Advertising Through Your Facebook Business Page

People come to Facebook and Instagram to explore new things, including brands and businesses. You can use Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch with customers through posts, comments, and private messaging.

With a Facebook Business Page, you can communicate directly with customers, help them learn more about your business, offer customer service, and tell visual stories.

Use Your Facebook Page To…

  • Keep people updated – People can check your page for information and updates or follow it to automatically get notifications about your Facebook posts.
  • Tell beautiful stories – Share updates through text, photos, videos and more to keep people interested and coming back.

Why Instagram?

People come to Instagram to express themselves, be inspired, and take action on posts. Businesses use Instagram marketing to show their brand personality, find customers, and promote products and services to an engaged audience. You can also connect one Facebook page to your Instagram profile.

Facebook Advertising 

Businesses of every kind are marketing on Facebook to get discovered, provide information, capture attention, show off products, collect leads, and boost sales. These strategies work seamlessly on mobile devices and show up in the places where people are spending their time.

Facebook advertising can be extremely cost effective, but to achieve the right results, you must acknowledge that it is NOT ALWAYS FREE. At the very least, you must assign someone to manage your Facbook page to keep it current and interesting.

Facebook Advertising – “Paid” Versus “Organic” Reach

There are two ways to reach customers through your Facebook page: paid reach and organic reach. Facebook defines organic reach as “the total number of unique people who were shown your post through UNPAID distribution.” This means those people saw your ad because they already liked your Facebook page, one of their Facebook friends shared your post, they found your Facebook page by directly searching for your business name or by searching for a hashtag (#) used in your post, or other methods that rely on customers doing the work to find your posts.

Facebook paid reach (or paid advertising) allows your message (for a fee) to be brought directly to potentially interested customers based on a wide range of audience criteria that you select. Those posts will show up as “sponsored ads” directly in someone’s Facebook news feed or in the column that appears directly to the right of it. Customers don’t have to search for anything to see these ads. They show up automatically as they are browsing through Facebook.

Creating Your Facebook Advertising Plan

The best Facebook advertising is developed with a plan. There are different formats, rules, and options for accomplishing particular goals in the world of Facebook.

It is imperative that you …

  1. Establish your business goal, the reason you’re running the ad

To choose the right ad objective, answer the question: “What’s the most important outcome I want from this ad?” It could be sales on your website, downloads of your app, or increased brand awareness.

Do you want to …

  • Drive discovery? – Encourage people to explore your products online or in person? Create awareness by prompting people to browse your website, app or store?
  • Generate leads? – For example, do you want to generate 100 new page “likes” a month, building your customer base?
  • Boost Sales?
  • Earn Loyalty? 
  1. Define Your Audience.

Develop an understanding of the people you want to reach. Whether you want your ad to be shown to people based on age, location, or hobby, Facebook can help you connect to the ones who are likely to be interested in what your business offers. The audience you select when creating your ad can be as narrow or broad as you like.

Consider that you can find people using these options:

  • Location – Whether next door or across the world, reach people in the cities, communities, and countries where you want to do business.
  • Demographics – Select an audience based on age, gender, education, relationship status, job title, and more.
  • Interests – Choose the interests and hobbies of the people you want your ad to reach, from organic food to action movies.
  • Behavior – Select people based on their prior purchase behaviors, device usage, and other activities. For example, if you’re a garden center, you can target people who’ve recently invested in outdoor living.
  • Connections – Reach people who are connected to your Facebook page, app or event, or exclude them to find new audiences. For example, if you want new page likes, you can exclude people who already like your Page.
  1. Establish a daily or lifetime budget for your paid ads

This will vary based on the “area” you want to cover and the audience make-up. It could start as little as $1 a day.

  1. Develop or procure photos or videos to feature in your ad that express your personality or brand and convey your story.

And, finally, you should…

  1. Measure and track your results so that you can make changes to optimize the effectiveness of your Facebook efforts.

In the case of Facebook ads ROI, you could track a number of different actions:

  • New page “Likes”
  • Post-level engagement
  • E-mail opt-ins
  • Website click-throughs
  • On-site sales or lead generations

With Page Insights, you can see exactly how your Facebook Page is helping you accomplish your business goals.

