Don’t Make A Mountain Out Of A Mole Hill

To paraphrase Andy Rooney, “Do you ever wonder why God created Moles?” Those furry little creatures have laid waste and havoc to homeowners, municipalities, parks, ranches, farmers, and commercial growers for eons. These subterranean little mammals have conquered the underworld. They require little oxygen and tolerate high levels of carbon dioxide. They not only survive but thrive in the underground environment. Their powerful forelimbs are capable of moving more than 2500 lbs. of soil in a single season. Their diet consists of earthworms, grubs, soil born insects and various nuts. Moles do not hibernate and are most active February through May during the breeding season. Gestation is about 6 weeks before we welcome another 3-5 of these little critters into the underground world. Soon all of these little creatures strike out on their own seeking solitude and creating their own havoc. The East Coast of the United States is especially blessed as they lay claim to hosting three different species of Moles, the Eastern Mole, Star-Nosed Mole and the Hairy-tailed Mole.

The Eastern Mole is prevalent through much of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest and the Eastern part of Texas. The Star-Nosed Mole is prevalent in the Eastern Provinces of Canada, the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and parts of the Southeast. Lastly the Hairy-Tailed Mole is prevalent in Eastern Provinces of Canada, the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and parts of the Southeast.

Moles by most standards are considered pests. Moles do not eat plant tissue as they are insectivores. They burrow just beneath the soil creating numerous mole mounds, destroying lawns and plant material in the process. There are a number of control applications that include poison bait, gassers, traps, repellers, and exclusion devices.

Poison Baits can be marginally effective but pose secondary kill issues. Gassers while popular are not an effective means to control Moles. Trapping remains one of the most effective means to control moles and other burrowing pests. Repellers offer an alternative to trapping for folks wishing to send the little critters to their neighbor’s yard. Lastly, for the people wishing to live in harmony with these destructive underground beasts there are Exclusion Devices that shield Moles from lawns and gardens.

GONZO® offers a full suite of products to help protect your lawn and garden from Moles, Gophers, Voles, and other burrowing pests.

Ridding your property of these burrowing pests can be a daunting task, but GONZO offers 3 ways to keep ahead of the vermin.

KILL: GONZO® offers more than 10 different kinds of traps for Moles, Gophers and Voles that will help you address specific problems no matter where in the country you happen to live.

REPEL: Drive pests from your lawn and garden using the GONZO® Sonic Spike Repellers. They’ll humanely push burrowing pests towards the perimeter of your property and off to greener pastures.

PREVENT: Barrier protection like GONZO® Gopher Shields and GONZO® Garden Shields will prevent burrowing pest from getting to your new plantings and the soft roots that they so much enjoy eating.

Check with your Arett representative to see all that GONZO® has to offer.

All GONZO® products are backed by our satisfaction guarantee against all defects in workmanship. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with this product, simply return the product with proof of purchase within 30 days for a complete refund.


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Keeping Pace With A Changing Client Base & Product Market

The world urban population has grown dramatically over the last 50 years, increasing from 746 million to 3.9 billion. Individuals restricted by space in urban environments have been forced to find alternatives to growing, and many are moving up in a vertical sense to the rooftop or inside to indoor growing chambers. In addition to these landscape changes, millennials are joining the growing game with a strong interest in knowing where their food comes from. Arborjet, Inc. coined this group “Generation G™ – the Next Generation of Growers,” and created a new market for pest control products that are affordable, organic, and easy to use. The recent legalization of cannabis in some states has also expanded clientele for edible plant care. These societal changes are greatly influencing hydroponic and gardening store sales nationwide. It’s up to pest control manufacturers to stay with the times and give stores the tools and products they need to keep all their clients, old and new, satisfied.

