Scotts Summer Turf Tips

The dog days are a signal that it’s time for a little turf TLC to keep your lawn looking green and gorgeous. Here are some tips from Scotts for what you need to do to care for your lawn this summer.

Early Summer

Feed. Feeding in the early summer helps strengthen the lawn so it can better withstand heat and drought conditions that commonly occur during the summer. Scotts® Turf Builder® releases its nutrients slowly over time, making it the go-to fertilizer for all grass types.

In the North, use Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Food. If you live in the South, use Scotts® Turf Builder® Southern Lawn Food.

Treat for grubs. If you had a grub problem last year or know that a neighbor is fighting grubs, this is your last chance to fight them this season by applying Scotts® GrubEx®. These pests munch their way through grass roots, resulting in dead patches in late summer.

Mow high. Taller blades help grass develop deeper roots that are better at seeking out water underground. Tall grass also helps to shade soil and cool it, which means you’ll need to water less. Continue to mow high all summer long.

Let clippings lie. When you mow, leave the grass clippings. They will break down and help to feed your lawn.

Watch for weeds. Spot-treat any that appear using Scotts® Spot Weed Control For Lawns, which kills weeds without harming grass.


Water deeply. Use a screwdriver or small trowel to check how deeply water is penetrating the soil as you water. The goal is to water long enough to reach a depth of 4 to 6 inches.

Feed. Keep feeding your lawn every six to eight weeks. For a lush lawn with deep green hue, try Scotts® Green Max™ Lawn Food. If your lawn is under attack from bugs like ants or ticks, use Scotts® Turf Builder® Summerguard® Lawn Food with Insect Control, which both kills and protects against listed insect pests.

You need to temporarily stop feeding, however, if grass goes dormant during summer heat and drought. Wait until rains renew growth before feeding again.

Late Summer

Sharpen your mower blade. A dull blade tears grass, creating a ragged edge that loses moisture more readily than a clean cut.

Water in the morning. As summer heat builds, your lawn will lose less water to evaporation if you time waterings for between 6 and 10 a.m.

Work on weeds. Continue to spot-spray weeds using Scotts® Spot Weed Control For Lawns.

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Successful Spring Lawns Begin With Fertilome

Now that spring is getting close and those nasty weeds will be invading your lawn soon, your friends at Fertilome have a few great products that can set your customers lawns up for success this spring and, at the same time, help you beat the big boxes while actually making some great margins and while offering professional products only sold to the true professionals in our industry. That’s right – to you!

VPG Fertilome does not sell to any mass merchants and helps the independents win with great products! On top of their great margins and protection from the price cutting box stores, VPG Fertilome also pays all of its manufacturing profits back to you, the dealers, in the form of a patronage refund if you hit just $5,000 in purchases during the fiscal year.

First up, let’s talk a little about VPG Fertilome’s top selling pre-emergent –  Fertilome For All Seasons II Lawn Food plus Crabgrass and Weed Preventer. Fertilome’s All Seasons comes in a 20# bag that covers 5,000 square feet. Yes, 20#’s covers 5,000 square feet!

All Seasons is the best crabgrass and weed preventer on the market today because of its preemergent. Prodiamine is the active ingredient used in this great product. It will prevent all seeds (broadleaf seeds and crabgrass seeds) from germinating for 6-8 months depending on weather conditions. This is the ideal product that takes the timing out of when you should apply preemergents. Most other products have that 3 to 6 week window and your customer base is always trying to do things too early (with some competitors advertising “apply now” too early). Crabgrass wins in the end, and you end up with unhappy homeowners back in your store complaining that what they used did not work – they have weeds everywhere. It’s often not the product itself, but when they put it down.

That is the beauty of using Fertilome’s For All Seasons. You cannot put it down too early! When the temperatures start to warm up and the public gets antsy, know you can sell them a product that will still perform all spring and summer for them and into early fall, still allowing your customers to do that important fall seeding.

Next, let’s talk about another very popular product that is widely used. Fertilome Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Food. Another great product that will prevent crabgrass and weed seeds for up to 4 months using the active ingredient Dimension. Fertilome Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Food is typically the first step of your traditional four step program. VPG Fertilome offers this product in 16# and 32# bags that cover 5,000 and 10,000 square feet, respectively.

Another great selling point of this product, just like all Fertilome fertilizers is the fact VPG Fertilome uses trace elements and micro nutrients still to this day in every bag. You may be asking yourself, what does that mean and how does that help? Your customers will see the difference in their yards, and they will thank you!

