Garden Voyage Botanicals® Soaps Dedicated to the Gardener!

Every gardener enjoys finishing off his or her day with a gardener’s soap that cleanses, softens and soothes. The Garden Voyage Botanicals® brand offers the hard working gardener an all-natural, made-in-America, shea nut butter-enriched gardener’s soap that effectively does the job. These soaps naturally soften and help to smooth rough skin with unique ingredients, including cranberry seeds and walnut shell powder, while jojoba oil and the shea butter moisturize skin.

Essential Oils and Certified Sustainable Palm Oil Are the Mark of Quality

Everyday Lavender and Peppermint soap are also available, each fragranced with pure essential oils that offer a true aromatherapy experience. These 5 oz. bars also feature certified, sustainable palm oil, creating a creamy, earth-friendly lather. Each soap ships in a free, 12-count counter display.

The richly illustrated package designs feature a garden scene with a birdbath, complete with birds flying about.

“Our gardener specific packaging gets everyone’s attention,” says Vince McIntosh, the brand’s founder. “The quality of our soaps will keep them coming back.”

The Garden Voyage Botanicals soaps are a perfect fit for what’s trending in today’s gardening market. Popular with all age categories, these well-priced, pleasantly fragrant soaps are appreciated by all family members and make welcome gifts. Garden centers value their attractive displays, small footprints and frequent turnover.

Make it a Holiday Tradition for Your Customers

For the holidays, festive 3 oz. Noel soaps – Peppermint, Bayberry and Evergreen – are sold separately or in gift sets packaged by people with disabilities. These perfect stocking stuffer gifts for gardeners will increase seasonal sales year after year.

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All About Quickie Manufacturing

outlook_H11_banner.jpgFounded in 1919, Quickie Manufacturing Corporation (“Quickie”), is a leading supplier and distributor of innovative cleaning tools and supplies. Wholly owned by Jarden Corporation since December 2010 and headquartered in Cinnaminson, New Jersey with manufacturing facilities in Lumberton, North Carolina, El Paso, Texas and Mexico, Quickie designs, manufactures and distributes over 300 cleaning products. Quickie cleaning products are for traditional in-home use as well as commercial, contractor-grade applications.

The product line include mops, brooms, dusters, dust pans, brushes, buckets and other supplies sold primarily under the leading brands Quickie Original®, Quickie Home-Pro® and Quickie Professional®. Quickie has over 100 product-related patents containing value-added features and innovative designs, and is the leader in almost every stick and smallware category in cleaning. Quickie’s historical success is attributable to its commitment to innovation and new product development.

Quickie Brands:
Quickie brands represent cleaning tools for various jobs and users. Whether you are a household focused cleaner or need the correct cleaning tool for a DIY project, Quickie® has the perfect tool to suit your need. Below is a list of our brands with benefits of each:

Quickie Original®
Our widest and deepest line of products, Quickie Original®, ranges from smallwares to mops and upright brooms, for the fast and efficient cleaner. This product line features unbeatable value with practical and dependable usage.

Quickie Home-Pro®
Contemporary, sophisticated design and colors for the innovative cleaner, Quickie HomePro®, appeals to a wide range of household cleaners. This line elevates cleaning to another level, whether you are dusting or doing some serious scrubbing.

Quickie Professional®
Tough, durable, robust cleaning tools for consumers looking for commercial grade quality. Quickie Professional®, is our cleaning line built to match larger areas and messes. Choose Quickie and clean like a pro.

The product line contractors purchase when looking for tools with ultimate cleaning performance. Jobsite® is a construction grade line of pushbrooms that are tough and durable for heavy duty use.

DIY grade to light commercial line of pushbrooms for specialize jobs needing a tough and durable product. This line contains patented and innovative features to help you do the job right the first time.

Our Featured Outdoor Products:

Professional® Jumbo Debris Dust Pan
This professional grade tool helps clean up large messes at home, in the garden, jobsite or warehouse. Designed to minimize back strain, the reinforced steel handle also comes with an ergonomically angled grip. The pan snap locks for greater control, and swivels 90° to hold debris in place while transporting.

Bulldozer® Pushbrooms
Your cleaning needs may be indoor or outdoor, for a rough or smooth surface; choose a Quickie® Bulldozer® pushbroom. Look for the right pushbroom for the job, knowing Quickie® has you covered. Simply select the correct pushboom for the area, surface and type of debris. No one knows pushbrooms like Quickie®. All of our pushbrooms have a 5 year limited warranty.

Professional® Super Stiff Upright Broom
Quickly clean up debris other upright brooms cannot. This broom sweeps crushed brick, block, rebar, landscape stones and other punishing objects with ease. Super stiff broom fibers sweep heavy debris such as rocks and mulch plus can remove dried mud or other outdoor residues. Simply hose-down the non-porous polypropylene fiber to rid the broom of the day’s work. This broom has an extra-thick and sturdy powder-coated steel handle with an indestructible block.

For more information on cleaning tools and Quickie® products visit:

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