Make a “Splash” With Terra Verde Tools

outlook_T70_banner.jpgQuality, variety and value. For over 25 years, Terra Verde has provided hand tools and garden hoses with these features to independent garden centers and hardware stores in the northeast. As the “house brand” of Arett Sales, Terra Verde items have been selected to offer the highest level of quality and craftsmanship, at exceptional value, and keep our customers competitive in the marketplace. Our commitment to sell only to the independent channel, and not to the big box stores, allows our customers to avoid price matching on national brands, and maintain higher profit margins than average.

The mainstay of the Terra Verde brand has been our distinctive orange and black colored hand tools. Bypass pruners with heat-treated blades and non-stick coatings provide clean cuts to live plants. Professional pruners with a clean scissor-like action, and high-carbon steel blades, stay sharp and work smoothly longer. Floral shears with aluminum handles and soft comfort grips help to reduce hand fatigue. And the bright orange coloration means a tool dropped in the yard will be easily found.

Loppers and hedge shears round out the cutting tool collection. Terra Verde offers a wide selection, including bypass, compound bypass, and telescopic loppers, as well as hedge shears with bumpers and soft cushion grips. Each has its own features and benefits to fulfill the old adage, the right tool for the right job. And just like the pruners, each comes with a ten year warranty against manufacturers defect. This great selling feature speaks to the quality of each tool and will delight your customers.

New to the Terra Verde tool line this year is “Splash”, a collection of cutting tools with a playful touch of color. Aimed at the trend conscious gardener, these tools offer the same high quality as our orange and black line, but with vivid purple, green, and blue handles. Splash pruners, loppers, and floral and household shears come in equally assorted case packs.

The Terra Verde hand tool collection includes three assortments of digging tools in a good, better and best array. From the opening price point steel and plastic handles series, to the ergonomic rubberized handle “Sure Grip” series, these hand tools fill every customer’s needs. “Splash” hand tools were also introduced this year, in a new collection of polished cast aluminum heads with “easy grip” handles. These tools are lightweight and easy to hold, and transform gardening into the realm of fashion.

Long handle garden tools with fiberglass handles, pruning saws, rakes, and kneeling pads round out the Terra Verde garden tool collection. Tools are available in an assortment of displays or as open stock.

In addition to the garden tools, Terra Verde also supplies a quality line of garden and soaker hoses. Medium-duty hoses, with double spiraled reinforced construction, are available in 25, 50, 75, and 100 foot sizes. Heavy-duty hoses, with crush-proof couplings and kink-resistant continuous flow features are available in 50, 75, and 100. An industrial grade hose, with a lifetime warranty, is available in a 50 foot size. Soaker hoses in 25, 50, and 75 foot lengths round out the hose selection.

Recently, Terra Verde expanded into the plant stake category. Best sellers include super steel stakes, with pointed ends and ribbed green PE coverings. The packaged wood stakes are kiln-dried hardwood with pencil sharpened points, and the bamboo stakes are green dyed and packaged. Each is available in sizes from two to six foot, and come in either multi-size displays or single size open stock cases.

The latest addition to the Terra Verde line is a large assortment of plant supports. Available in a variety of styles, these supports feature plastic coatings which guard against conductive heat damage and sturdy steel construction to support foliage in an upright position. Each support contains droopy larger plants and bushes, and keeps tall plants looking their best.

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Keep Customers Coming Back with Clauss AirShoc Lawn & Garden Tools

Testimonials_HeaderSharp cutting edges are the key to successful gardening. Keeping a sharp edge is sometimes difficult and most gardeners lack knowledge when it comes to proper sharpening technique. Improper sharpening can actually ruin the cutting edge. Even trained sharpeners find it difficult to sharpen the curved blade of a lopper or pruner with precision. So why bother sharpening at all?

With Clauss AirShoc tools, blades never need to be re-sharpened! AirShoc tools feature a replaceable blade system, but what’s truly unique is how quick and easy the replacement process can be. The simple D-ring system allows you to change the blades without the use of any tools. In seconds, you can have a fresh blade and get back to cutting. Even better, AirShoc pruners not only have replaceable blades but the blade types are interchangeable. One tool can quickly change from a bypass to a snip or an anvil pruner.

Replaceable blades aren’t the only thing to brag about when it comes to AirShoc. The tools feature the latest breakthrough in cutting performance from Clauss with Titanium Bonded® Non-Stick blades. This new bonding combines Titanium with a non-stick formula and creates a blade that is highly resistant to adhesives, including sap! This is a durable micro ceramic coating that will not wear off – up to 100,000 cuts. The result is a blade that is 5x harder than an untreated stainless steel blade, so it will stay sharper for a longer period of time. With AirShoc, your blade stays sharp longer but when it does finally dull, simply replace the blade and keep on cutting.

The AirShoc line was initially introduced with a petite and a large pruner, a lopper, hedge shear, grass shear, garden shear and a branch saw, along with all of the coordinating replacement blades. Recent additions to the assortment include a machete, a telescopic pruner/saw that extends to 12 ft., a dual action pruner and lopper, both of which will quickly switch from anvil to ratchet cutting action. The newest tools feature all of the bells and whistles of the original line, which of course includes the replaceable blade system and the Titanium Non-Stick blades, but that’s not all. All AirShoc tools also have Microban® product protection. Microban helps to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors and is featured on AirShoc handles to help protect the user and on tool blades to help ensure a healthier cut for the plant. This protection is not a coating but an additive that penetrates the product materials and lasts for the life of the tool.

The name AirShoc actually refers to the impact resistant grips on all tools. Designed to reduce fatigue and increase ergonomics and overall comfort, the grips are also bright green in color to decrease risk of loss in grass, foliage, plant clippings and garden beds. This feature-rich line was developed by Clauss as a result of years of focus group and user based research. Working hard to identify unmet needs of professional gardeners and landscapers, Clauss has built an assortment of tools that are truly innovative. It’s not just about the big stuff – blade changing and sap resistance; it’s also about the little things. Things like integrated wire cutters, blade sharpness and branch size indicators. That’s right…a notch in the AirShoc pruner handles lets you know if a branch is too big for the tool to cut. If the branch fits in the notch but the pruner won’t cut it, this is an indication that your blades need to be replaced or that a larger tool should be used for the cut. At Clauss, it’s about innovation, technology and tools that will withstand the toughest tasks and keep on cutting.

AirShoc tools, like all Clauss tools, come with a lifetime warranty that protects against defects in workmanship and are packaged using recycled and recyclable materials so they are environmentally friendly. With AirShoc, you can keep the customer coming back for consumable blade purchases and to find the next tool that suits their newest cutting need. It’s all about staying sharp!

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