Need Help With Your Facebook Advertising?

Let Greensmith help you establish your plan, organize your campaigns, and get results to achieve your goals!

Creating the Hype

Baker's Acres Greenhouse & Garden Center maximizes its rural location by offering unique plant material and an experience worth the drive.
Baker’s Acres Greenhouse & Garden Center maximizes its rural location by offering unique plant material and an experience worth the drive.

By Abby Kleckler
Managing Editor, Lawn & Garden Retailer

Businesses can change a lot in 35 years. What started as a single greenhouse growing produce has turned into a 15 greenhouse operation that grows 90 percent of the plants in its retail store.

Baker’s Acres Greenhouse & Garden Center is owned by Chris and Nancy Baker. Around 2007, their son Nick and his then-girlfriend Pamela started working at the business. The rest is history, and the now married pair run many of the daily operations.

The seasonal business is located in rural Alexandria, Ohio, with a population of approximately 500 and a half-hour drive from Columbus.

“We get a big draw for people who need to come out just that one time a year and get all the stuff that they can’t find at other places,” Pamela says. “Making sure people know what they’re doing when they walk out our door is how we want to differentiate ourselves.”

Baker’s Acres has come up with many ways to make it easier for customers preparing for their one big shopping trip, and those who are more frequent visitors.

(Still) Growing Categories

Customers come in looking for some tried-and-true favorites, as well as some newer trends.

“Succulents just continue to be kind of out of control, and people are crazy for them,” Pamela says. “They want to do stuff with the succulents that they see in magazines, and we’re just always trying to guide people to use the right growing conditions for all our material.”

The key to success at Baker’s Acres is not only showing people what visually goes together but also what goes together care-wise.

“We don’t want people to walk out of our door and fail because we didn’t give them the advice they needed,” Pamela says.

The annuals program is the largest category at Baker’s Acres and, in particular, Pamela says they continue to see year-over-year growth with their 4-inch pots.

“Our 4-inch container program is just big. It has always been our No. 1 seller,” she says. “I think containers continue to be a big thing that people do, judging by how much we sell for containers.”

Pamela and Nick also get a lot of business from combination planters and, particularly, special order combinations for customers.

There is no doubt peppers are hot, but it’s actually all edibles and herbs that continue to have increased sales.

“We have heirloom stuff, we have weird things that you can’t find anywhere else, so that continues to be a draw,” Pamela says. “The herbs also in the past couple years keep going up. Usually herbs are one of the first things people come in asking for and wanting.”

Into the Night

The most popular annual event at Baker’s Acres has roots that go back many years: a night sale.

“My in-laws started that long ago, and they called it the All-Night Sale, and they literally stayed open all night long,” Pamela says. “The way my mother-in-law used to do it was that she would have a different sale every hour to keep people coming in.”

The event was always on the Friday of Mother’s Day weekend and then they would cap it off Saturday morning.

Over the years, the event, however, has evolved.

“The past couple years we’ve pushed it to the end of May, so the weather can be slightly more reliable,” Pamela says. “Also, there became the issue of, ‘Why are we selling our stuff on sale on Mother’s Day weekend when we’re always super busy anyway?’”

In addition to a new weekend, the night sale now takes place from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. on a Saturday night, and it has turned into quite the party.

“Nick’s dad is in a band, so they come and perform, and last year we did a beer tasting,” Pamela says. “We get a food truck to come, and we have a local garden club that comes in and does free baked goods for people.”

All plant material is sold at 10 percent off and Pamela says they have people lined up for the checkout by 8 p.m. all the way out the door waiting to make their purchases.

“It’s turned into a really fun thing for people to come and do,” Pamela says. “We’re getting a lot of first-time customers for it. People bring friends, and it’s just crazy.”

Embracing Technology

Many customers have a substantial drive to get to Baker’s Acres, so the business has found a way to utilize their website to help these shoppers plan.

Instead of relying only on a printed catalog every year, Pamela, a self-proclaimed “tech nerd” thought of a different idea.