Trace elements and micro nutrients are the “vitamins” turf grass and soil are missing, especially in cool season grasses like fescue and bluegrass. In these type of grasses, this nutrient pack will help turf turn shades of green you haven’t seen in a long time, if ever. Fertilome Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Fertilizer will definitely make a yard look better, stop any new weeds from germinating in spring, with a lot less work involved for your customers just because you sold them a product that works!

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Pearl Valley Farms: The Way It’s Made Matters

Whether you’re elbow-deep in your vegetable garden or simply enjoying the view from your backyard patio, there’s no denying the power of plants in enriching our lives.

Healthy Grow is proud to provide a full line of fertilizers, specialty mixes and soil enhancers that are made with only the purest, most wholesome ingredients possible to ensure vigorous growth throughout a plant’s lifecycle.

“The Way It’s Made Matters

Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow starts simply – with chicken litter from healthy, egg-laying chickens fed a calcium – rich diet. The litter is collected and left to air-dry and break down in their indoor, state-of-the-art, composting facility. Healthy Grow compost is regularly and carefully turned during the 45-day long process to ensure complete aeration, a vital aspect behind promoting microbial growth. The aerobically composted chicken manure is then combined with organic inputs to reach their specific formulation. Many of Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow products are OMRI listed approved for organic gardening and lawns.

How Are They Different?

Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow controls every aspect of the manufacturing process, raw material, and are committed to independent garden centers.

  • Perfectly designed packaging that sits well at the shelf level
  • Granular, low odor fertilizer that is naturally high in calcium and high microbe activity
  • A competitively priced, high performance product that results in higher margins for you
  • An integrated marketing plan developed to build brand equity and drive awareness in order to boost sales at retail

An integrated Marketing Plan Designed for Retailers

Healthy Grow has developed a robust integrated marketing plan to increase sales and be a solution provider to you, their valued retail partners. Their integrated marketing programming, combined with their cost effective, high-margin product will help drive consideration and trial at the point of purchase. When you buy into the Healthy Grow program they are proud to provide a variety of additional marketing programs.

  • POP material
  • Hassle free digital Rebate program – Healthy Grow handles 100% of the redemption process
  • Pandora radio advertising
  • Community garden cause initiatives
  • Local television partnerships
  • Digital advertising
  • Social advertising
  • Easy to navigate, mobile friendly website
  • Product locator
  • Blogger program

These are just some of the tools they have in their arsenal to drive Healthy Grow sales at the retail level. For questions or additional information on Healthy Grow products or marketing, please contact your Arett sales representative.

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Organic Gardening Is Now Mainstream Gardening

Dr. Earth’s® mission is to support organic gardeners. They understand and value the organic movement and how quickly it is evolving. They knew 25 years ago that they were going to take this epic journey that was going to take them to a fantastic place.

A colorful vision for growth.

Based on research and brilliantly enhanced with a rainbow of attributes, Dr. Earth® is considered by many to be the most innovative organic gardening company in the United States. After 23 years in business they know what their customers demand and they strive for absolute perfection with every innovation they introduce.

The Dr. Earth® Company is still, and always will be, the first!

Dr. Earth® leads the retail lawn and garden industry, creating cutting-edge natural/organic garden-friendly products. With their company’s total commitment to clean and healthy gardening, they will continue to pursue perfection in every Dr. Earth® product. They take immense pride in everything that leaves their facility. The reason behind all of this is you, their customers.

It starts with a great team.

Dr. Earth® has assembled a team of brilliant people who love what they do. It takes passion, dedication, and an understanding of the value of teamwork to accomplish great things. They nurture a high quality and talented team that shares a mutual vision of perfection.

Perfecting Dr. Earth®

The pulse of their company comes from their position at the very heart of innovation. Innovations become their guiding lights. They value them and what they stand for. When you love a company, you follow it into new places to fuel progressive growth and positive change that benefits everyone. Innovation is the engine of Dr. Earth® and they ensure that it is always viable throughout their enterprise.

They understand and value the high-energy natural and organic movement. Their hard work and vision has contributed to its incredible growth. As they make great investments in their future and the future of natural and organic, they welcome progressive gardeners to join them. Their products are considered people and pet safe because they do not use ingredients such as bio-solids, or composted household waste, or synthetic chemicals which can bring additional health risks to your garden. They will never use any ingredients that might cheapen the integrity of their products.

