Is Recycled Paper the Future of Soil? This Company Thinks So…

Have you ever wondered why gardeners are conditioned to water plants every day, sometimes twice a day? Why do so many people call themselves terrible gardeners (“I kill plants just by looking at them!”), while considering those with green thumbs to have some magical powers? Despite a lack of confidence and busy schedules, Americans are avid gardeners. The average American household spends over $400 on lawn and garden products each year, according to the 2016 National Garden Survey. How much of that went to expensive plants that withered away when the family left for vacation? The fact is, our habits and expectations for our gardens have formed from decades of working with the same materials to grow our plants, primarily in peat-based mixes.

Since the invention of the Cornell mix in the 1960’s, which popularized peat and brought it into the market as the standard soilless mix, there has been little innovation while gardeners continue to struggle. Imagine if all the products you use today still relied on 1960’s technology! Peat is less than ideal for a few reasons, it’s acidic, so it requires lime, it naturally repels water, so it requires wetting agents, and is low in aeration and requires perlite. There are also those discussions around the environmental impact of peat mining, and readers can research and come to their own conclusions on the topic. The use of coco coir is seen as one option to peat-based mixes, however it faces criticism over its environmental impact (shipping and extensive processing) and some coco coir products struggle to perform as well as traditional mixes. The goal of PittMoss is to finally provide gardeners a choice by introducing their ground-breaking technology not just to commercial growers, but home gardeners as well.

So What Is PittMoss?

PittMoss manufactures growing media from recycled paper products by breaking down and re-formulating fiber particles to create an ideal environment for plant growth. PittMoss sources all ingredients locally and manufactures the product in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. The result is a fluffy, lightweight growing medium with excellent air exchange that encourages beneficial biological growth. PittMoss provides superior aeration, which promotes larger and more even root distribution; while the PittMoss biologicals act as “pro-biotics®” for plants, allowing them to digest and uptake more nutrients. PittMoss products also require 2/3 less water. Imagine how a paper towel absorbs water evenly throughout the sheet is an excellent example of how well PittMoss holds and distributes moisture. With PittMoss, gardeners will have more time to enjoy their garden rather than spending time and resources watering every day.

However, it’s not just the water savings that makes PittMoss unique. The manufacturing process is tightly controlled and indoors. This means that the product is consistent every time with no opportunity for contamination from spores, pesticides and other potentially harmful components. The consistency in the particle sizes, and the air space between them, means roots have plenty of room to access the resources they need to grow faster, more resilient plants.

PittMoss initially sold only to commercial growers, where the positive results are abundant. Just one example is All About Groundcover in Slippery Rock, PA. After introducing PittMoss into their mix, the company was able to bring to market plants in 4-6 weeks, opposed to 6-8 weeks and noticed a 30% reduction in crop losses. All About Groundcover notices a remarkable difference when re-wetting their plants, with PittMoss immediately absorbing water, requiring only one pass through from employees.

PittMoss introduced retail products in 2017 to meet demand from home gardeners. Today, the company has three retail products, Prime, Performance and Plentiful. Prime is a soil amendment and Performance and Plentiful are both complete potting soils with the latter being 100% organic and listed on the Organic Material Review Institute’s (OMRI) directory of certified organic products. Use any of the products directly out of the bags or blend with your current mix and expect excellent results.

So, is the future of soil recycled paper? Only time can tell. For now, the company is focused on getting PittMoss in the hands of consumers. Every bag of PittMoss sold means less paper ends up in a landfill, water is saved, and more gardeners proudly refer to themselves as having a “green thumb.”

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The Innovation Behind Pro-Mix and Premier Tech

PRO-MIX offers a variety of solutions and options across North America, ranging from organic growing mixes, to high-quality potting mixes, along with specialized planting mixes.

PRO-MIX products are enhanced with MYCOACTIVE, a technology that builds and maintains plant health and increases its stress resistance and ability to fight off disease. Thus, MYCOACTIVE technology means bigger, healthier, and more prolific plants. And for gardeners, it means less work and more time to contemplate their dream garden.

