Merchant’s Picks For February

Want to know what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month? Find out with this list of Merchant’s Picks for February 2018.

Merchant Picks - February 2018

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
D28 6YR3100Landscape Weed Barrier - 6 YearIdeal for short-term weed control for annual plantings.
H51 LKIT60 Agrosun Dayspot Grow Light KitEasy-to-use clamp-on, grow light is great for growing light-loving plants anywhere in your home. Great for orchids, terrariums, bonsai, and all houseplants. Promote healthy growth year round.
H51 MT10006Seedling Heat MatJump start your seeds with this seedling heat mat. Offers more uniform heating and the durability to withstand rugged greenhouse environments. Increases success of seedlings and cuttings. 9" x 19.5".
P95 F2Felco No. F2 Classic Model PrunerHandles with rubber shock absorber and cushion to protect the wrist, toothed center-nut for aligning the cutting and anvil blades easily and precisely for a clean, accurate cut.
S32 453816" Essential Line Planter - Dark RedThe perfect colors for Valentine's Day. It's waterproof and comes fitted with a drainage plug to protect indoor surfaces.
S32 447947.5" Essential Line Planter - Dark RedThe perfect colors for Valentine's Day. It's waterproof and comes fitted with a drainage plug to protect indoor surfaces.
S32 57267 5.25" Galaxy Ruby PotThe perfect colors for Valentine's Day. Innovative surface textures with a hand-made look give these pots a unique aesthetic.
S70 74978500 Miracle-Gro Seed Starting Potting MixThis is the time of year when when gardeners start planting their indoor seed varieties.
S98 37750609 Terrarium Glass ClochePotted plants, succulents, natural curios, or even sweet treats find their perfect home in this classic glass vessel. 6" H x 4.75" Dia.
S98 37760409Terrarium Glass ClochePotted plants, succulents, natural curios, or even sweet treats find their perfect home in this classic glass vessel. 7" H x 8.25" Dia.

Understanding & Explaining Mycorrhizae

Here are the 5 most important benefits of adding mycorrhizal fungi to your soil:

  • Enhanced yields. University and farm research has demonstrated over and over again that yields are enhanced when plants are inoculated with this beneficial soil fungi.
  • Enhanced root systems. In nature, the fungi colonize the root system stimulating root development and extending its mycelium far into surrounding soil. In natural undisturbed soils, the surface area for absorbing nutrients and water can increase from 10 to 1,000 times!
  • Enhanced plant strength and vigor. Plants will be more robust and vital when they have a mycorrhizal root system.
  • Enhanced soil structure. In nature, the fungi release soil glues called glomalin that hold soil particles together and promote air and water movement.
  • Enhance drought resistance. With increased drought and extreme weather on the rise, the ability of these fungi to store moisture in the soil for a longer period is becoming key in sustainable agriculture.

Plant Success With Your Customers
Interest in soil microbes has been growing for years and with good reason. Mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial soil bacteria enhance a plant’s ability to handle transplant, drought and general stress. When plants thrive, it builds confidence in your customer. Plant Success by Plant Revolution Inc. has pioneered retail mycorrhizal inoculants since introducing their products to the marketplace in 1999.

Old Brand-New Packaging
Plant Success Organics
are the latest products in the Plant Success line. The brand was awarded the Retailers’ Choice Award at the Farwest show in Portland, OR.

High Diversity For A Range Of Conditions
The products provide the widest range of mycorrhizae and bacteria on the market. A very large and diverse combination of plant and soil condition will be treated by these blends. When using Plant Success products, there is no need for a gardener to research a plant species for the appropriate mycorrhizal type.

Easy To Use
Plant Success Organics products come in a water-soluble form or a sprinkle in granulated form. This gives the customer flexibility in application.

Extremely Concentrated
Many blends on the market contain very low levels of actual organisms. One half-ounce of the Plant Success Organics Soluble powder will treat sixty 4″ plants for only $2.99 retail. This makes it ideal for inoculating new and established landscapes without the customer paying for or transporting lots of filler material.