Rootdown Hydroponics, a 100% female-owned business in Medford, Massachusetts, has a diverse clientele growing different types of plants, including edibles, cannabis, and flowers. For a while, they struggled to find a product they could recommend to consumers that was safe for the applicator and had no foliage burning risks. When they tried Arborjet’s RTU (ready-to-use) products Eco-Mite Plus® and Eco-PM®, they were shocked at how fast both products flew off the shelves. According to owner Sabrina, “clients raved about the confidence they had with both products, knowing they wouldn’t mess up their gardens or cause burning, regardless of their experience level or what plants they were treating.”

Rootdown Hydroponics now recommends these products with confidence to new growers and those with a green thumb. As developers, researchers, and agents of customer service in plant care, this consumer response is Arborjet’s goal.

When asked why she thinks people gravitate toward Eco-Mite Plus and Eco-PM, Sabrina ascertained her customers really value their RTU accessibility. Because users do not have to mix the products, they are some of the first items in store to be sold, further evidence that people want easy, low-risk products. The movement toward safer RTUs and 25b pesticides has transformed the industry, bringing the application process straight into the grower’s hands.

“Four years ago, we would never have thought over 90% of our horticulture product line would focus on edible growing, but now those products have become some of our biggest success stories to date,” said Arborjet’s Horticultural Marketing Manager, Kristin Nikodemski. “It’s taught us to keep changing, discovering, and pushing the limits, because our plants and clients depend on it.”

As indoor edible growing increases, finding safe, readily accessible pesticides is of utmost importance. Arborjet has released Eco-1™ Garden Spray, a result of research and consumer feedback from Eco-Mite Plus and Eco-PM. The new formulation works on contact to control a broad spectrum of insects, mites, and diseases. Made from certified organic oils including linseed oil (derived from virgin flaxseed), thyme oil, and peppermint oil, Eco-1 Garden Spray meets horticulture enthusiasts’ standards of quality, efficacy, and safety, all in one visually appealing, descriptive package. Users can safely apply indoor or outdoor on all plant types with no harvest intervals. With its higher active percentages, pleasant smell, and vegan formulation, Eco-1 Garden Spray offers inclusive total garden protection.

The evolution to Eco-1 Garden Spray is a testament to Arborjet’s ability to anticipate and adjust to the ever-changing gardening and growing trends.

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Organocide Rebrands To Highlight Pollinator Safety

Pollinators such as honeybees play a vital role in the ecosystem of Earth. Protecting pollinators is of paramount concern as it is estimated honeybees pollinate up to 30% of the worlds food supply. Unfortunately, harmful pesticide use has had a negative effect on honeybee populations worldwide and it is with this in mind that Organic Laboratories has developed products that are not harmful to pollinators.

Organic Laboratories, the makers of Organocide 3 in 1 Garden Spray, has announced they are overhauling their Organocide product line for 2018. The goal is to bring awareness to the unparalleled pollinator safety aspects of Organocide with a label refresh for Organocide 3 in 1 Garden Spray and to launch a new Insect Killer product. It will still be the same formula, just in a new and improved label!

In January 2018, Organocide 3 in 1 Garden Spray was rebranded as Organocide Bee Safe 3 in 1 Garden Spray. The new and improved label touts Organocide’s best-in-class safety attributes. Organocide 3 in 1 Garden Spray is the ONLY laboratory proven organic garden spray not harmful to bees. For more information on that laboratory test, please visit

In addition to pollinator safety, Organocide Bee Safe 3 in 1 Garden Spray is also safe to people, pets, and the planet, including aquatic species and the water supply. The best part about Organocide is it actually does work with its heritage being in agriculture, where its efficacy is constantly being tested by a network of distributors and farmers. Organocide 3 in 1 garden spray has been proven to kill 25 small soft-bodied insects, including spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, and many more as listed. Over 30 university tests have been conducted to prove its efficacy on fungal diseases, such as powdery and downy mildew.

In keeping with the pollinator safety theme, Organic Laboratories is launching Organocide Bee Safe Insect Killer in 2018. It will be the first to market an organic insect killer laboratory proven to not harm honeybees. It utilizes sesame oil as its active ingredient and is safe to use around kids and pets and won’t harm the environment, including aquatic species and the water supply. Organocide Insect Killer is proven effective in laboratory, university and field tests to kill 25 small, soft-bodied insects. This product will resonate with consumers looking to make a better choice for pollinators and the environment.

