Merchant’s Picks For April

Want to know what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month? Find out with this list of Merchant’s Picks for April 2017.

Merchant Picks - April 2017

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
B70 60410Crabgrass Preventer with Fertilizer 24-00-8 - 5,000 sq. ft.Prevents crabgrass and other grassy weeds for up to 5 months.
D28 6YR350 Landscape Weed Barrier - 6 YearIdeal for short-term weed control.
D40 10127009-Pattern Revolver AssortmentApril is watering season. help plants and lawns off to a strong start.
E60 HT36Holly-tone All-Natural Plant Food 4-3-4 - 36 lb.For acid-loving plants, such as hollies, azaleas, camellias, evergreens, dogwoods, and rhododendrons.
L51 B550110Bobbex Deer Repellent And Plant Nutrient - 32 oz. RTUSpring brings lush green growth, which attracts the deer. Be ready for them with this effective, natural deer repellent.
S09 17183Scotts Classic Sun & Shade Grass Seed - 3 lb.Great for repairing bare spots, reseeding or new lawns. Grows well in both sunny and shady areas.
S09 99605Scotts GrubEx Season-Long Grub Killer - 5,000 sq. ft.Kills and prevents all season (up to 4 months). Guaranteed! Improved killing power.
T18 8642100Neverkink Extra Heavy-Duty Hose - 5/8" x 100'April is watering season. Help plants and lawns off to a strong start.
W75 239PPremium Ultra-Energy Ready to Use Hummingbird Nectar - 64 oz. Red.Migration of hummingbirds is starting. Be ready for them with nutritious nectar.

Introducing The Upcoming Arett Sales Online Birding Marketplace

The Arett Sales Online Birding Marketplace will make it easy for you to buy what you need for the spring birding season.

There is never a bad time to go birding, and you should take advantage of this niche market in your stores this spring – with bird feeders and houses, bird food, bird baths, and accessories. You should become known as the “bird expert” in your neighborhood! Arett Sales can help you build this reputation! We are introducing a new EVENT focused on spring birding that can help give you a competitive advantage over your competition – The Arett Sales Birding Marketplace.

The Arett Sales Birding Marketplace will feature OVER 200 HOT BUYS ON BEST SELLERS! Make sure you take advantage of the terrific deals on important merchandise in this category – savings will start at 15% and go up to 43%!

The Arett Sales Birding Marketplace will be live soon and runs through March 24, 2017.

Event Period: February 13th – March 24th
Program #: BRD17

Birding In The New 2017 Arett Catalog

Your new 2017 Arett Sales catalog, which should be arriving at your stores in the next week, also features a complete selection of terrific birding merchandise in Section 17! You can also find bird baths in Section 9 – Garden Accents.

Advertise Your Expertise

Let your customers know that you are BIRD EXPERT in your neighborhood! Arett Sales’ Greensmith ad agency can create materials to advertise your expertise! Here are just a few ideas we can make into a reality!

  • Add a “Bird-Lovers Welcome” sign to your store
  • Add a Wild Bird category to your website
  • Post some birding information on your facebook page
  • Start a Bird Lovers Club to attract the Bird Lovers in your neighborhood
  • Create a Spring Birding Checklist or a Bird Watcher’s Poster and hand it out with every bird feeder you sell

Merchant’s Picks For February

Want to know what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month? Find out with this list of Merchant’s Picks for February 2017.

Merchant Picks - February 2017

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
A42 64309Union 24" Poly Leaf RakeStock up now in time for spring cleaning.
C01 CS12501C&S High Energy SuetHelps the birds make it through the cold winter days.
H21 7458Heritage Farms Mini Absolute II Bird FeederGreat metal bird feeder - one of our top sellers!
L07 2647290Lyric Supreme Wild Bird SeedTime to feed the birds.
P95 F2Felco No. F2 Classic Model PrunerStock up now in time for spring pruning.
S70 75651300Miracle-Gro Potting MixThis is the time of year when homeowners begin to purchase new or replant houseplants.
S70 74978500 MiracleGro Seed Starting MixThis is the time of year when when gardeners start planting their indoor seed varieties.
T34 30465Truper Tru-Tough Poly Shrub RakeStock up now in time for spring cleaning.
T70 91391Terra Verde Splash Wand & Nozzle ComboStock up now in time for spring watering.
W12 36105Wild Delight Premium Grade Black Oil SunflowersTime to feed the birds.
W75 DO32RTUHavahart Deer-Off Deer, Rabbit And Squirrel Repellent Ready-To-UseKeep away the deer as they come down to the yards looking for food this time of year.