Plant Success Organics Soluble retail display

Plant Success Organics Soluble™ will enhance established plants with beneficial soil microbes. It contains mycorrhizae, bacteria and trichoderma. Also included are seaweed extract and humic acids to feed beneficial soil organisms.

This product is easily watered in and will quickly establish beneficial soil microbes in the root zone, as well as enhance plant and root growth. Well-suited to a variety of soils, climates and plants, it is easily applied to existing landscapes and yards by mixing with water and using a hose-end sprayer or watering can.

Plant Success Organics™ Soluble will aid in creating a thriving and diverse soil capable of supporting maximum root and plant growth.

Plant Success Organics Granular 1 lb. size

Plant Success Organics Granular promotes quick plant establishment. It contains mycorrhizae, bacteria, trichoderma and an all-purpose fertilizer. The beneficial soil microbes combine symbiotically with organic plant food to enhance plant and root growth.

This product is well-suited to a variety of soils, climates and plants and is easily applied to new plantings by simply sprinkling it into a planting hole or mixing in potting soil. The all-purpose fertilizer provides an excellent microbe food to establish plants and beneficial organisms.

Order Now Using Program Number: P58E1

Actual customer photo showing with and without Plant Success Organics Soluble.


3 Ways To Keep Ahead Of The Vermin

GONZO® offers a full suite of products to help protect your lawn and garden from moles, gophers, voles, and other burrowing pests.

Kill, Repel, & Prevent

Ridding your property of these burrowing pests can be a daunting task, but GONZO® offers 3 ways to keep ahead of the vermin.

KILL: GONZO® offers more than 10 different kinds of traps for moles, gophers and voles that will help you address specific problems no matter where in the country you happen to live.

REPEL: Drive pests from your lawn and garden using the GONZO® Sonic Spike Repellers. They’ll humanely push burrowing pests towards the perimeter of your property and off to greener pastures.

PREVENT: Barrier protection like GONZO® Gopher Shields and GONZO® Garden Shields will prevent burrowing pest from getting to your new plantings and the soft roots that they so much enjoy eating.

All GONZO® products are backed by their satisfaction guarantee against all defects in workmanship. If for any reason customers are not completely satisfied with a product, they can simply return the product with proof of purchase within 30 days for a complete refund.

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Keeping Pace With A Changing Client Base & Product Market

The world urban population has grown dramatically over the last 50 years, increasing from 746 million to 3.9 billion. Individuals restricted by space in urban environments have been forced to find alternatives to growing, and many are moving up in a vertical sense to the rooftop or inside to indoor growing chambers. In addition to these landscape changes, millennials are joining the growing game with a strong interest in knowing where their food comes from. Arborjet, Inc. coined this group “Generation G™ – the Next Generation of Growers,” and created a new market for pest control products that are affordable, organic, and easy to use. The recent legalization of cannabis in some states has also expanded clientele for edible plant care. These societal changes are greatly influencing hydroponic and gardening store sales nationwide. It’s up to pest control manufacturers to stay with the times and give stores the tools and products they need to keep all their clients, old and new, satisfied.

Rootdown Hydroponics, a 100% female-owned business in Medford, Massachusetts, has a diverse clientele growing different types of plants, including edibles, cannabis, and flowers. For a while, they struggled to find a product they could recommend to consumers that was safe for the applicator and had no foliage burning risks. When they tried Arborjet’s RTU (ready-to-use) products Eco-Mite Plus® and Eco-PM®, they were shocked at how fast both products flew off the shelves. According to owner Sabrina, “clients raved about the confidence they had with both products, knowing they wouldn’t mess up their gardens or cause burning, regardless of their experience level or what plants they were treating.”

Rootdown Hydroponics now recommends these products with confidence to new growers and those with a green thumb. As developers, researchers, and agents of customer service in plant care, this consumer response is Arborjet’s goal.