MYCOACTIVE is a Premier Tech proprietary technology based on exclusive combinations of high performance, precisely selected ingredients, allowing for such benefits as stimulation of plants and the control of pests and diseases in gardens.

Type of benefits brought by the MYCOACTIVE technology:

  • Faster seed germination and establishment
  • Strengthened root system
  • Improved plant survival after planting into gardens and field soil
  • Increased resistance to stress and drought
  • Increased plant vigor, as well as quantity and quality of flowers and fruits
  • Improved uptake of water and nutrients


For PRO-MIX and Premier Tech, innovation means proposing new ideas, creating innovative concepts and bringing to life what was once only a thought. It’s making room for change and openness in order to move forward. In short, it means standing out!

Innovation has resulted in products, processes, and methods that are unique and distinctive, whether by being the first peat moss producer to ever bag growing media for market distribution, or by defining standards in growing media with active ingredients.

Twenty years after the first growing medium with mycorrhizae was launched, PRO-MIX is considered a reference in the industry, thanks to its ability to innovate and offer cutting-edge solutions through a unique selection of active ingredients delivering outstanding results.


PRO-MIX is a registered brand of Premier Tech’s Horticulture and Agriculture Group, recognized in its industry, thanks to value-added products, first-rate services and ambitious innovation, research and development programs.

Premier Tech’s breakthroughs include the creation of the very first prefabricated growing medium made of sphagnum peat moss, fertilizers and aggregates in America, and the industrial-scale production of top quality mycorrhizal inoculants, active ingredients that enhance the growth and resistance of plants.

The environment has also always occupied a predominant place in Premier Tech’s activities: the Veriflora® and OMRI® certifications obtained, as well as the Prix Innovation received, attest to the rigor and eco-consciousness of its practices. These comprise, among others, the responsible management and restoration of peatlands, along with considerable efforts regarding sustainable development.

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Good Soil and Good Knowledge for Better Gardening

What makes a good garden? Good soil, good knowledge, good plants, and good care are all that you need. That’s why Sun Gro Horticulture offers superior gardening soil and knowledge through its flagship brand, Black Gold. We know that good gardens start with superior soils, and Black Gold horticultural experts give gardeners the best information for growing success, through timely blogs, how-to videos, and our new Ask a Garden Expert support service. To further engage Black Gold gardeners, we also offer monthly garden giveaways to help gardeners get even more excited about our products and services.

Ask a Garden Expert

Black Gold gardeners get the best possible support. Our garden expert and spokesperson, Jessie Keith, has over 30 years of gardening experience and degrees in horticulture and plant biology to ensure our gardeners get the best advice to make the most of our products. Do you have a gardening question, need help identifying a plant, or need advice on how to use a product? Submit your question to Black Gold’s Ask a Garden Expert. Within 24 hours, Jessie will answer your question. Answers will then be posted on the Black Gold Ask a Garden Expert Q & A forum to let others learn from your gardening experiences.

Exciting Garden Blogs

Each year, Black Gold blogs receive hundreds of thousands of visitors. Over 450 timely in-depth online blogs help readers get to the heart of gardening subjects and current trends. Want to learn more about vegetable, organic, flower, or container gardening? Search our blogs for the answers. Each is rich with photos and expert information written by Black Gold’s team of professional garden writers.

In addition to Jessie Keith, Black Gold’s garden writing team includes Maureen Gilmer, a noted author of 18 gardening books, and writer of Yardsmart, a national column syndicated by Scripps Howard News Service; and Mike Darcy, a respected garden writer and television and radio personality. In 2018 Black Gold will also invite cutting-edge garden bloggers from award-winning blogs, such as Garden Betty, Urban Gardens, and Garden Therapy, to provide great stories for our website.

How-to Garden Videos

Our monthly Gro Your Own™ videos take a hands-on approach to helping gardeners grow their own fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Jessie Keith uses her own productive vegetable garden to help others grow better with Black Gold. We also create DIY gardening craft and project videos that cover everything from container garden and terrarium design to flower gardening, and more. These videos receive thousands of views each month.