“We made ourselves a database that we use in production, and what we ended up doing is linking it to our website,” she says. “The website stays current and is updated nightly, so as soon as we find out we’re not going to have something, we go in and mark it ‘not available’ in the database, and it’ll update on the website.”

Even when the store isn’t open for the season, people can go online and see what’s in the pipeline, complete with photos.

Then once everything is stocked and ready at retail, the team marks everything available in the database and, therefore, on the website.

As soon as it’s sold out for the season, this is reflected online as well.

The benefits are not only for the customers but also for Pamela and Nick on the backend.

“Nick and I have great help once we go to Cultivate and to trial gardens or wherever and start planning out the whole new season because we have everything right there in front of us: when it was available, so we know if we need to start things early, and then also when it sold out,” Pamela says. “Did we need to have more? Did we have too much? That kind of stuff.”

Door Buster Ideas

Baker’s Acres is always thinking of ways to create hype through e-mail blasts and newsletters. Some of these ideas are just to get people in the door while others are for the most-popular items.

“We do a lot of loss-leader events. We find a good deal at our perennial wholesaler and then we bring in a ton of that one item,” Pamela says. “We sell it basically for cost and then get the customer to come out and hopefully buy other things.”

An e-mail blast tells people a day, time, price, and limit.

“It creates this sense of urgency that they’ve got to get there and get it,” Pamela says. “One year, we did peonies and we did them the weekend after Mother’s Day and it’s kind of the iconic Memorial Day flower, so that was insane. We brought in 150 and they were gone before noon that Saturday.”

Baker’s Acres is trying something new this year based largely off of a hobby for Nick and Pamela.

“One thing we noticed in the craft beer industry and some other industries, and it’s just kind of exploding, is creating this buzz about a release day,” Pamela says. “A brew is coming out and they’re going to release it on this day, and that’s the day you got to get there and get it or it might be gone.”

Why not do the same with plants?

“We’re going to try to incorporate that this year with some of the things that people just have our phones ringing off the hook about,” Pamela says. “We’ll do an e-blast for them and say, ‘Here’s the first day it’s going to be out, the full selection, so come and get it.”

One of the most highly-anticipated crops that Pamela sees great potential for a release date is a coleus, bred by Chris Baker.

Other hot items are succulents and tomato plants. The timing might be tricky, according to Pamela, but she’s excited to see the results.

“It’s something that’s working for a specialty niche of retail even though it’s something completely different,” she says. “We tend to have that draw for people who come in for this, that or the other thing. They call all year and want to know when it’s going to be ready, so now they can stop calling, write it in their calendar and not have to worry about planning their trip based on a phone call.”

(Article provided by Lawn & Garden Retailer)

An Extension of the Store

Arett Outlook May 2016

You may want to give the mantra “leave work at work” a second thought. Annette Gutierrez is the owner of garden lifestyle store Potted in Los Angeles, California, and her home is the envy of any customer.

In the following interview, Gutierrez talks to Lawn & Garden Retailer about building credibility and knowing what trends compel your customers.

L&GR: As the owner of Potted, do you feel like your home has to have a gorgeous garden?

Annette Gutierrez: Yes, absolutely. It’s like the old saying that “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” from many, many years ago. I think things like that are by the wayside. You have to be a reflection of what you’re selling.

We’re more of a lifestyle brand in the sense that we want to evoke an image, a feeling. My garden is always changing because I want to work something out or try this or that. It’s a bit of a testing ground as well.

It’s been on The Garden Conservancy Tour and featured in Sunset magazine. It’s a calling card for sure.

Our professional life is an extension of what we enjoy so for me standing around saying, “Let’s try this,” and that I get paid for that, ultimately, is the best thing in the world. It’s a win-win for sure.

L&GR: The tagline of Potted is “indoor style for outdoor living.” What do you think that means for today’s consumers?

Gutierrez: When you decorate the inside of the house you have textiles, you’re thinking about draperies, you’re thinking about art, you’re thinking about all that kind of stuff. We really took the idea that your outdoor rooms are the same as your indoor rooms – they’re rooms – and that when you start thinking about it that way, the decorating becomes very similar to the interior.