When asked why she thinks people gravitate toward Eco-Mite Plus and Eco-PM, Sabrina ascertained her customers really value their RTU accessibility. Because users do not have to mix the products, they are some of the first items in store to be sold, further evidence that people want easy, low-risk products. The movement toward safer RTUs and 25b pesticides has transformed the industry, bringing the application process straight into the grower’s hands.

“Four years ago, we would never have thought over 90% of our horticulture product line would focus on edible growing, but now those products have become some of our biggest success stories to date,” said Arborjet’s Horticultural Marketing Manager, Kristin Nikodemski. “It’s taught us to keep changing, discovering, and pushing the limits, because our plants and clients depend on it.”

As indoor edible growing increases, finding safe, readily accessible pesticides is of utmost importance. Arborjet has released Eco-1™ Garden Spray, a result of research and consumer feedback from Eco-Mite Plus and Eco-PM. The new formulation works on contact to control a broad spectrum of insects, mites, and diseases. Made from certified organic oils including linseed oil (derived from virgin flaxseed), thyme oil, and peppermint oil, Eco-1 Garden Spray meets horticulture enthusiasts’ standards of quality, efficacy, and safety, all in one visually appealing, descriptive package. Users can safely apply indoor or outdoor on all plant types with no harvest intervals. With its higher active percentages, pleasant smell, and vegan formulation, Eco-1 Garden Spray offers inclusive total garden protection.

The evolution to Eco-1 Garden Spray is a testament to Arborjet’s ability to anticipate and adjust to the ever-changing gardening and growing trends.

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Organocide Rebrands To Highlight Pollinator Safety

Pollinators such as honeybees play a vital role in the ecosystem of Earth. Protecting pollinators is of paramount concern as it is estimated honeybees pollinate up to 30% of the worlds food supply. Unfortunately, harmful pesticide use has had a negative effect on honeybee populations worldwide and it is with this in mind that Organic Laboratories has developed products that are not harmful to pollinators.

Organic Laboratories, the makers of Organocide 3 in 1 Garden Spray, has announced they are overhauling their Organocide product line for 2018. The goal is to bring awareness to the unparalleled pollinator safety aspects of Organocide with a label refresh for Organocide 3 in 1 Garden Spray and to launch a new Insect Killer product. It will still be the same formula, just in a new and improved label!

In January 2018, Organocide 3 in 1 Garden Spray was rebranded as Organocide Bee Safe 3 in 1 Garden Spray. The new and improved label touts Organocide’s best-in-class safety attributes. Organocide 3 in 1 Garden Spray is the ONLY laboratory proven organic garden spray not harmful to bees. For more information on that laboratory test, please visit

In addition to pollinator safety, Organocide Bee Safe 3 in 1 Garden Spray is also safe to people, pets, and the planet, including aquatic species and the water supply. The best part about Organocide is it actually does work with its heritage being in agriculture, where its efficacy is constantly being tested by a network of distributors and farmers. Organocide 3 in 1 garden spray has been proven to kill 25 small soft-bodied insects, including spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, and many more as listed. Over 30 university tests have been conducted to prove its efficacy on fungal diseases, such as powdery and downy mildew.

In keeping with the pollinator safety theme, Organic Laboratories is launching Organocide Bee Safe Insect Killer in 2018. It will be the first to market an organic insect killer laboratory proven to not harm honeybees. It utilizes sesame oil as its active ingredient and is safe to use around kids and pets and won’t harm the environment, including aquatic species and the water supply. Organocide Insect Killer is proven effective in laboratory, university and field tests to kill 25 small, soft-bodied insects. This product will resonate with consumers looking to make a better choice for pollinators and the environment.