Great Gardening Giveaways

In 2017 Black Gold launched a series of monthly garden giveaways created in partnership with other respected horticultural companies, such as Proven Winners®, High Mowing Organic Seeds, and Van Bloem Gardens®, among others. These giveaways secured thousands of entrants, which helped boost our social media presence, promote our products, and obtain new customers. In 2018, we will be offering a new suite of monthly giveaways with partners that include High Mowing Organic Seeds, Smart Pots®, Algreen®, Biosafe Systems®, and Van Bloem Gardens®.

(If your company is interested in partnering with us on a giveaway, please contact Bruce Adams at

Savings Opportunities for Black Gold Gardeners

Savings encourage sales, which is why Sun Gro® Horticulture offers a generous rebate coupon to gardeners that choose Black Gold® and other Sun Gro retail products. These rebates let our customers take $3.00 off of every $10.00 they spend on our products to help them create more beautiful, vigorous, cost-saving gardens.

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New Healthy Grow Merchandising Solutions For 2018

If you didn’t get a chance to stop by Healthy Grow’s booth at the Arett Open House, we wanted to introduce you to the new merchandising displays they have available.

Merchandising is an integral part of the overall sales at retail. Healthy Grow has the merchandising tools needed for the 2018 season to increase visibility within your retail garden center, all at no additional cost to you.

Floor Display

Floor Display Racks

  • Assortment of 3 lb. & 4lb. Healthy Grow SKUs – Tomato, Rose & Flower, Vegetable & Herb, Worm Castings
  • Racks are modular and can live independently to be cross merchandised with green goods
  • Perfect for greenhouse locations
  • Shelving creates billboard effect for maximum exposure
  • Easy, tool-free assembly for easy set-up
  • 50 lb. weight capacity per shelf
Pre-loaded Display

¼ pallet, Pre-Loaded Display

  • 6 lb. Healthy Grow – 10 of each variety, Tomato, Rose & Flower, Vegetable & Herb
  • Optimal pallet quantity to ensure sell through
  • Easy to restock
  • Heavy duty corrugates
  • Extends merchandising beyond the shelf
  • Pre-loaded for easy set up

The displays are free with purchase of assortment.

The main barrier of purchases for organic fertilizers is lack of knowledge. Your customers need that education in easy-to-consume pieces of information. The point of purchase materials from Healthy Grow are designed to leap past that barrier, educate consumers and increase sales of your fertilizers, soil enhancers and specialty mixes. Whether you want to teach why “The Way It’s Made Matters” or explain how Healthy Grow out performs other organic fertilizers, there’s attractive POP options to suit your needs.

An Integrated Marketing Plan Designed for Retailers

Healthy Grow has developed a robust integrated marketing plan to increase sales and be a solution provider to you. Their integrated marketing programming, combined with their cost-effective, high-margin product will help drive consideration and trial at the point of purchase.

  • POP material
  • Hassle free digital Rebate program – Healthy Grow handles 100% of the redemption process
  • Pandora radio advertising
  • Community garden cause initiatives
  • Digital advertising
  • Social advertising
  • Easy to navigate, mobile friendly website
  • Product locator

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Fall Is The Best Time To Seed & Feed

Why Seed & Feed in the Fall?

Fall isn’t just for pumpkin spice and picking apples. It’s also the best time to seed and feed your lawn. Fall comes with a mix of warm soil and cool air, perfect for planting grass seed and allowing time for new grass roots to develop before winter sets in. It is also a good time to feed and build stronger, deeper roots for winter, resulting in a thicker, greener lawn next spring.

Depending on your lawn’s condition, here are a few simple ways to take advantage of ideal fall conditions for seeding and feeding.

Repairing Bare Spots

Summer brings a lot of activity to your lawn, so by the time fall rolls around, it’s safe to say that it probably has a few bare patches from pets, heavy traffic, and kids playing. So, it’s time to give your green space a little TLC by patching up those bare spots.