Organocide Bee Safe 3 in 1 Garden Spray and Orgnanocide Bee Safe Insect Killer are available in concentrate (from one quart up to 2.5 gallons), ready to use, and hose end form. For more information please visit

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How To Catch A Mouse

Like a magician divulging his best tricks, an experienced pest-control professional shares top strategies for how to get rid of mice and prevent future invasions—including what he does to keep his own home mouse-free.

Martin Overline was assigned 37 years ago by the U.S. Air Force to trap mice on air bases, and he’s been learning about the pests ever since. Today, he’s the owner of Aardvark Pest Management in Philadelphia and a nationally recognized expert on rodent control. Here are his tips for how to get rid of mice in a home.


Overline first checks around the plumbing, wiring, cable, and other infrastructure that leads out of a house. He’s looking for gaps as small as a dime, through which mice can squeeze in and out. He also scans the foundation of the house and around the garage door for mouse-size gaps. In all these places, he checks carefully for mouse poop and other evidence of their activity.

PRO MOUSE-CONTROL TIP: Stuff copper mesh into gaps, then seal with caulk. “Don’t try to fill them with foam,” Overline warns. “I’ve seen mice nesting in it.”


Mice leave behind an oily substance wherever they go, he says. The oil, known as sebum, shows other mice the path to food sources and nesting spots. It lingers for up to a year. “I see the greasy, grimy trail around the holes that they use as they move around your house, on floors, and inside cabinets,” Overline says.

PRO MOUSE-CONTROL TIP: Use a strong disinfectant to clean areas where you’ve seen grimy trails and mouse poop, especially around their entry points, so that new mice don’t find their way in after you’ve trapped those already in your home. Also thoroughly clean up and disinfect anyplace you see mice droppings, as their location also communicates to other mice.


After Overline identifies the patterns of mice’s movement in a house, he sets a lot of classic snap traps, concentrating on the kitchen, laundry room, and garage. “If you have a drop ceiling, I’m putting mouse traps up there too,” he says. “That’s a paradise for mice.”

PRO MOUSE-CONTROL TIP: Mice breed so quickly that you always have more than one. “For every mouse you see, you want to set a dozen mouse traps around your house,” Overline advises.


Peanut butter works as mouse trap bait because mice primarily eat nuts and seeds, but they’re attracted to many high-protein foods and sweets. “Mice are naturally curious and want to taste new food,” Overline says.

PRO MOUSE-CONTROL TIP: Vary the mouse trap baits you use to appeal to their natural curiosity. Hazelnut spread, chocolate, and the food mice have been feeding on in your house also will lure them to your mouse traps. In fall and winter, breeding females gather fibrous materials to build nests, so they’re attracted to mouse trap baits such as dental floss, cotton, and yarn, Overline notes.


Overline leaves a few “early warning” mouse traps in place even after a house has been cleared of mice. “If mice have been in your house before, there’s a good chance one or two will try again from time to time,” he says. “If you catch the first couple, you can step up the number of mouse traps you’ve set and stop a full invasion before it starts.”

PRO MOUSE-CONTROL TIP: Leave set mouse traps at all times in your basement, attic, and garage, and on top of those drop ceilings, which are the most common access points for mice in your house. “I keep about eight mouse traps set in my own house at all times,” Overline says.


Before Overline leaves clients’ homes, he tells them one simple, hard truth about mice. “There’s only one way to keep mice from returning to your house,” he says. “Secure every food source. Everything else you do will fail if you don’t do that.”