Organocide Bee Safe 3 in 1 Garden Spray and Orgnanocide Bee Safe Insect Killer are available in concentrate (from one quart up to 2.5 gallons), ready to use, and hose end form. For more information please visit

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Encap Flower Kits: Easy, Vibrant, and Functional

Encap® has been a preferred brand of flower gardeners for over ten years. Their All-In-One™ Flower Kits contain everything needed to grow a vibrant flower garden, whatever the desired botanical style.

Seed, fertilizer, and mulch, along with Encap’s patented technologies are expertly formulated to deliver a revolutionary product that makes flower gardening easier than ever; simply work up soil surface, sprinkle on the mix, water, and watch it grow.

Encap® offers a variety of mixtures to suit a variety of purposes and tastes:

  • NEW* Mosquito Control Mix
  • NEW* Deer & Rabbit Control Mix
  • NEW* Mice & Vole Control Mix
  • Wildflower Pollinator Mix
  • Wildflower Perennial Mix
  • Wildflower Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix
  • Wildflower Bouquet Mix
  • Wildflower Shady Mix
  • Wildflower Aromatic Mix
  • Zinnia Mix
  • Daisy Mix
    New in 2018

    Encap® has always been known for their beautiful blooms, but this year, they took flower kits to the next level with the addition of three new products that improve the functionality of flower gardens too:

    Mosquito Control Mix

    While mosquitos don’t damage flower beds, they certainly take the pleasure out of gardening, turning a relaxing activity into an aggravating chore. Encap’s Mosquito Control Mix is a unique blend of herbs and flowers designed to deter those pesky insects from gardening spaces.

    Deer & Rabbit Control Mix

    Deer and rabbits are highly destructive pests, easily destroying days of hard work in a single night. Deer and Rabbit Control Mix by Encap® is a mix of annuals and perennials formulated to repel deer and rabbits, protecting flower beds from ravage.

    Mice & Vole Control Mix

    Mice and voles can also be incredibly destructive to flower gardens, uprooting established plants, creating a maze of tunnels, and ruining carefully prepared soil beds. Encap’s Mice & Vole Control Mix is a blend of annuals and perennials designed to discourage mice and vole activity.


Wildflower displays continue to gain popularity with homeowners looking for more diversity in their flower beds and a less “manicured feel.” Encap® Wildflower Kits offer a range of options for homeowners to garden with the intent of attracting pollinators, creating bouquets, and brightening up shady areas of their yards.

Wildflower Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix and Wildflower Pollinator Mix deliver beautiful displays designed specifically to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other natural pollinators, including birds and bees.

Wildflower Bouquet Mix provides for cultivation of stunning bouquets, while Wildflower Aromatic Mix adds a floral aroma to landscapes.

Wildflower Shady Mix brightens up hard to grow shady spots around the yard, while Wildflower Perennial Mix provides beautiful displays year after year.


Zinnia and Daisy flower kits remain a popular choice among gardeners for the beauty they can bring to borders, cut flowers, and floral displays.

Proven Technology for Maximum Results

All Encap® flower kits are powered by their patented, revolutionary technologies to help achieve maximum results with minimal effort:

Advanced Soil Technology™ (AST®)

Encap’s Advanced Soil Technology™ is a proprietary product that has revolutionized the way we garden. This patented technology improves the soil environment, enhances seed establishment, reduces nutrient loss, and maximizes water filtration. It works by bonding with the soil upon contact, to get into the root zone where it’s needed most.

Seed Watering Technology™ (SWT®)

Encap®’s Seed Watering Technology™ takes the guesswork out of watering. This patented technology sparkles on the soil surface when wet, and gets dull when dry; gone are the days of over- and under-watering.

Store Display

Customers are quickly drawn to Encap’s bright, modern packaging, while their ease of use, patented technologies, and functionality convert interest into a confident purchase.

Flower kits can be displayed individually, or as part of a branded, 20 x 24 quarter pallet display containing all SKUs.

Encap® Flower Kits are an easy way to achieve long-lasting, beautiful, and functional flower beds.