Using a hand rake or other tool, loosen the top layer of soil to give the new seed a better chance to nestle in and begin to build strong roots. Next, apply Scotts® EZ Seed® Patch and Repair over the entire bare spot, following label directions. This combination of high-performance seed, absorbent growing material (to help keep seeds from drying out), and continuous-release fertilizer guarantees grass to grow anywhere*. Just be sure to choose the right seed for your grass type.

Finally, give the newly seeded patch a deep and thorough watering (stop if you see the water start to puddle). In order to keep the seeds hydrated so they can grow to their full potential, the patch will mostly likely need to be watered daily, or whenever EZ Seed begins to turn light brown. Try to keep kids, pets, and lawn mowers off of the newly planted seedlings until they are at least 3 inches high.

Overseeding a Thin Lawn

If your lawn seems thin, fall is a great time to thicken it through overseeding before winter arrives. First, pick up Scotts Lawn Soil® to help add nutrients to your existing soil and to create the best environment for the new seedlings. Then, choose the right Scotts® Turf Builder® Grass Seed for your grass type and make sure you have a spreader on hand. These premium quality seeds have been specifically developed for different regions and grass types, and are covered with a WaterSmart Plus® coating to provide nutrition and protection, and to keep the seedlings moist.

Now that you’ve chosen your seed and spreader, mow the lawn at the lowest setting and bag or compost the clippings. Rake the lawn to remove debris and loosen up the soil so it will be easier for seeds to take root. Fill and adjust the spreader according to the instructions on the seed bag, then apply the seed to your lawn as directed.

Before watering, give the new seedlings the extra nutrients they need for fast growth by applying Scotts® Turf Builder® Starter® Food for New Lawns over the entire lawn (again, follow label directions). Water thoroughly. Be sure to water each day until the seeds are established and the new grass has grown high enough to be mowed (about 2 inches). If you can, avoid walking on the new grass until it’s time to mow.

Feeding Your Lawn

The difference between a “so-so” lawn and a truly beautiful lawn both now and next spring is the one-two punch of a pair of fall feedings. Fertilize your lawn (regardless of grass type) in early September and again 6-8 weeks later with Scotts® Turf Builder® WinterGuard® Fall Lawn Food, Not only will it help build strong, deep grass roots for a thicker, better lawn come spring, but it also provides nutrients to help repair damage from summer heat, drought, and activity. Use a spreader and apply the food to your lawn on a calm day with very little wind. Be sure to follow label directions. (To learn more about feeding, check out our How to Fertilize a Lawn guide.)

For more tips on keeping your lawn looking great year round, download the MyLawn app (iTunes or Google Play) or create an online Lawn Care Plan.

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*Subject to proper care.

Jonathan Green’s “New American Lawn” Plan: Feed Your Lawn…AND YOUR SOIL!

To achieve a great lawn, you must not only feed the lawn, but FEED THE SOIL, too. Jonathan Green’s “New American Lawn Plan” feeds the soil and “supercharges” any lawn fertilizer/program and makes them work better! In fact, you might say, that the “New American Lawn Plan” is as easy to remember as “U-S-A”: 

  1. Use genetically superior BLACK BEAUTY grass seed! 
  2. Stop soil compaction and stimulate soil microbes with LOVE YOUR SOIL
  3. Adjust soil pH levels with Mag-i-Cal
Use genetically superior “Black Beauty” Grass Seed. A grass is only as good as the seed it’s grown from. Black Beauty roots up to 4’ deep, has a dark green color, and possesses a waxy coating on the leaf for great heat and drought tolerance. Black Beauty provides a lawn that the homeowner will never forget!
Stop soil compaction and stimulate soil microbes with Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil. Healthy soil is fundamental to healthy lawns. Love Your Soil FEEDS soil microbes with organic humates, amino acids, and sugars to energize breakdown functions. 