PRO MOUSE-CONTROL TIP: Put all the food stored outside your refrigerator into sealed plastic, glass, or metal containers. Don’t count on cardboard packaging, which mice can gnaw through. Kibble and other dry food left out in pets’ bowls are easily accessible to mice, so be sure to discard or store any leftovers right away. The pests often find bags of pet food and birdseed in homes too. They need to be securely stored to stop mice from feeding on them. “Another food source you have to get rid of is seeds that get stuck to the lawn mower when you’re cutting the grass,” Overline says. “That can be the food that first attracts them into your house.”

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Safe & Effective Control of Rats

RatX® is scientifically formulated to safely eliminate rodents, assuring proven results that are 100% effective against all species of rats and mice.

RatX® is a new approach to effectively kill unwanted rats and mice from homes, industrial buildings, schools, retail centers, livestock premises, barnyards, greenhouses, and any area where the unwanted pests inhabit.

RatX® is an easy to use, 100% naturally derived, non-toxic approach to controlling rats and mice. It is fully biodegradable and generates no environmental pollution. RatX® is SAFE even if accidentally ingested by pets or wildlife. RatX® is even SAFE to birds of prey with NO RISK of secondary kill. Available in 8 oz, 1 lb., 3 lb., and 25 lb.

  • 100% non-toxic to people, pets, livestock, and wildlife
  • Non-toxic rat and mouse control
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

RatX Ready Trays™ are premeasured bait trays that make baiting easy, just peel off the bait tray cover and set the RatX Ready Trays™ out where you see rat or mouse activity. Available in 2 pack, 4 pack, and 8 pack.

  • 100% deadly to rats and mice
  • No secondary kill
  • Formulated for indoor and outdoor use
  • No bait box needed

MouseX Bait Discs™ are created from a unique patented blend of food-grade ingredients to increase performance and palatability. RatX Bait Discs™ are a novel approach to a safe and effective means to rid an area of rats and mice, and the problems associated therein. Both factors aid rat and mouse acceptance and uptake, helping to achieve rapid eradication of rat and mouse infestations. RatX Bait Discs™ are weather resistant and perfect for use in outdoor bait boxes. Available in 1 lb.

  • Can be used as a Bait Box Refill to keep bait dry
  • Kills rats and mice in 3-5 days
  • No special requirements for transport, handling, storage, or disposal
  • No risk of contamination to crops or food
  • No environmental pollution
  • Fully biodegradable

Rats and mice naturally avoid new objects, so traps take some time to be effective. Using RatX Rat and Mouse Attractant™ can make traps more effective. RatX Rat & Mouse Attractant™ provides the animal with a readily recognizable scent that replicates another animal’s presence, thereby reducing the fear and caution of approaching a new food. Food grade, safe for use around livestock and pets. Available in 3 oz.

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Bonide: Eight Is Greater Than Seven

Bonide’s Eight Insect Control products control many common, and not so common, insects on an extensive list of host plants and also around structures, such as homes and buildings. The pyrethroid chemical technology used in Eight products kill insects on contact and gives residual control for up to 3 months, depending on the product.

Eight is available in a variety of formulations, such as dust, granular, and liquids. The dust formulation is a convenient ready-to-use product for use on vegetables, roses and flowers. It is available in a convenient, refillable 10 oz. squeeze duster and an economical 3 lb. bag for those larger jobs.

The liquid formulation is available in a variety of application methods. The no-mix ready-to-use Eight is labeled for use on an extensive list of plants and around the home. It kills insects on contact and lasts for up to 8 weeks.

For those bigger jobs, the concentrate version can be used on lawns, flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and even houseplants with control of up to four weeks. For spraying those larger areas, such as a lawn, or if you need to reach high into trees, the ready-to-spray version allows for quick control of troublesome insects. It can also be used on homes, porches, patios, and garages to control home-invading pests, such as ants, spiders, fleas, and even stink bugs!

Eight is also available in a granular version, in a convenient shaker container, for use in vegetable and flower gardens to control surface and subsurface insects for up to 3 months.