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2018 Good Tidings Showroom Now Open

The Good Tiding’s merchants have filled the showroom with 1,200 new items. There is so much to see, from our new themes, to the tree forest, wreaths, garlands, outdoor décor, and table-top décor. Book your appointment in January and receive 1/1/19 dating on all orders.

2018 Themes

The Coastal theme brings the beach indoors for the holiday season with whimsical wooden mermaids, sailboats, trees, and sea turtle ornaments. The collection also includes cork ornaments and a variety of glass ornaments in colors of blue, gray, white, and silver. The collection is rounded out with nautical table top décor, wreaths, and nautical themed lighting.

Forest Friends
The Forest Friends collection brings the outdoors inside for the holiday season. Ornaments made of wood and fabric featuring woodland animals, snowflakes, and garlands. This collection also feature picks, a birdhouse, and various décor that includes animal and a woodsy Santa figurine.

St. Nick
The St. Nick collection will add some fun to any tree with a variety of Santa inspired ornaments, white, lime green, and red glass ornament. Magnolia picks in red and green complete the theme. Various Santa tabletop and floor décor complete the collection.

Early American
The Early American theme takes you back to the early days of Christmas with orange and lemon pomander ornaments, rocking horses, silver teardrop and metal molded ornaments. Glass Santas in various styles provide the final touch. Candles, pine roping and table-top Santas add the finishing touches to a simple yet elegant look of an early American Christmas.

The Estate theme has various shades of red and gold ornaments in several shapes and sizes. This collection will add elegance to any tree with various shaped ornaments in a variety of finishes and styles. The theme also includes velvet poinsettias, gold key and lock ornaments, and unique beaded garlands.

Winter Morning
The winter morning theme is filled with shades of silver, red, and white. Cardinal birds are the dominant focus of these ornaments along with bird houses, birch garlands, and picks.

Bow Wow Meow
The Bow Wow Meow is a pet inspired theme featuring cats, dogs, fire hydrants, bones, paws, and colored glass ball ornaments. This theme will surely be a crowd pleaser for your pet loving customers.

See our expanded line of trees including incandescent, LED, and the new instant connect trees. Be sure to check out all of the new porch and table top trees as well.

Wreaths and Garlands
There are so many new wreaths and garlands we almost ran out of wall space. See our expanded line of decorative wreaths, LED, battery operated, and snowflake wreaths.

Good Tidings: Halloween & Harvest
Fall Harvest and Halloween as a category continues to grow and so does the assortment of items at Good Tidings. Stock your shelves with our expanded selection of decorative wreaths, pumpkins, spiders, ghosts, and ghouls and add a few witches and goblins to create an eerie display that your customers will enjoy.

You’ll get to see all this and much more at our showroom, which opened on January 4, 2018. We have over a thousand new items! Make your appointment today. E-mail or call 800-288-9627. We strongly urge you to schedule your appointments during our early buy period, now until March 1st, for the best product selection, pricing and showroom-only specials.

Winter Tips For Your New Bird Feeder Customers

If one of your customers purchased a bird feeder this holiday season, encourage them not to wait until spring to set it up! Even though it’s winter, there are plenty of songbirds that stick around, and a feeder filled with a tasty blend of seeds and nuts is always a welcome sight.

What To See In The Winter

The kinds of birds that flock to feeders in winter will depend on the part of the country. As a rule, winter feeding often attracts birds like the Northern Cardinal, the Black-capped Chickadee and the House Finch. Winter is also prime feeder-watching season for birds that rely on insects in the summer, such as woodpeckers and nuthatches. It’s fun to get to know what lands at your feeder, so encourage customers to download a birding app to their smartphone, or pick up a region-specific bird guide.

Where To Hang The Feeder

If the frozen ground and cold weather keep customers from setting up their new station, they can try a short-term solution. They can simply hang the feeder from a low tree branch, or hang it from a rope tied between two trees (or other stationary objects in their yard).