Good Prod: Lawn & Garden Supplies For Professionals

Good Prod Sales specializes in the sale of lawn and garden supplies to landscape professionals and lawn and garden retailers, maintaining a complete inventory year-round. Good Prod offers a broad selection of over 11,000 quality tools for growers, landscapers, grounds managers, arborists, and contractors, all at competitive prices. Merchandise is carefully selected by the scrupulous purchasing team and constructed by reputable manufacturers so that you can get the job done with confidence.

Whether you offer lawn and landscaping services or just need the right tools for your growing operation and greenhouse, now is the time to start thinking about the tools and supplies you will need to carry you through the spring season. With warmer weather just around the corner, it is never too early to start preparing for the spring – take advantage of Good Prod’s special pricing! Please be sure to shop Good Prod’s monthly mailers that run February through June. In February, Good Prod runs the lowest prices of the season, boasting savings up to 35% off of everyday pricing. In March, look out for special pricing on Felco products. As spring heats up in April, May and June, discounts abound on seasonable featured products.

Categories of business Good Prod covers are cutting tools, fertilizer/chemical sprays, landscape supplies, landscape tools, watering, wearables and safety and wheeled goods. Good Prod stocks brands such as Ames, Felco, Dewitt, Truper, Bahco, Corona, Seymour Paints, Tree Gator and Round Up, just to name a few.

Good Prod is proud to offer deliveries from centrally located facilities with over 650,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space – in Troy, OH and Bristol, CT.

The comprehensive Good Prod catalog is updated regularly to keep our customers abreast of what is new.

Orders are given prompt attention and service and can be done via fax, mail and online at

Good Prod follows the family tradition of customer service and is dedicated to having the right products available at the right time, delivering an accurate order in a timely fashion. The Good Prod team of employees is dedicated to hard work and success, striving each day to serve you better!

Merchant’s Picks for December

Want to know what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month? Find out with this list of Merchant’s Picks for December 2016.

Merchant Picks - December

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
N28 BV6CS6Surreal Planters Vertical Birch PlanterGreat to use for Christmas greens and poinsettias.
N28 BH11CS6Surreal Planters Horizontal Birch PlanterGreat to use for Christmas greens and poinsettias.
B70 730Bonide KleenUp Weed and Grass KillerPrevents growth up to a year. Get ready for spring.
F42 591044FoxFarm Strawberry Fields Potting SoilRight mix for larger blooms, fruits, and berries.
P48 1351Pine Tree farms Decorative Holiday Birdie Seed WreathGreat house warming gift and good for the birds.
D50 YCPT360MB Droll Yankees Yankee TipperBirds are eating. The best feeder to keep squirrels away.
W12 36420 Wild Delight Woodpecker Bird FoodTime to get the seed out for the birds.
S70 101660Miracle-Gro For Christmas Trees
Reduces needle drop when used as directed.
R80 26PBSW Rugg Mfg. Poly Combo Snow Shovel and Pusher - Back Saver Steel HandleHelps make shoveling snow easier on the back.
M68 913 Shear Magic King Arctic Trident Snow MoverLarge load capacity snow shovel.
A39 SNOBRUM Angel Guard Sno Brum with Aluminum Telescopic HandleEasily push even heavy, wet snow off the roof, hood, and trunk of any vehicle without scratching the paint.
K20 8001 K&H Thermo-Pond Floating Pond HeaterWinter is coming - pond water will freeze.