Adjust your soil pH with Mag-i-Cal. Soil pH measures the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. Grass grows best in a pH range of 6.2 to 7. If your pH is imbalanced, then you can be wasting up to 75% of your lawn fertilizer! Mag-i-Cal balances soil pH levels with a highly soluble form of calcium that is instantly available to the plant.

So start treating the underlying causes – and NOT symptoms – of poor turf. SUPERCHARGE your fertilizers with Jonathan Green’s “New American Lawn Plan” today!

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Coast of Maine Organics Capitalize On Hydroponics

Arett Outlook: How Did Coast of Maine Get Into The Garden Soil Business?

Coast of Maine: Carlos Quijano founded Coast of Maine Organic Products, Inc in 1996 when doing business consulting work with Great Eastern Mussel Farms. As they struggled to compost their mussel shells Carlos thought, “If we can get the compost process working this would be a terrific garden soil to sell to independent garden centers.”

He reached out to the Maine Compost School and The Maine Organic Farmer’s Association for guidance, as he began the laborious and meticulous process of making sure that every detail was in place to produce the world’s finest quality, organically approved compost blends.

Using the composted mussel shells as the base, the first product Carlos developed was our Penobscot Blend Complete Planting Mix.

That first year Carlos sold 50 pallets of Penobscot Blend to a few specialty, coastal garden centers throughout New England. As organic soil knowledge has evolved and grown with consumers and garden center employees over the last 20 years, Coast of Maine has been able to use an education based process to develop sales to over 2000 retailers from Maine to Florida and as far west as Chicago.

At the same time we were developing deep relationships with our garden center dealers, Coast of Maine has continued to improve our composting processes and create new, unique, organically approved, ocean based products.

Arett Outlook: What products does Coast of Maine offer today?

Coast of Maine: Our product offering now includes 10 soil and compost blends, 5 granular and 4 liquid fertilizer products, 2 enriching mulches as well as a line of traditional mulches.

Arett Outlook: How Has Coast Of Maine Approached The Issue of Growing Medical Cannabis?

Coast of Maine: We began to see West Coast soil companies coming east with a specific focus on growing cannabis. We had a decision to make. Although we were already receiving contact and feedback from medicinal marijuana growers that were using Coast of Maine products to grow cannabis with great success, we weren’t sure how our traditional garden centers would react to us expanding our market share in that way.

The first thing we did was to research cannabis production and states with legal medicinal and recreational laws. The Coast of Maine home state of Maine has a medicinal marijuana program with over 3,000 licensed marijuana caregivers throughout the state.

We hired, Felicia Newman, an organic farmer, with a chemical engineering degree who also has a prescription to grow cannabis.

Felicia studied our current products, the best cannabis soils and read numerous articles and books that focused on organic cannabis production.

With her experience and knowledge, Coast of Maine went about the process of developing and testing a soil blend that would have the ability to take a cannabis plant from seedling to harvest using 15 gallons of soil and no additional fertilizers.

Using the input from over 100 licensed caregivers, Felicia developed our Stonington Blend Platinum Grower’s Mix. (Stonington is a fishing village along the Coast of Maine, and yes, we were very aware of the play on words that usually elicits a hardy chuckle.)

After a few refinements and with the confidence that we have the developed the world’s finest, organically approved cannabis growing compost blend, Coast of Maine began reaching out to our traditional garden center retailers.

We developed a Power Point presentation titled “Capitalize on Cannabis” designed to help garden center owners and employees understand the basic process in growing a cannabis plant, as well as, highlighting what products they might want to sell.

Every garden center should also be asking themselves how this impacts their personal beliefs, how their employees feel about cannabis production, and in what way do they think their customers will react. They should also understand the structure of their state and local municipality laws.

Once the decision is made there is a wealth of information and support within the legal cannabis production community.

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the views of Arett Sales. We certainly do not endorse the use of or growing of cannabis anywhere it is strictly prohibited by law. In addition to understanding and complying with state law, retailers interested in pursing this line of business should also be aware of current developments in federal law regarding medical marijuana and how the enforcement by the Department of Justice of any changes in those laws  could potentially impact their business.