Set Out Water

Birds are always on the lookout for a good water source, even in the winter. Each morning, they should set out a shallow pan with no more than an inch of fresh water and they will have an easy upgrade to their feeding station that will draw a crowd!

What Should Fill Your Feeder

Those just starting out should not be tempted by the bargain prices at the supermarket. Birds are looking for energy-dense foods like black-oil sunflower seeds and peanut pieces. But bargain blends often come with milo seeds and other fillers that hungry birds will only push aside, making a mess of yards or decks. Start with Lyric’s Delite Mix. It skips the messy shells and fillers and contains only the meat of those seeds and nuts that birds love.

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Merchant’s Picks For January

Want to know what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month? Find out with this list of Merchant’s Picks for January 2018.

Merchant Picks - January 2018

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
B70 865 No Escape Mouse MagicTriggers escape/avoidance behaviors in mice driving them from homes, sheds, patios etc.
B70 47080 Revenge EZ-Set Traps100% effective. Special design forces rodents to fully commit, making escape impossible once the trap is triggered.
C13 G316 Jiffy Seed Starting MixCustomers are starting to think about spring planting, so this is a must have.
R11 7610 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse With Reinforced CoverThe perfect product to support seed starting and spring planting needs.
S09 36905Scotts LawnPro Step 1 For Seeding Starter Lawn Food with Weed PreventerAllows seed to germinate while it prevents crabgrass, foxtail, oxalis, spurge and other grassy weeds for up to 6 weeks. Time is now to start building inventories as the season will be upon us soon.
S09 39181Scotts LawnPro Step 1 Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn FoodPrevents crabgrass, foxtail, oxalis, spurge and other grassy weeds all season long. Feeds and greens. Time is now to start building inventories as the season will be upon us soon.
S09 23616Scotts Step 2 Weed Control Plus Lawn Food 2Gets weeds you see and the ones you don't. Time is now to start building inventories as the season will be upon us soon.
S09 33040Scotts LawnPro Step 3 Lawn Food with 2% IronApply anytime for great green-up. Feeds and strengthens against heat and drought. Time is now to start building inventories as the season will be upon us soon.
S09 23622Scotts LawnPro Step 4 Fall Lawn FoodApply in fall to any grass type. Protects and strengthens for a better spring lawn. Time is now to start building inventories as the season will be upon us soon.
W12 36605 Nut 'N Berry Bird FoodBirds are looking for food in the very cold weather and this is Arett’s best-selling bird mix. 5 lb. is the most popular size and it's on sale for 20% OFF!

Merchant’s Picks For December

Want to know what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month? Find out with this list of Merchant’s Picks for December 2017.

Merchant Picks - December 2017

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
A39 SNOBRUM Angel Guard Sno Brum with Aluminum Telescopic HandleEasily push even heavy, wet snow off the roof, hood, and trunk of any vehicle without scratching the paint.
C15 CW600NClear Vinyl Plant SaucerPerfect for poinsettias and holiday plants.
K20 8001 K&H Thermo-Pond Floating Pond HeaterWinter is coming - keep pond water from freezing.
M68 913 Shear Magic King Arctic Trident Snow MoverLarge load capacity snow shovel.
N28 BV6CS6Surreal Planters Vertical Birch PlanterGreat to use for Christmas greens and poinsettias.
P48 1351Cedar Suet Cake FeederBirds are looking for suet and this is a perfect gift for bird enthusiasts.
R80 26PBSW Rugg Mfg. Poly Combo Snow Shovel and Pusher - Back Saver Steel HandleHelps make shoveling snow easier on the back.
S70 101660Miracle-Gro For Christmas Trees
Reduces needle drop when used as directed.
W77 WDCMS Carved Father Time Blue Bird Bird HouseLooks like Father Time! A best seller at the recent Arett Open House. A unique gift that will be a hit with any birding enthusiasts.