Merchant’s Picks For October & November

Want to know what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month and next month? Find out with this list of Merchant’s Picks for October and November 2016.

Merchant Picks - October

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
A15 LIA10000E3Classic Pots - Terra CottaAs plants come indoors need the right pots and saucers to keep the plants happy and the floors clean.
B70 2360Bonide Shotgun Repels-All Animal Repellent GranulesGuard against critters seeking a warm shelter, which could be your attic .
C15 CW1000NClear Vinyl Plant SaucerAs plants come indoors need the right pots and saucers to keep the plants happy and the floors clean.
D08 ECOLODano Paper Refuse BagsEffective way to collect and dispose of leaves.
E60 LS36Espoma Organic Lawn StarterFall is the time to prepare the lawn for the next growing season.
J20 12400Jonathan Green Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer 10-0-20 (Step 4)Lawn food to provide strong roots for spring growing.
M15 40912Midwest Rake Company Heavy-Duty Spring Brace RakeGreat for raking up leaves.
M78 022336 Petra Italian SaucerAs plants come indoors need the right pots and saucers to keep the plants happy and the floors clean.
P48 CP12012Nutty Butter Bird SuetBirds are seeking energy which suet gives to them as it gets colder suet as a food source becomes more important.
P95 F2 Felco No. F2 Classic Model PrunerFall is the perfect time to prepare the plants/trees for the winter and early spring growth.
S09 17508Scotts EZ Seed Sun & Shade Patch & RepairA revolutionary seeding mix that guarantees seeding success!
S09 38605DScotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food - 32-0-10 - 5M bagBuilds strong deep grass roots for a better lawn next spring.
S09 38615Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food - 32-0-10 - 15M bagBuilds strong deep grass roots for a better lawn next spring.
S20 HG71126Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit RepellentKeep away the deer as they come down to the yards looking for food this time of year.
S20 HG95715 Spectracide Wasp & Hornet KillerOne of the most effective sprays to kill hornets and wasps which are everywhere this time of year.
S70 1000551Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant FoodGreat for us on all indoor plants including edibles.
W12 36620Wild Delight Nut 'N Berry Bird FoodAs the weather cools off birds are coming back to the feeders - best seller from Wild Delight.

Merchant Picks - November

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
B70 865Bonide No Escape Mouse MagicEffective way to keep away the mice.
E10 2577Eaton Burlap Pac - 3 ft W x 24 ft LGround and plant perfection in anticipation of a very cold winter.
F04 P418Cast Aluminum Floating Pond De-IcerEffective pond de-icer in anticipation of a very cold winter - save your fish by using these products to give them a livable pond environment.
K20 8001Thermo-Pond Floating Pond HeaterEffective pond de-icer in anticipation of a very cold winter - save your fish by using these products to give them a livable pond environment.
L07 2647290Lyric Supreme Wild Bird SeedCold weather pushes birds back to the feeders.
M84 02020 Qik Joe Safe Pet Ice Melter - 20 lb. bagSafe and effective way to melt the ice that accumulates on steps and walk ways.
M84 30020 Qik Joe Ice Melter - 20 lb. bagSafe and effective way to melt the ice that accumulates on steps and walk ways.
N28 BV6CS66" Vertical Birch PlanterPerfect house warming or gifts for the holiday season.
N70 07000Wilt-Pruf Plant ProtectorGreat way to preserve Christmas tree from drying out.
R80 26PDXS Avalanche 2000 Poly Combo Snow Shovel and Pusher - Steel HandleVery effective shovels to move the snow.
R80 36PBSLWXL Poly Combo Snow Shovel and Pusher - Back Saver Aluminum HandleVery effective shovels to move the snow.
S09 57905Scotts LawnPro Fall Lawn Fertilizer 24-0-10Provides a fall lawn feeding. Prepares lawn for winter.
S64 21708Preserved Reindeer Moss - ChartreusePerfect house warming or gifts for the holiday season.
S70 101660Miracle-Gro For Christmas TreesReduces needle drop when used as directed.
S70 2000992Miracle-Gro Water-Soluble All Purpose Plant Food - 24-8-16 - 8 oz.Great for all types of plants, vegetables, trees, shrubs and houseplants.
S98 1000600Create Your own Terrarium D.I.Y. KitPerfect house warming or gifts for the holiday season.
W76 9910Fatwood Firestarters - 10 lb. bagGreat way to start a fire in the fire pit or the fire place as evenings get colder.