Many people have outdoor living rooms like I have right outside my kitchen. There’s the outdoor kitchen, the outdoor dining room.

You can easily recreate the same ideas outside, but outside is so harsh. Our idea behind that was to try to curate choices that could support the outdoor conditions.

Anything that will hold up outdoors and is also beautiful is what we look for, and it’s not that easy to find. It’s getting better with the idea that people want choices and want the outside to be a reflection of their home, so that’s where that tagline came from.

L&GR: When customers come into your store, what are they asking for that they weren’t aware of a few years ago? What trends have you been seeing?

Gutierrez: What’s so great about the air plants is that people can live in an apartment in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia or Timbuktu; it doesn’t matter.

Anybody can use them inside, and they’re fun and easy. Although, they’re not as easy as everyone seems to want them to be.

I laugh when people come into the store and say, “We don’t have to do anything to them.” I’m like, “Well, they’re a living plant; they need water.” There’s this misconception. What’s great about them though is you can put them anywhere.

You know the Portlandia [sketch comedy television show] “Put a bird on it” joke? We always say, “Put an air plant on it!” We used that hashtag a lot on Instagram for a while. They’re fun. I think I have 50 air plants in my house. People who normally couldn’t have a garden experiment with them and then they get braver.

I’ve been noticing more interior plants. People are really getting over this thing about not having a houseplant.

I think more and more people are really embracing them because there are so many more choices now, and people have really freed themselves from spider plants hanging or something like that.

(Article provided by Lawn & Garden Retailer)

How to Optimize Your Displays


Displays are another great way to increase your sales and leverage your consumer’s impulse behavior. To be successful, there are a number of different components that you must pay special attention to.

Guidelines for Building Display

  • Keep the display off the floor: This prevents the bottom of packages from getting damaged. Use pallets or platforms.
  • Make the display sturdy: Stack the packages safely and securely.
  • Be sure the display is accessible: Never stack packages too high or to low for shoppers to reach easily. The average shopper is 5’5”. Keep handles turned outward and, if displaying more than one brand, don’t bury one under the other.
  • Leave starter gaps on all displays: If a display looks too good, shoppers will be reluctant to buy off it. Once the display is built, remove a few packages from the top or stagger packages to make it appear as though it has been shopped.
  • All packages should be faced: All labels on packages should face shoppers. This provides an attractive billboard effect.
  • Make displays creative: Stacking packages attractively draws attention and enhances the image of the store.
  • Merchandise the display: Displays should always be merchandised properly.

Best Location for Displays
Displays should be placed in high traffic areas. A recent study shows that:

  • Displays in back of store showed 113% sales increase
  • Displays in mid-aisle/perimeter showed 274% sales increase
  • Displays in front of store showed 426% sales increase

Size and Duration
The right size for a display depends on the product volume the retailer can move. If the display is too big, product will move slowly and you may have rotation problems. Displays that are too small can run out of product and miss sales opportunities. How can you determine the best display size?

  • Use past sales information from a similar display period
  • Look at sales performance on a competitive display
  • Multiply the normal weekly volume by 2.5 (average increase for display)

The duration of a display is most effective when kept to two or three weeks. After the third week, the display loses its attention getting value. Shoppers become used to seeing it and ignore it. If a display must be kept for longer than three weeks, keep it fresh with a redesign, new POS materials or change the location.

Cross Merchandising and Brand Teaming
Impulse purchases play a major role in increasing sales. Cross merchandising and brand teaming on displays can take advantage of these purchasing behaviors. Brand teaming pairs two or more brands together on one display, usually using a strong and a weaker selling brand. The stronger selling brand draws attention to the display where they will be encouraged to try the other brand. When brand teaming, never put more than three brands together, as it could lead to cluttered display and makes it more difficult to manage. Also be careful about brand teaming with different price points, as this can encourage shoppers to trade down.