There is a reason Dr. Earth® feels like Dr. Earth®

Sure it has to do with quality ingredients and true organic fertilizers and soils, but what brings people back time and time again goes well beyond their fertilizers and soils. It goes way beyond their products to a total gardening experience that can only be delivered by Dr. Earth®. It’s about honor, integrity, innovation, knowledge, wisdom and a love affair with the organic lifestyle. That includes simply having a great gardening day. These have been their guiding lights throughout the years, and they are what makes Dr. Earth® feel like Dr. Earth®.

Growing a garden nurtured by Dr. Earth® is life changing!

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The New American Lawn Plan: A Revolutionary Approach to Lawn Care


To achieve a great lawn, you must not only feed the lawn, but FEED THE SOIL, too. Jonathan Green’s “New American Lawn Plan” focuses on the latter using three simple steps. In fact, you might say, that the “New American Lawn Plan” is as easy to remember as “U-S-A”: 

  1. Use genetically superior BLACK BEAUTY grass seed! 
  2. Stop soil compaction and stimulate soil microbes with LOVE YOUR LAWN-LOVE YOUR SOIL
  3. Adjust soil pH levels with Mag-i-Cal
Use genetically superior “Black Beauty” Grass Seed. The genetic improvement of grass seed is a fairly recent occurrence. Much of the credit for this progress goes to Dr. Cyril Reed Funk of Rutgers University in New Jersey. Dr. Funk was the “Einstein” of turfgrasses and his accomplishments in breeding them live on. 
Jonathan Green has continued his work in our own turfgrass breeding program, developing truly, genetically superior grasses that produce a beautiful lawn. We call these grasses, “Black Beauty”. 
Black Beauty varieties can root up to four feet deep, possess a dark green color, and contain endophytes for natural insect resistance. Black Beauty also has a waxy leaf coating, like that on apple skin, making them incredibly heat and drought tolerant. 
A grass is only as good as the seed it’s grown from. Black Beauty grass seed products are unequalled in the market and will provide a lawn that the homeowner will never forget! 
Stop soil compaction and stimulate soil microbes with Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil. Healthy soil is fundamental to healthy lawns. Bacteria, fungi, and algae are examples of beneficial microbes that help decompose organic matter via countless biological, physical, and chemical interactions in the soil. Air and water play a vital role in these reactions, too. Maintaining a biologically active soil – rich in organic material and increasingly porous – is essential to long-term turfgrass vigor. 
In order to encourage the soil biology, Jonathan Green has developed Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil. This amazing product FEEDS soil microbes with organic humates, amino acids, and sugars to make the soil become more alive while, at the same time, loosens compacted soil for deeper air and water penetration into root zones. 
Adjust your soil pH with Mag-i-Cal. Soil pH is how acidic (sour) or alkaline (sweet) the lawn soil is. Grass grows best in a pH range of 6.3 to 6.8. If your pH is too acidic, then you can be wasting up to 75% of your lawn fertilizer! Having the proper pH increases the ability of grass plants to utilize these “idle” nutrients. 
Jonathan Green’s Mag-i-Cal naturally balances soil pH levels with a highly soluble form of calcium that is instantly available to the plant. Mag-i-Cal also fortifies soil with humates to further encourage microbial life. 
Once the issues above are addressed, a revolutionary, but quite logical, lawn plan emerges. It’s a plan that deals with the underlying causes – and NOT symptoms – of poor turf. You see, growing a beautiful lawn is not that hard once you get the basics right. Jonathan Green’s “New American Lawn Plan” – and its fundamental “U-S-A” principles – accomplishes the basics for you. 



Scotts: These Easy Projects Take Only 15 Minutes

Here are some easy things your customers can do that will make a big difference come spring.

Feed Their Lawn

The difference between a “so-so” lawn and a truly beautiful lawn both now and next spring is two fall feedings. Feeding in early September and again 6-8 weeks later helps lawns begin rebuilding grass roots that were damaged during the hot, dry summer. Since this is also a great time to kill lawn weeds, you can do two jobs at once by applying a weed and feed, such as Scotts® Turf Builder® WinterGuard® Fall Weed & Feed.

Spruce Up Their Lawn by Reseeding

When kids play on a lawn that’s still hurting from summer heat and drought, it can get damaged. It can be spruced up by reseeding with a quality Scotts® grass seed mix and Scotts® Turf Builder® Starter® Food for New Grass. After that, the seed and young grass need to be watered regularly – a light misting once or twice a day until the seedlings have reached a mowing height.

Mulch Leaves

Tree leaves smother grass. Contrary to popular belief, fallen tree leaves will not insulate a lawn during winter. In fact, they can block vital sunlight and thin grass. So, leaves should be drop raked and mulched into dime-sized pieces with a lawn mower, and then a fall feeding can be applied.

