley spiffs”
“One of the biggest successes for my customers was the birding assortments in Power Alley,” said Arett Salesman Tony Plonsky. “My customers were able to round out their shelves and displays with the lowest prices of the year on best sellers from top manufacturers. The single biggest item was the buy in Power Alley on Global Harvest Brand Oil Sunflower Seed. The price was so sharp everyone commented and placed big orders.”
Bird food and feeders were one of the show’s strongest attractions, with the year’s best pricing from Lyric (L07) and Droll Yankee (D50), as well as Power Alley specials from Pine Tree Farms (P48), Woodstream (W75), Woodlink (W48), The Nuttery (N05) and Nature’s Way (N87).
outlook_a01r_body12North State Bird Feeders (N80) offered a comprehensive line that focuses on value without compromising quality, with most of their products still carrying the “Made in U.S.A.” label. This employee-owned company offers feeders and houses made of metal, plastic, and wood. Their selection includes hoppers, houses, screened feeders, tubes, and suet holders. Their fashionable “Village Collection” carries a 3-year warrantee. outlook_a01r_body13
Visit Arett Sales’ Virtual June Market to take advantage of special offers from exhibitors featured at the show.

Marchioro: Your Source For Color & Style

outlook_m78c_bannerMarchioro USA, Inc. is an Italian manufacturer of Garden and Pet products. The company is a family-owned private company. The garden side of Marchioro’s portfolio consists of injection-molded and rotation-molded pottery. Marchioro is also known for its tomato/vegetable growing systems. All of Marchioro’s products are manufactured in Italy at their 5 company-owned production facilities.

Marchioro is committed to bringing the industry what the garden customers are asking for!
outlook_m78c_bodyListening to the garden community and responding to the demands are important for any successful business. One of the current, fast-growing trends is the introduction of pastel and bright colors into the families of successful pottery lines. In the past, color preference has been associated with geographic and demographic locations. Certain areas of the U.S.A. and Canada would only do well with traditional terra cotta, green, and off-white tones, while other parts of the same area would be very successful with bright vibrant customers. What Marchioro is hearing and seeing is that the U.S.A. is rapidly turning into a huge melting pot of preferences from coast to coast. This is why Marchioro has expanded its color selections by up to 400% on some of its tried and true performing products. By introducing bright trendy colors, light pastels, and even dark black and slate colors across both injection-molded and rotation-molded products, Marchioro is proving to be the source for color and style for today’s garden center.
Another area of growth Marchoiro is seeing is in backyard and patio garden products. Every year, more and more people are starting to grow some of their own fruits and vegetables. Whether it’s one tomato plant on the back porch or a container system in back yard, more people are enjoying gardening. Marchioro has responded to this by creating new, high-end raised container gardening systems, large economical injection-molded systems, and modified small single pot systems. Marchioro has created new products with self-watering features as well as maintained the lines of traditional watering pottery. Marchioro has even incorporated the new color pallet choices into the container growing lines to answer the demand for selection.

Whether you are looking for new trendy colors, container gardening solutions, or traditional indoor/outdoor plastic pottery, Marchioro has what you need. Marchioro stands firm on offering high-quality products at marketable price points.

Order Now Using Program Number: M78D1

Great Lakes Forest Products

outlook_g85_header.jpgGreat Lakes Forest Products, Inc. announces the launch of a wood cedar product line that greatly enhances the beauty and experience of outdoor gardening.

Since 1989, Great Lakes Forest Products has been producing value added wood products for various markets throughout the United States. They are a family owned business that takes much pride in building high quality wood products for their customers. Recently, the employees of Great Lakes decided to merge their passion for gardening with their love for wood. The result is a host of cedar garden products that will lend beauty and functionality to any outdoor or indoor setting. The new line is called Great Lakes Outdoor Living.
All products are built from red cedar. Red cedar is the most beautiful and most resilient species of wood that works well for outside applications. Its warm honey brown color, decay resistance and ability to adjust to humidity and temperature fluctuations make it the logical choice of wood to use. In fact, many wood-sided homes throughout the United States are made of cedar.
Whether it is trellises, arbors, pots or container gardens, Great Lakes Forest Products produces the right product for any space. Both urban and rural consumers continue to spend increasing amounts of money to enhance their indoor and outdoor settings. Wood remains a vastly untapped reservoir of potential. Bring this alternative product to your store and success will follow!
Great Lakes’ conviction to partner with retail stores that share their passion is strong. They believe exposure of their products is the key to success. Please contact your local Arett representative to hear details about their new incentivized drop ship program.
Order Now Using Program Number: G85D1

Marchioro Invades North America With New Colors

outlook_m78b_bannerMarchioro USA, Inc., announced the launch of new trend colors in the North American marketplace. Marchioro USA has always been a leader in style, design and color and the European color trends seem to be invading the North American markets.

Marchioro USA has launched a new, bright color pallet of products in their Ebla Bowl, Menfi and Petra Pot lines. Consumers and retailers have been asking for bright and happy colors for quite some time, but the industry has been slow to react. Marchioro USA has responded to the industry and its customers and has delivered.
The Ebla bowls range from 10.5″ to 20.5″ in diameter. The depths range from 4.25″ to 6″. These bowls are perfect for succulent plants or the ever-so-popular fairy gardens. The bowls can be used alone or with the optional SV Petra saucer. The new colors are pink, turquoise, purple, and lime.
outlook_m78b_body1The Petra pot line additions include sizes ranging from 8.25″ to 17.25″, along with coordinating saucers. The colors available in the Petra line are pink, purple and lime. The new colors make the Petra pot line the choice for high-quality, injection-molded pots. The Petra pots have a fluted design, making them perfect for any plant type, including small trees.
menficolors.jpgThe Menfi line is a cylinder-style, injection-molded pot that offers a larger base than the Petra pots. The line offers multiple colors such as bright orange, turquoise, purple, lime, pink and pearl gray. This pot offers a stylish, ivy leaf rope design embossed on the side. The new colors are available in sizes ranging from 9″ to 19″ in diameter. This pot offers large cubic volume capacity in a small footprint.
All of Marchioro USA products are made from high-quality plastics. The high quality and the fact that they also add UV-inhibitors allow Marchioro USA to produce a pot that will tolerate the coldest of temperatures without damage and will not fade from the sun. If you are looking for products that offer stylish designs, bright colors and durability, all while remaining affordable, then Marchioro USA has the products for you.