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Wheels On Fire


By Amanda Thomsen

I’m not as ahead of the curve as I used to be, so for many, the ideas below are not at all cutting edge. Although I have to say, many garden centers are a little behind the curve. Some garden centers are still working their way up to embrace the “website” and “social media.” And that’s okay—we all need goals, people. But to them, I may end up sounding like a Jetson with the below ideas. But hey, this is how the “kids” are doing it nowadays and when I say “kids” I mean the general, fun-loving public. So, put down your abacus and check out these four-wheeled ideas.

Pop-Up Shops: Go and buy an old camper/trailer and use it as an off-site shop at festivals, street fairs, flea markets, farmers’ markets and other charming events. A painted-up trailer can be quite the advertising piece! Spread the word about YOU and YOUR STUFF to crowds that have no idea where you are or what you do. My husband gifted me a 1949 trailer that is gorgeous (to me) but in rough shape. I planned to make that puppy a pop-up (I have no store but I wanted a pop-up; it makes little sense but that’s how I roll) and then we found that it would take about 50K in work, so I abandoned all hope. (Still looking for a good home for the old girl, if you know all about riveting …)
Anyways, imagine being able to handpick product to bring to events! Pre-planted herb containers for farmers’ markets, the newest chic annuals at a craft fair, mini gardening accoutrements for a street fair with tons of kids attending. Roll out an old carpet, set up your wares and set the sidewalk on fire with your on-trend look. Then you Instagram and tweet it like a complete cuckoo and hashtag it until your fingers bleed. You can easily use register apps (like Square, PayPal or Intuit) and a smartphone to keep track of sales or go old school and just write everything down.
Food Trucks: Having an event at your place? Give your customers the opportunity to grab a gourmet lunch without leaving your campus! OR host a food truck event if you have a lot of parking to offer. What I mean by that is, invite a ton of different trucks to park and sell food at your garden center, promote the heck out of it and watch local foodies stream in to try the food and most likely take home a bunch of plants, too. AND you and your employees get to easily grab a great lunch.
Many food trucks will come for free as long as they will meet a minimum in sales and, sure, that can be a gamble. A very delicious gamble. Food trucks bring their own power sources, water …  all you have to do is bring an empty stomach. I’ve attended some of these food truck events and have been impressed with the rabid following some food trucks already have. Now, these food trucks are COMPLETELY social media and website savvy (unlike some businesses I know, ahem) and will promote the heck out of anywhere they will be ON TOP of your promotion. Doesn’t this seem like a great way to get some fresh blood through the door? If gourmet cupcakes can’t do it … what can?
Amanda Thomsen is now a regular columnist in Green Profit magazine. You can find her funky, punky blog planted at and you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter @KissMyAster.
Reprinted from Green Profit | April 2015

Advertising During the Holiday Season

outlook_a01n_bannerThe holidays are quickly approaching and, as a retail garden center, you are either planning or have plans in place to create your holiday wonderland! Your trees will be well-decorated, your ornament displays will be grand, outdoor décor will be plentiful, and the scents of the season will overpower your senses. Now what?