Fall Feeding Number 2

The second fall feeding should be about 6-8 weeks after the first fall feeding. Scotts® Turf Builder® WinterGuard® Fall Lawn Food gives lawns the nutrients they need to store up energy for a healthy spring push and helps to break down those mulched leaves.

Mow Lawns Shorter

In late fall, mowers should be dropped down and lawns cut 1-2 inches shorter than the rest of the growing season. They should continue to mow shorter until grass stops growing in early winter. The lawn should be cut slightly lower for the last cut.

Clean Up Tools for a Fresh Start Next Spring

Your customers can help keep their tools from rusting by cleaning them before hanging them up for the season. Also, if they’re done mowing for the year, they should do winter mower maintenance prior to storage.

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Greening Up Lawns With Ironite®

An emerald green lawn is a welcome sight that beckons you to enjoy the great outdoors. Besides being impressive, turf that is deep green in color is healthy and vigorous, and likely to ward off any weeds, pests and diseases that come along.

If you’re watering grass properly, but it’s pale green or yellow instead of dark green, your turf is most likely nutrient deficient. Yellow lawns generally lack key nutrients such as iron and nitrogen. Such deficiencies cause grass to experience growth problems, including chlorosis, a condition that occurs when the green chlorophyll in the grass leaf tissue doesn’t develop. Chlorophyll fails to be produced when there is a lack of iron in the turf. With mild iron deficiencies, lawns will yellow. With severe iron chlorosis, turfgrass can die. Iron and nitrogen deficiencies can occur simultaneously.

If you’ve ever admired an ultra-green lawn and wondered how it could be so vibrant, most likely it has been supplemented with iron. Feeding turf a high-quality iron product, such as Pennington’s newly formulated Ironite® Mineral Supplement 1-0-1, provides lawns with soluble iron and other key ingredients. The updated formula contains:

  • 20 percent iron. That’s 33% more iron per square foot than the original formula! Adequate iron helps ensure a healthy, deep green lawn that doesn’t grow excessively.
  • 1 percent nitrogen, with 50 percent of the nitrogen content being slow release. Sufficient nitrogen results in healthy, vigorous turfgrass growth. Slow release nitrogen is ideal, as it leads to even grass growth, won’t burn the lawn and surrounding plants, and is longer lasting, which means less frequent fertilizing.
  • AST® (Advanced Soil Technology.) A linear polymer, AST® improves the physical characteristics of soil, which ensures maximum plant performance. It also helps to improve water penetration and minimizes soil loss.
  • Beneficial microbes. Healthy soil contains a dynamic, microscopic ecosystem teeming with life. Beneficial microbes increase organic activity in the soil, assisting grass and plants in taking up and using naturally occurring nutrients in the soil, resulting in a greener lawn.

Ideal for summer application, Ironite® Mineral Supplement 1-0-1 provides the greening a cool-season lawn may need during hot weather, without the stressful nutrient uptake of lawn fertilizer. Ironite® also provides warm-season turf a green-up without the turf fertilizer-induced growth surge that results in additional mowing.

Ironite® Mineral Supplement 1-0-1 also works well on flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees. It’s for all soil types and is non-burning and non-staining (when used as directed), unlike many other products on the market.

A healthy, attractive lawn is within reach if your customers choose the right mineral supplement product to enhance their turf. When they apply Ironite® Mineral Supplement 1-0-1, they will soon be looking at a yard full of vibrant, green grass.

For best results, they should use Ironite® Mineral Supplement 1-0-1 throughout the year in conjunction with their regular fertilization program. They should always apply the product according to the directions on the package.

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Ironite is a registered trademark of Central Garden & Pet Company. AST and Advanced Soil Technology are trademarks of Encap, LLC.

Meeting The Demand For Harsh-Ingredient-Free Lawn & Gardening Products

As consumers increasingly shun chemicals and embrace natural products, the demand for harsh ingredient-free fertilizers and plant food products continues to grow. Companies, like Purely Organic Products, LLC are meeting the need for effective lawn and gardening products. With no harsh ingredients, no biosolids and no manure, Purely Organic Products, LLC line of fertilizers, plant food products and yard sprays, provides consumers with a much-needed, convenient, family-friendly alternative.

The company has devoted over 10 years to formulating plant-based products that work.

For years, professional sports stadiums and municipalities have been utilizing Purely Organic Products, LLC fertilizers to keep their fields green and pristine. And growers have been utilizing the plant management products to boost their crop yields, without using harsh ingredients.