In 2018 Bonide has introduced a new 10 lb. bag size of the granular Eight product, for use in larger vegetable and flower gardens, plus on lawns to control surface and subsurface insects, such as ants, fleas, ticks, wireworms, cutworms, and white grubs. The 10 lb. bag treats up to 10,000 square feet and will continue to control insects for up to 3 months. This granular product is easily applied with a broadcast or drop spreader and can be used to fill Bonide’s convenient 3 lb. shaker container, if needed. With a suggested retail of $11.99 per bag, this is sure to be the stand-out winner in your lineup of granular insect control products.

All of these, highly-effective, Eight products are available in Bonide’s NEW Eight Assortment, #20549. The new assortment contains one case of each of the top-selling Eight product sku’s, so you will have a product to answer any insect problem your customer may have.

For the upcoming 2018 season, Bonide has added their Eight products to their highly successful national ad campaign on HGTV and DIY TV, plus their campaign on Google. This will complement their successful Eight radio ads, which they have been running for years on Garden Talk Shows and Home Improvement radio shows across the country.

Ask your Arett Sales representative about Bonide’s Eight products, and see why “Eight is greater than seven!” Order now, as Early Order pricing is still in effect for the 2018 season.

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EcoSMART Safe Pesticide Solutions

EcoSMART®, a world leader in safe pesticide solutions, is a venture-backed company with patented technology and a world-class management team. Their mission is to create the world’s safest, most effective pesticides based on natural ingredients. With 15 years of scientific research and a wealth of patents, they manufacture insecticides that are safe to use around children and pets, and offer a complete line of EPA exempt pesticides.

Essential Oils – Nature’s Way

EcoSMART® was the first company to apply modern science to essential plant oils — creating a safe pesticide brand. Their products are based on the natural defenses that plants and trees have used for their self-protection against insects and pathogens for millennia — essential oils.

EcoSMART® is based on solid science

University research has shown that these oils attack octopamine neuro-receptors. Octopamine is a key insect neurotransmitter that regulates insect movement, behavior and metabolism. The blockage of the receptor activity prevents the transmission of the octopamine signals, which delivers quick knock down, kill, and repellency against a wide variety of household pests such as cockroaches, ants, dust mites, flies, wasps, spiders, crickets, and fleas. EcoSMART’s blends of natural plant oils are effective at killing bugs fast without leaving harmful residues.

Patents and Technology Platform

EcoSMART® has been issued 40 U.S. patents and 55 foreign patents, with multiple applications pending. They have twenty product formulations that are exempt from EPA registration under the rules defined in the 1996 Food Quality Protection Act. Under these rules, EcoSMART®’s EPA exempt products can make unique, explicit safety claims not allowed with traditional pesticides. These safety claims enable EcoSMART® to clearly distinguish itself from conventional, synthetic products.

Safe for use around children and pets

EcoSMART®’s blend of essential oils pose an insignificant risk to the environment. The primary active ingredients products are approved as Direct Food Additives or classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, making the products are safe for use around children and pets.

Long track record

EcoSMART’s university-tested and field-proven technology has provided natural pest control solutions to the agricultural and commercial markets for many years. EcoSMART® is a trusted name in the industry and provides safe and effective alternatives to conventional insecticides for leading commercial pest control services.

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RESCUE! GoClip Personal Mosquito Repellent

GoClip™ for Mosquitoes can be attached to clothing, a lanyard, a hat, a backpack, a stroller – even a dog collar. It protects the space around you with a pleasant-smelling blend of all-natural essential oils that repels mosquitoes, biting flies, and ticks.

The GoClip™ repellency lasts 48 hours –you can use it for several hours at a time, and then place GoClip™ in its resealable package to extend the life for days.

  • Repels mosquitoes, biting flies and ticks
  • DEET-free and kid-safe
  • All-natural
  • Pleasant scent
  • Nothing to spray or apply to your skin
  • Deters insects from landing or biting
  • Lasts 6 days, based on 8 hours’ use per day
  • Resealable pouch allows clip to be used multiple times, up to 48 hours total
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Save 25% On Dr. Earth’s Pest & Disease Controls

Save 25% On Dr. Earth’s line-up of OMRI Certified Pest & Disease Controls.