As a retailer, marketing and advertising your store and all it has to offer are the most important elements to success, especially for the holidays. Standing out to customers can be a challenge since there is so much competition in the market place for holiday gift and décor. Creating a great atmosphere is one thing, but communicating it to customers is another.
Ways you can stand out this holiday season:
Holiday Decorating Classes. Have a launch party and offer classes such as: wreath decorating, bow making, decorative wrapping, tree decorating, gift basket creation, floral arrangements, or creating decorative holiday centerpiece arrangements. These activities bring in new customers and make your store more than just a place to shop. Now you can be a place to learn and have fun.
Open House, Ladies Night, or Friends and Family Night. Offer a percentage or dollar-off shopping pass for that evening only. Stay open later to appeal to people who work during the week. Serve local favorites, such as baked goods, cheeses, meats, coffee, or wine.
Fun for the kids. Pictures with Santa. Story time with Santa or Mrs. Claus. Elves pajama party. Face painting. Workshops for kids such as: create your own ornaments, porch tree decorating, or create your own holiday card.
Standing out is one thing, promoting how you stand out is another. Once your holiday events are in place, it is now time to let everyone know about the wonderful things that are happening at your store.
Here are a few ways let customers know why they should come to your store:
Email campaign. An email campaign can be cost-effective in reaching those loyal customers who you already contact on a regular basis. Be sure to show photos or a short video of the Christmas Wonderland you have created. Include a special offer or giveaway. You want to tell the story of what you have available for them to buy.
Direct Mail. Email is an effective way to contact the customers you already know, however, direct mail can target those customers who you DON’T know and DON’T know about you. If you have a mailing list already, it can be merged with an up-to-date, targeted list to attract those customers that will flock to your store and buy. Remember to create a piece that tells YOUR story. It can be a postcard or single sheet.
Social Media Campaign. Social media management tools, such as Hootsuite, make social media easy to use to get your message out. Hootsuite helps you control all your social media platforms in one, free, easy-to-use tool. Whether it’s straight through Facebook, Twitter, or using Hootsuite, create dynamic posts to engage the customer. Use photographs or video of your store, being sure to emphasize the merriment and wonderment you have created. Talk about your events and post offers for a limited time.
Website. Be sure to update your website with the look and feel of your store. Pay close attention to the unique flare and events you have going on. Be sure to update the content weekly, if possible. Drive customers to your website with social media or any other avenues you choose. Be sure to keep them informed and allow the customers to easily see where you are, when you open and close, and what you have to offer.
Creating the greatest holiday wonderland is not the final touch! Be sure to make sure your customers know what’s going on… don’t keep them guessing, keep them coming back for more.
outlook_a01p_bodyWatch our video for more.
Brought to you by Greensmith Graphics, a division of Arett Sales.
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If Customers Don’t Come To You, You Need To Go To Them

outlook_ggaa_bannerDo you think you know the ideal marketing messages and methods to capture the attention of today’s new consumer? Today’s Garden Center’s 10% Project: Expanding The Customer Base has conducted focus groups within key consumer demographics to learn what they think about gardening and garden centers.

During the research phase of the 10% Project: Expanding The Customer Base, they learned that most Generation X and Y garden shoppers prefer mass merchants. They think that garden centers are for plant experts and older people.
Think about that. Store events and much of the social media garden retailers have embraced will not reach this audience. Those marketing tactics build customer loyalty. But if a customer doesn’t friend you, follow you, or join your e-mail list, you won’t reach them using these methods.

Two Ideas To Gain New Customers
Perhaps the answer lies in that old cliche about the mountain and Mohammed. If they aren’t coming to you, perhaps it time you entered their world. Here are two ideas that may help you connect with this demographic:
1. Create an off-site event, such as a class on vegetable gardening at popular Gen X and Gen Y hangouts. Think coffee shops, dog parks or local amateur sporting events.
2. Collaborate on off- or on-site events with groups that attract a different demographic, like a farmers’ market or start-up companies owned by 20- or 30-somethings. For example, The 10% Project is working with an alcoholic ice cream company in Atlanta for a garden center campaign.

To learn more about how to engage your customer with Today’s Garden Center’s 10% Project, go to

Greensmith Graphics: Arett Sales’ Advertising & Marketing Division

GreensmithJoin your fellow Independent Garden Centers and promote with Greensmith Graphics. To date we have printed over 5,600,000 pieces and it’s just the beginning of April!

What are you doing to respond to these statistics?

  • Millenials (age 18-34) are most willing to exchange personal data for deals and promotions 1
  • 80% of internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days… and 46% of them took action! 2
  • For consumers, newspaper engagement scores exceeded those of other media (TV, radio, social media) 3
  • 93% of U.S. consumers purchase or receive a gift card annually 4
  • 72% of customers will spend MORE than the value of their card 4
  • More than 64 percent of consumers say they “value the mail” they receive in their mailbox, but only 36 percent of business believe their consumers still value their mail 5
  • Over 50% of respondents say they read “most of” their emails 6
  • 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form 6
  • 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales 6
  • Only 12% of consumers do their product research at a traditional store 7
  • Online consumers will increase their spending’s 62% by 2016 7


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  7. Forrester Research, Q1 2012 Consumer Survey