With the 2013 launch of Purely Organic Products, LLC consumer products line, homeowners can now take advantage of the same proven, harsh-ingredient-free products that professional sports stadiums and agricultural growers have been relying on for years.

All of Purely Organic Products, LLC lawn and gardening products are based on their mission of, “caring for your yard while keeping children, pets and the environment in mind.”

According to market research company, Packaged Facts, sales of natural and organic lawn and garden supplies reached $475 million in 2014, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.4% since 2010.

“The majority of sales come from fertilizers and growth media products, with faster growth coming from pesticides, especially those related to edible gardening,” says David Sprinkle, research director at Packaged Facts. “Natural and organic product sales growth is being partly driven by increased interest in edible gardening particularly by younger consumers who are most concerned over the health and safety of chemical products.”

Proven Plant Food Products for Growing Edible Gardens Without Harsh Ingredients
From growing tomatoes and vegetables to feeding plants, flowers and culinary herb gardens, Purely Organic Products, LLC line of plant food products meet a wide-range of gardening needs. All of the products are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and enable consumers to nourish their flowers and plants without turning to harsh ingredients. Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food 8-8-8 and Fish Packs are ideal for feeding produce gardens. Purely Herb is designed for feeding culinary herb gardens and Solo Packs All-Purpose Plant Food is perfect for nourishing plants and flowers. And both Fish Packs and Solo Packs boast dissolvable packs, for pre-measured, mess-free feeding.

Lawn Care Products that Promote a Lush, Green Lawn
Achieving a lush, green lawn without utilizing synthetic fertilizers is finally a reality thanks to Purely Organic Products, LLC line of plant-based lawn care products. With Lawn Food and Liquid Lawn Food, the company’s plant-based granular and liquid fertilizers and Turf Restore, their lawn repair product, homeowners can achieve an enviable, green lawn. And with no restrictions on re-entry time, children and pets are free to play on the lawn immediately after application.

Pure Defense- For Warding Off the Most Common Pests and Weeds
Weeds and crabgrass can wreak havoc on a lush lawn; and ticks, mosquitoes and grubs can put a damper on backyard fun. Purely Organic Products, LLC Pure Defense product line allows consumers to combat these common culprits without utilizing harsh ingredients. The Pure Defense product line includes 4 proven products- Tick & Mosquito Guard, Grub Shield, Crabgrass Barrier and Weed Shield– all of which are made from effective, botanical oil blends and contain no harsh ingredients.

Whether consumers are interested in growing an edible garden without relying on synthetic plant food products, or they are caring for their lawns, and combating pests and weeds, Purely Organic Products, LLC lawn and gardening sought-after products are meeting the growing demand for harsh ingredient-free alternatives that work.

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Sun Gro Potting Mixes – What’s in the Mix?

Arett Outlook March 2016

Sun Gro retail products are made with the highest quality ingredients in the same facilities that produce their professional grower mixes. Their many brands cover every gardening need – from general gardening to container-specific planting to specialty plants and plant foods. Whether your customer is a weekend gardener or a master gardener, he or she will all find products to suit their plants, projects, and lifestyle.

A growing mix supports the plant and holds water and nutrients for its growth. The following is a brief overview of various ingredients found in Sun Gro’s mixes.

Sphagnum Peat Moss is the non-living, fibrous material formed when Sphagnum moss decomposes. While peat moss is brown, like garden soil, it has a different texture and weight; it’s light and spongy and crumbles into small clumps. It is nature’s best all-purpose soil conditioner because of its remarkable ability to manage water efficiently and hold nutrients that may otherwise leach out. That is why Sun Gro adds Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss to all of their key potting mixes.

Bark increases air capacity. Its unique particle size and shape allows air to circulate through the soil, providing oxygen to the roots.

Perlite is crushed volcanic rock that is expanded or “popped” in a furnace. Perlite particles are roundish and white. This natural additive is used to aerate the media and aid in water retention.

Coconut Coir is a by-product of the coconut fiber industry. Coir is the “dust” produced during processing. It adds bulk and texture to mixes and can hold up to 9 times its weight in water.

Compost is organic material (such as bark, peanut or rice hulls) that has been processed and decomposed. Compost is used primarily to provide natural and stabilized organic matter to a growing mix. Compost has excellent water-holding ability and a particle size that helps with oxygen exchange.

