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Bonide Products offers the most complete and extensive product line of animal repellents on the market today. The extensive lineup ranges from deer repellents to mole and vole repellents to snake repellents. All of the Bonide repellents contain all-natural ingredients, which is noted on the front label with the “tan” shoulder, and are included in their Garden Naturals Collection of products. Repellents work through either taste, smell, or as an irritant. The Bonide line of repellents feature anywhere from one to all three of these repellents.

Deer have proven, over the years, to be one of the most challenging animals to keep out of flower beds and vegetable gardens and from chewing on desirable trees and shrubs. Most repellents require frequent applications to the foliage, or around the garden, to even remotely have any success. Knowing the time and effort involved in preventing deer damage to plants, Bonide has introduced Go-Away Scent-inals®. This all-natural product protects new and existing growth from deer browsing for up to one full year without the need to re-apply to new growth. Each plastic Scent-inal® diffuser is filled with the liquid Scent-inal® activator and is attached to the plant with the provided twist-ties. One filling of the Scent-inal® diffuser will last for 3 months. Each kit contains enough activator to charge the Scent-inal® diffuser 4 times, which will give 12 months of control. No mixing, no spraying, no harm to plants. It doesn’t get any easier than using Bonide’s NEW Go-Away Scent-inals® for effective deer control.

Some animal repellents are only labeled to repel one or two animal pests. Bonide’s Repels-All® Animal Repellent is an all-natural product that repels over 15 different animal pests, including deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, and many more. Repels-All® is available in both liquid and granular formulations. This unique and effective formula repels animals using all three repellent characteristics: taste, scent and irritation. Both formulations will repel animal pests for up to two months. Repels-All® can be used on or around ornamental plantings and is labeled for use around vegetable gardens as a perimeter treatment to keep animals out.

Moles, voles, and armadillos have a way of destroying our lawns and gardens. MoleMax® Mole & Vole Repellent is Bonide’s signature product for controlling these burrowing animals. The all-natural castor oil product is highly effective at safely repelling moles, voles, armadillos, and other burrowing animals from lawns and gardens. One application last for 3 months and MoleMax® can be applied 3 times per year. It is recommended to irrigate the granular product after application to allow the castor oil to come off of the carrier for better results.

One does not need to be an avid gardener to run into snakes. The sight of a snake slithering through a yard will create shivers in most people. Bonide offers the most effective snake repellent on the market today. The all-natural Snake Stopper® Snake Repellent effectively repels snakes, by scent and irritation, from lawns, gardens, sheds, campsites, woodpiles, patios, and decks for up to two weeks. Snake Stopper® is safe for use where children and pets play.

In 2016 Bonide Products is launching a new TV advertisement campaign to be featured on the national DIY Network television program. This unique program not only sells products, it builds brands and spotlights categories. Repels-All®, MoleMax® and Snake Stopper® repellents will be part of this campaign, which runs from April through the month of June. Featured spots will run during primetime on Friday through Sunday and reach over 30 million households.

Bonide’s DIY Network TV campaign will compliment their highly successful Garden Show, Home Improvement radio shows, and magazine print advertising campaigns. All of these advertising campaigns feature Bonide repellent products and will drive consumers to your store looking for these top-quality animal repellents. Make sure you have the most complete selection of animal repellents on the market today, from Bonide, to maximize your sales.

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