Attract More Birds With the Gardman Bird Feeding Station!

oulook_r11_cardinals.jpgBird enthusiasts can add a lot of enjoyment to their bird watching by setting up a Gardman Bird Feeding Station! Rather than placing a single feeder in the backyard, you are able to add a variety of feeders at varying levels with different types of food. Bird Lovers will be able to attract and feed a number of species of birds in one complete feeding station!



When setting up the Gardman Bird Feeding Station, the most important factor to consider is location. This is crucial to how the birds will see and use the feeding station. If the birds do not find the location comfortable, safe, and convenient they will not use it as frequently. When placing the Gardman Bird Feeding Station in an optimal location you will be delighted to see a variety of species feeding and perching daily at the feeding station!


No matter where the Gardman Bird Feeding Station is placed, it may take up several days for the birds to find and enjoy the feeding station. There are several ways you can encourage the birds to enjoy the feeders. Use colors to attract birds by adding nearby flowers, flower pots, or decorative items to catch their attention. Also by proving the bird’s favorite seeds and other popular foods the birds will be attracted to feed from the station. An advantage of the Gardman Bird Feeding Station is it provides suitable shelter for both safety and nesting to meet all of the bird’s basic needs. This will entice the birds to stay in the area for more than just feeding!


Birds eat at various levels and the Gardman Complete Feeding Station Kit (item no. BA01343) provides a feeding source at table top, hanging, and tree trunk levels, and comes complete with 4 feeders for seed mixes, peanuts and suet feasts plus a general feed hanger, bird bath and micro mesh feed tray. The decorative station boasts a four hook design and a heavy-duty feeder pole with a 1” diameter.  The Gardman Complete Feeding Station Kit also includes two midi silo seed feeders, a premium suet feast feeder and a midi silo peanut feeder.


The Gardman Bird Feeding Stations are a great item for the independent garden center. The complete kits are extremely sturdy and functional. These items feature attractive packaging and make a wonderful holiday gift item.


There are four items available giving the garden center several different options in price and style:


BA01131 – Premium Feeding Station Kit – 21” L x 21” W x 90” H – 4/case

BA01342 – Deluxe Feeding Station Kit – 26” L x 26” W x 89” H – 4/case

BA01343 – Complete Feeding Station Kit – 24” L x 24” W x 90” H – 4/case

BA01344 – Feeding Station Tree – Full Height 8’ – 4/case (NEW FOR 2013-2014)
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