Earthworm Castings provide a rich, natural fertilizer. Castings are the end-product of the decomposition of organic materials by earthworms. Earthworm castings are nutrient rich and biologically active, and enhance the ability of soil to retain water.

RESiLIENCE® – Silicon (Si) is a beneficial plant nutrient that when added to a growing medium can result in more vigorous plants. RESiLIENCE is Sun Gro’s brand name for patented growing mixes enriched with silicon. RESiLIENCE mixes enhance plant quality, resulting in thicker/stronger stems, compact growth, increased root mass, and extended resistance to wilt.

Controlled Release Fertilizer is added to select potting and container mixes and soil amendments to provide a modest amount of fertilizer for several months. The fertilizer is “coated” so the fertilizer releases over time.

Mycorrhizae is a group of fungi which form a mutually beneficial relationship with many plants. It grows inside a plant’s roots or on its surface. The fungi benefits from the plant’s nutrients and in turn send their hyphae (similar to small roots) into the surrounding soil to absorb nutrients and water. Sun Gro utilizes a proprietary 7-species blend which provides greater mycorrhizal establishment in a wider variety of plants.

Wetting Agents make potting mixes wet up evenly. This ensures good water distribution throughout the root zone throughout the growth of the plant. This is critical for mixes which contain components that naturally repel water, such as peat moss.

Organic products are ingredients that are carbon based, were once alive, and do not contain synthetic chemicals. Examples include peat moss, bark, organic fertilizers, and organic wetting agents

Natural Products are other components such as perlite, vermiculite, gypsum, limestone, and RESiLIENCE silicon. “Natural” means they are not carbon based but are obtained from natural deposits and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals. Vermiculite and perlite, for example, are ground up, screened, and expanded.

The major role of a growing mix is to support the plant, while holding water and nutrients for the plant to use during growth. Sun Gro is the largest supplier of professional growing media in North America. They also are the leading manufacturer of Canadian Sphagnum peat in North America.

They combine the best quality components to ensure their growing media creates outstanding results every time.

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Espoma Organic Innovates Liquid Plant Food

outlook_e60b_bannerThe liquid plant food category has been virtually unchanged for a decade or more. On the synthetic side, there have been simple products that can be high in soluble salts. While these products do get the user to water, the high salt content can sometimes be potentially harmful to plants. On the organic side, the selection has been limited to mostly fish and seaweed materials. These can produce good results, but the user experience particularly as it relates to odor can be less than ideal.

Keep Calm – There is a Paradigm Shift Going On.
Espoma Organic announces the introduction of three new liquid plant foods that will forever change this category. New Start!, Grow!, and Bloom! These three new products will be showcased at the upcoming Arett Sales Open House in Atlantic City.
Scientifically proven to grow bigger, better plants with larger blooms, these liquid plant food concentrates begin with better ingredients that provide superior results:
  • Natural Proteins
  • Kelp Extracts
  • Humic Acid
  • Carbohydrates
  • Millions of Beneficial Microbes
Start! – Use at time of planting and early feedings to help plants become established and reduce transplant loss. Start! is specifically created with phosphorous solubilizing microbes that help to quickly grow plant root mass for better plant performance.
Grow! – Promote growth with natural plant nutrients and millions of microbes to help grow larger plant size and deep green foliage. Grow! also helps the plant produce larger root mass for a better, stronger and more productive plant.
Bloom! – Natural plant nutrients including abundant kelp, boron and millions of beneficial microbes encourage more and more beautiful blooming for vibrant color and better yields on fruiting vegetable plants.
All will have the high quality and colorful shelf presence you have come to expect from Espoma Organic. They will be packaged in sleek, ergonomically designed, colorful shrink sleeve bottles. And there is an off shelf display option that will help you merchandise with live goods in the greenhouse or nursery to encourage tie in sales.
But the innovation doesn’t stop there. The products will feature our exclusive easy dose cap that pours the prefect amount without any measuring or mess! Simply flip the bottle to fill the Easy Dose Cap chamber for the first application, fill the watering can with the premeasured dose, add water and feed your plants. The Easy Dose Cap measures the right amount of concentrate every time so there is no measuring, no mess, and no unpleasant aroma on your customer’s hands.
The new Espoma Organic liquid plant foods are truly something new. They are created with the best liquid organic plant food ingredients and beneficial microbes to produce superior results for your customers. Their vibrant, colorful packaging will stand out from the crowd and have the new exclusive Easy Dose cap for a superior user experience. And they are backed by over 85 years of experience in the field of organics. Be sure to include these in your plans for the 2016 season.
This product is available for ordering in mid-October.