Merchant’s Picks For September

Want to know what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month? Find out with this list of Merchant’s Picks for September 2016.

Merchant Picks - September

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
C15 SQDS800CARPET SAVER HEAVY DUTY SQUARE SAUCER 8" It's time to move plants inside. Protect your carpet with this lightweight and durable saucer. Made in the USA.
S09 38615Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food 5MFall is for feeding your lawn. Builds strong deep grass roots for a better lawn next spring.
S09 17508EZSEED SUN/SHADE 3.75# JUGDrought damaged lawns need to be repaired. Grows anywhere!* Guaranteed! 
G81 2129175GREENVIEW FAIRWAY FORMULA FALL FERTILIZER 5M 0 PHOSPHATESpecially Designed For Use In The FallEncourages Root Growth For Winter Hardiness And Quick Spring Green-Up. Promotes Deeper Green Turf, Faster Green-Up, Brilliant Color Response And Fewer Clippings. Repairs Lawn Damage
T22 16481TETRA POND SPRING & FALL DIET 1.76LB 4LTetraPond Spring & Fall Diet is cool temperature food for koi and all pond fish. The high wheat germ content has been enriched promoting healthy fish going into fall and winter.
D07 PN14Gardeneer By Dalen Pond & Pool Netting Protective Net 14' x 14'Keeps leaves and debis out of your pond and pool during the fall season.
K50 SPF45170Schultz All Purpose 10-15-10 Plant Food Plus, 8-OunceAs the cool weather sets in outside, brighten the inside with houseplants. All purpose formula that feeds all indoor plants. Excellent for transplanting, repotting and rooting.
L61 58170USLa Hacienda Moda Enameled 24 in. Round Wood Burning Fire Pit - LimeThe Moda Firebowl is a great way to extend your time outdoors in the cool fall air.
I22 DA32I Must Garden Deer Repellent - 32oz Ready-to-Use SprayStop deer from foraging on your valuable shrubs prior to winter setting in.
T70 ZT131440LBICYCLE PLANT STAND 39"Add a plant stand to get your houseplants off the floor with a great decorartive look.

Merchant’s Picks For August

Want to know what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month? Find out with this list of Merchant’s Picks for August 2016.


Merchant's Picks

 VendorItem NumberItem NameWhy A Merchant Pick?
1S09 ScottsS09 50225Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed & FeedFall is the best time to feed. Kills dandelions and other listed lawn weeds.
2S09 ScottsS09 38615Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food - 32-0-10Builds strong deep grass roots for a better lawn next spring.
3E60 EspomaE60 HT18Holly-tone All-Natural Plant FoodA best seller for acid-loving plants.
4B70 BonideB70 022Neem Oil RTUPrevent bugs from eating your hard outdoor work.
5S20 Liquid FenceS20 HG71126Deer & Rabbit RepellentEffective way to keep the deer away from plants.
6S20 SpectrumS20 HG95715Wasp & Hornet KillerHornets are swarming.
7E72 Enviro ProtectionE72 1025Deer Scram Deer And Rabbit RepellentEffective way to keep the deer away from plants.
8W12 Wild DelightW12 36620Nut 'N Berry Bird Food - 20 lb.Blended to attract and feed the most desirable outdoor pets
9P48 Pine Tree FarmsP48 2012Nutty Butter Suet Carry CaseIt's now suet season!
10A60 Mars FishcareA60 142BAccu-ClearKeep ponds clean.
11S99 DannerS99 02019Pondmaster 190 Pump, Fountain and Filter KitPond maintenance.
12D07 DalenD07 DX7Deer-X Netting - 7' x 100'Effective way to keep the deer away from plants.