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Advanced Soil Solutions from Encap® Make Growing Easier

Whether you are looking to boost production in your garden, or improve the curb appeal of your lawn, correcting soil imbalances has never been easier.

Advanced Soil Technology™ (AST®)

The innovative technology behind Encap’s AST® takes the guesswork out of creating a thriving soil environment. AST® offers a number of benefits that work to improve the soil, creating the ideal growing environment for grass, vegetables, and flowers. AST® offers the following advantages:

  • Reduced soil and nutrient loss
  • Better water infiltration
  • Improved soil structure and root mass
  • Enhanced seed establishment

Encap® offers four minerals for all of your soil-correcting needs, each with their patented AST®: Lime, Sulfur, Iron, and Gypsum. All Encap® mineral products can be applied with any spreader, are safe to use around people and pets, and come in a variety of sizes.


Encap® Fast Acting LimeTM is a necessity for correcting acidic soils. The high purity calcium carbonate not only corrects soil pH, but also helps to green up lawns, while improving the soil environment.


Encap® Fast Acting Gypsum™ loosens even the most compacted clay soils in order to create micro-channels within the soil. This allows roots to grow freely, water to soak in, and soil to thrive. Fast Acting Gypsum™ also provides an essential source of calcium and sulfur and can even be used to correct salt damage.


Fast Acting IronTM from Encap® quickly greens up lawns, while providing lasting results. The revolutionary non-burning, non-staining formula won’t tarnish driveways and sidewalks, or kill grass, making application easier, and more worry-free than ever.


For correcting alkaline soils, Encap® Fast Acting Sulfur™ provides fast results. In addition to lowering soil pH, Fast Acting Sulfur™ also serves as a source of calcium. Fast Acting Sulfur™ enhances water management and infiltration, improves soil porosity, and optimizes nutrient effectiveness.

Flower Kits

In addition to advanced soil amendments, Encap® also offers eight varieties of their All-in-OneTM™ Flower Kits, which include everything you need (seed, mulch, and fertilizer) to easily grow your favorite blooms. All Encap® flower kits contain AST®, as well as their patented Seed Watering TechnologyTM™ (SWT®), which takes the guesswork out of watering.

Consumers love Encap’s easy-to-use products that produce impressive results. All products come in bright, beautiful packaging and can be purchased in eye-catching, easy to refill displays.

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The Future Of Organic Is Non-GMO Project Verified

Dr. Earth Is The Only Non-Gmo Verified Organic Fertilizer And Soil Company

Natural and healthy lifestyle consumers know and look for the Non-GMO Verified symbol on their premium products. It is not enough anymore to claim organic with a simple certificate. Organic consumers “buy a company” not a “product”. If the company is pure and clean, so are all the products they produce.

Non-Gmo Is Great For Business

The Non-GMO Project Verified is the highest level of transparency, it is also a mission-driven nonprofit organization offering a third-party Non-GMO Verification program to the standards consumers expect. Look at the most successful “food products” at any natural foods markets across the country and the Non-GMO Verified Project is the absolute gold standard. An independent study by Consumer Reports found the Non-GMO Project Verified seal to be the only “highly meaningful” label for consumers looking to avoid GMOs. The credibility that comes with Non-GMO Project Verification will allow products to reach a wider customer base, assuring shoppers that products meet the best practices for GMO avoidance.

Billions Are Spent Annually With Big Profits

DRIVING SALES – The Non-GMO Project Verified products are the fastest dollar growth trend in their stores this year. Annual sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products now exceed $19.2 billion.

In Demand

A 2014 consumer survey found that “80% seek out non-GMO products, with 56% saying non-GMO was key to brand buying.” 2015 consumer polls also found that 93% of Americans and 88% of Canadians support labeling of GMOs. The Non-GMO Facebook page has 1 million highly engaged followers, who act as passionate brand ambassadors spreading the word about their trust in “the Butterfly” (the Non-GMO Project features a butterfly in their logo) and whose demand continues to drive the movement forward. This changes everything in the lawn and garden industry. Be one of the first to embrace this vision and become a market mover who helps to shape a better tomorrow!