Dr. Earth® Final Stop® Controls are now OMRI Certified. OMRI Certification is the gold standard for organic products since 1997. OMRI serves both product manufacturers as well as the organic farming community.

Final Stop® all natural pest and pathogen control products provide an effective alternative to chemical sprays. Dr. Earth® is unique in its formulation of natural components that quickly kill and control the target. No harmful chemicals – just nature’s intelligence. By carefully selecting combinations of food grade essential oils, garlic extract and organic acids, their natural products let nature do the killing.

Dr. Earth’s organic offerings are a safer alternative to chemical sprays and are people and pet safe. All Final Stop® ingredients work synergistically to provide amazing results in no time. Their carefully crafted combination of natural ingredients kills on contact while providing continuous protection for weeks after treatment.

Dr. Earth® Final Stop® Insect Killers – Yard & Garden, Vegetable Garden, Rose & Flower, Fruit Tree, Snail & Slug & Pest Control – Make it easy to choose just the right control for any pest in any area in the house or garden.

Dr. Earth® Final Stop® Disease Control Fungicide – Provides an extremely effective, organic solution to address a wide range of fungal diseases on shrubs, trees, lawns, roses, fruit trees, annuals, and perennials – both during the growing season and as a dormant spray.

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GardenTech: Keeping Edible Gardens Healthy

For more than 55 years, GardenTech® Sevin® Brand insecticides have been trusted by homeowners and professionals to control a wide variety of outdoor insects, including ants, army worms, Japanese beetles, leafhoppers, stink bugs, and other listed insects. Sevin® Insecticide is specially formulated with carbaryl, one of most effective synthetic insecticides on the market.

Growing your own vegetables and fruits is a rewarding and ultimately tasty adventure. Armed with Sevin Insecticide, you can keep your edible garden healthy throughout the growing season and enjoy the delicious fruits of your labor all year long.

Sevin® Ready-To-Use 5% Dust provides fast-acting, effective control of more than 65 listed nuisance insects on garden vegetables, fruit, ornamental shrubs or flowers, and even lawns. Sevin® RTU 5% Dust has a dual mode of action, working on contact and by ingestion. Following use, Sevin® RTU 5% Dust is easily broken down in the environment. Depending on the edible, the dust can be applied throughout the growing season, right up until the day before harvest. The 1 lb. bottle of Sevin® RTU 5% Dust is ergonomically designed for easier gripping and application and is weatherproof. The dust formulation is sold individually and in three-packs.

Shaking off pests has never been so easy.

A little shaking goes a long way. No mixing or measuring. Just apply a thin coating of dust onto leaf surfaces. When applying, begin with areas further away and moved back toward you to avoid over-application, and wear rubber gloves for safety. After applying, keep children and pets clear of the area until the dust settles.



  • Shake container before using
  • Apply when air is calm
  • Wear gloves when applying
  • Dust lightly to cover leaves with a thin, even film of dust
  • Apply at the furthest corner and work backward

 Do Not

  • Do not apply to blooming flowers
  • Do not use on large trees
  • Do not use indoors
  • Do not repeat applications more than once per week (7 days)
  • Do not allow people or pets to enter treated area until dust has settled

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Sevin® insecticides be used inside the home?

The Sevin® line is specially designed for outdoor usage and should not be applied indoors, on bedding or pets, or in vehicles. For household plants, Sevin® insecticides can be used so as long as plants are taken outside. Once settled/dried, the treated plants can be brought back inside. With any insect control product, it’s always important to closely read and follow the label instructions.

How does Sevin control insects?

Sevin® has a dual mode of action. It works on contact and through ingestion. Sevin® is nonsystemic, which means it does not penetrate plant tissue. After controlling the targeted pest, Sevin® is easily broken down in the environment.

Can Sevin® Dust be mixed with water?
Sevin® Dust formulation is not intended to be mixed with water. It should only be used dry.

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