Bringing Gardening Indoors

By Abby Kleckler
Managing Editor, Lawn & Garden Retailer

In a seasonal industry, a non-seasonal department that has a modern look and attracts customers of all ages, particularly a younger shopper, seems promising.

This is exactly what Brian Riddle, owner of Homestead Gardens near Annapolis, Maryland, has created with its Modern Homesteading department.

The 2,500-square-foot area opened in March and features products for indoor gardening, food production, beekeeping, aquaponics and much more.

In this Q&A, Lawn & Garden Retailer spoke with Riddle about what he’s seen so far and the potential he sees for the industry in this emerging category.

L&GR: What got you started and why did the idea of “modern homesteading” appeal to you and your business?

Brian Riddle: Since I rejoined the family business in 2011 I’ve been naturally taking a fresh look at all the things that we do and trying to find ways to improve what works and how to maybe move away from things that aren’t working and restructure them. And I’ve always been keen on trying to create year-round departments that help bring foot traffic in the door.

I’ve felt strongly that our store does a great job with conversion but getting them in the door is the largest challenge, and I think from what I’ve learned from my contacts and study in our industry is that’s where we’re all having the greatest challenge is maintaining that foot traffic.

In that realization we have been looking at ways to reconfigure the store, and Clint Albin [from Garden Media Group] started to share this idea in the indoor gardening category about a year and a half ago, so we started to explore some other indoor gardening retail businesses and get a little better understanding of what the category involves.

I was very skeptical and sort of fell into the stereotype where I just didn’t think that that was the category I was interested in until I better understood it.

Through this journey I’ve realized there was a huge opportunity not only to create a year-round category but to also introduce a different customer to our store and also take our existing customers and introduce them to an entirely different way to garden that’s in many ways more flexible and more conducive to the community that we are growing into as the density where our business is based is pretty dense.

The traditional growth in our garden center is kind of subsiding with virtually no more housing developments being put in; it’s more going apartments and condos. This gives us an opportunity to serve people in those types of residential settings that still have a passion and a desire to grow.

L&GR: What type of customer does this department appeal to?

Riddle: It’s still very preliminary, so I don’t want to be overconfident in my evaluation, but what I’m seeing right now and the biggest highlight is that we’re seeing a younger customer and certainly creating a younger audience that’s interested.

I think that is yet another problem that many garden centers are faced with; our core customer is an aging customer and so I think we’ve seen a very diverse customer and at this point we’ve seen very little of the assumed customer, if you would, or the stereotype.

Through our educational programs and our introduction, we’ve seen a very broad base of people coming and certainly we’re getting some younger people, and I think that’s a real win.

L&GR: Speaking of educational programs, you have 15 seminars that go through the end of July. What role does the educational component play in getting people interested in modern homesteading?

Riddle: I think we’re trying to create an information/educational series of events to really help highlight all of the different applications of what we call modern homesteading. To give this new department sort of a full-circle, well-rounded approach, we knew indoor in itself was not going to be enough to support what we have, an entire department and the staff that comes with it.

It’s beekeeping, it’s composting, it’s various aspects of indoor gardening — it could be lighting, it could be nutrient management, it could be temperature, environmental control. Seminars give us another way to talk about all the different aspects of what we’re doing and sort of validate to our current base of customers that this is a commitment on our part and we really are aiming to serve at a very high level with all the support that’s needed. It’s a fresh way to sort of bring attention back to some of the things that we’ve been doing, but not necessarily highlighting, all under the brand of modern homesteading.

Teachers are another major source or target for us as we evolve our marketing with our “Thursdays are for Teachers.” We eventually want to get it into the schools and into the classroom, and I think it’s a great way to get young people exposed. Hopefully the school will put a system of some sort in the classroom but it’s also something students can bring home, and they can do it on the kitchen counter or in their bedroom.

I think the applications of these products are virtually limitless and something that’s not intimidating and something they’d be comfortable bringing home.