NOTE: The Non-GMO verified logo will appear on Dr. Earth’s new packaging. Their ingredients will not change.

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Better Soils From A Better Biochar

ARBORChar®, A Better Way to Grow

ARBORChar® is uniquely built to be a soil amendment and fertilizer, blending nutrients to target specific plant needs with biochar to help improve leaf vigor, root and fruit growth, and soil structure, while aiding in the proliferation of soil microorganisms. ARBORChar is designed to have neutral pH and produce minimal dust and it will not burn plant tissue. It’s made with biochar sourced from sustainably grown, untreated, unpainted, hardwood trees, and loaded with organic nutrients, minerals, blood meal, and bone meal. ARBORChar All Purpose Grow 5-6-4 and Root, Flower & Fruit 3-6-4 go above and beyond traditional biochar products.

What is Biochar?

Biochar is an extremely porous charcoal, rich in carbon, which enhances soils through retention of water and nutrients and increased soil biodiversity. The use of biochar to enhance soil productivity goes back 2000 years, when Amazonians smoldered agricultural waste in pits or trenches. Today, biochar is made through a modern process called pyrolysis, the thermal decomposition of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, producing a porous and activated carbon material which helps to build soil, conserve water, and sequester carbon.

Carbon Sequestration

The burning and natural decomposition of organic matter and agricultural waste adds large amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere. Biochar can reduce the growth in atmospheric greenhouse gas levels by holding carbon in soils for thousands of years. The production of biochar is a carbon-negative process which removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than released.

Water Retention & Soil Amendment

Biochar is recognized as offering several benefits to soil related to its porous nature and high surface area. The structure of biochar can attract and retain both water and water-soluble nutrients. Thus, nutrients, are retained for the plants benefit instead of leaching into water. The porous structure is also an extremely suitable habitat for beneficial micro-organisms, which play an essential role in soil fertility and plant growth.

Soil pH & Cation Exchange Capacity

Nutrients are more plant available in acid soils. Optimum soil’s pH range from 5.5 to 7.0. Biochar generally has high pH (e.g. 6 – 10), so in areas where a soil pH is low, biochar can help to buffer the acidity in the soil, making nutrients like Iron and Phosphorus available for plants to take up through their roots and minimizing deficiencies.

Biochar can help create soils with high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). Surfaces that are negatively charged like biochar and organic matter hold on to positively charged nutrients because opposite charges attract. The soil can then “exchange” these nutrients with plant roots.

Using ARBORChar:

Use ARBORChar on indoor and outdoor vegetables, herbs, annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs. Add 1 to 4 tsp of ARBORChar per container or use 3 cups to cover 200 sq. ft. Mix in 1 to 6 inches below the soil surface in new planting beds, around established plants, or in root zone when planting. Repeat applications throughout the growing season every two to four weeks to maintain optimal nutrition. Water in thoroughly after applications. For best results, plant with compost and water with NutriRoot.

All Purpose Grow 5-6-4 offers a balanced package of NPK for general plant growth as well as 6% Calcium to help inhibit Blossom End Rot and 2% Magnesium to prevent yellowing. Root, Flower & Fruit 3-6-4 has a reduced nitrogen percentage to allow plants to focus on rooting and fruiting and contains 10% Calcium, and 2.5% Magnesium.

ARBORChar is available in 1 & 4 lbs. bags and covers 200 to 800 sq. ft. Offer your customers the Fertilizer & Water Manager Display. Stocked with NutriRoot and ARBORChar, this display is designed with extra messaging to help you sell these unique products. Earn more profit with the FREE, corrugated display, without taking up a lot of space. It also comes pre-stocked for an easy and time saving set up.

About Arborjet®, Inc.

Founded in 1999, Arborjet has developed the leading tree injection equipment and formulations to protect trees while supporting the landscape industry. After years of research, Arborjet is pleased to also bring effective and sustainable solutions to the home gardener.

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