Many of our schools in the market that Homestead serves may not even have a space that’s available on the outside, so the accessibility is universal. The growing season and the school year do not overlap all that well, and this is year-round and can be adapted to their calendar at any time.

From a school standpoint, I think it’s really an ideal way to garden.

L&GR: Do you see this as a category other garden centers should be embracing, and do you have any tips for them?

Riddle: I think that all garden centers need to continuously explore new categories that naturally fit in the current product mix. In the case of Homestead, we’re very much a lifestyle store and outdoor living super center, so I think the definition of a garden center needs to be sort of revisited and open minded.

I think this particular category is such a natural fit because for our current customer this plays right to their passions and things that they love to do, so I think there’s a world of opportunity to develop our current customers into it.

For the smaller, urban customer, I think it is such a great way to serve a segment of the community that a large part of the products that we sell have very little if any opportunity in those settings.

The nice part about this department, and there are not many things in my store that are this way, is that once it’s set up, it doesn’t have the seasonal reconfiguring that we have to do in the rest of our store.

We are constantly transforming our store from season to season and although this department will have some merchandising changes, for the most part it’s a pleasure to have something that once you put it together, the bulk of it stays in its configuration. I think that we are happy to not have to break it down every three months.

I do want to stress that this category is coming and it’s not exclusive to small independents.

I do think that this trend is identified, and the larger chain retailers are going to be moving into this as well, so I think the opportunity is now to get in front of this and take advantage of it and really be established as the expert in your marketplace before they get out in front of you. I do think there’s a lot to be said for being the first in your space.

I personally believe this is going to be a tremendous success and add-on to our business, and all of the reservations and sort of concern that I had as I went through the decision-making process; none of my worries have ever been materialized.

It has been nothing but positive from all those who have seen it, and we have had nobody question the legitimacy of what we were doing. It’s been pretty remarkable.

(Article provided by Lawn & Garden Retailer)

New Black Gold® Packaging From Sun Gro Horticulture


Beauty on the Outside. Quality on the Inside.™

All the Riches of the Earth®

Sun Gro Horticulture is pleased to announce that their premium, high-quality Black Gold Potting Mix brand has been refreshed with dynamic, attention–getting packaging.

Bruce Adams, Sun Gro Marketing, points out that although the packaging is new, it’s the same high-quality, professional ingredients on the inside that count; hence the theme Beauty on the Outside. Quality on the Inside™.

Adams pointed out some of the design enhancements:

  • Refreshed, stylized Black Gold logo incorporating the existing gold vignette
  • Bold, modern, attention-grabbing fonts
  • Dynamic photographic flower, vegetable and plant images that are easily identifiable and “pop” in contrast to the black background of the packaging
  • Large, color-coded label “shields” similar to the existing packaging to differentiate at the shelf
  • Strong feature “call outs” such as 6-month feed, all natural and the Sun Gro patented RESiLIENCE® logo

Black Gold® is Sun Gro’s top-selling retail line of premium potting mixes, specialty mixes and garden amendments since 1983. The widely successful brand is in great demand by gardening retailers and consumers across the U.S. The family of Black Gold products consistently yields great gardens, services almost every gardening need and comes in a variety of package sizes.

Adams noted that, “Black Gold mixes are positioned as a higher end and a better quality product than our competition; now, more so than ever with the addition of RESiLIENCE®. RESiLIENCE® is our beneficial plant nutrient that can result in more vigorous plants, delayed wilt, stronger roots and earlier flowering when added to a growing medium.”

“Our new refreshed packaging conveys the contemporary imagery typically associated with higher-quality, premium products”, he said.

The new Black Gold packaging retail story will be supported with a new web site, digital and social media including: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube, monthly e-newsletters and web articles, in-store point of sale materials, radio and TV sponsorship.

The new packaging will be phased in starting in the fall of 2016.

* OMRI Listed®, worm castings and RESiLIENCE® enriched in selected mixes

Order now using program number: S84S1