Company Spotlight: Sunlight Supply, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Sunlight Supply, Inc., is a Vancouver, WA based manufacturer and distributor of specialty gardening supplies. Their product offering of over 5,500 different products includes everything needed for indoor, hydroponic, organic, and greenhouse gardening. They also offer a wide variety of products for the outdoor gardener.

Their signature brands include Sun System brand grow lights, Sun Blaze T5 HO fluorescent grow lights, Galaxy digital ballasts, Gro Pro growing containers, Hurricane fans, Titan Controls, Ideal Air brand air conditioners, and dehumidifiers, Mother Earth growing media and amendments, Adjust a Wings reflectors, Black Ops carbon filters, Ultra Sun horticultural grow lamps, Eco Plus water and air pumps, Ideal H2O water filtration equipment, and many more.

Whether you grow in soil, soilless mixes, Hydroton grow rocks, coco fiber or rockwool, Sunlight Supply offers everything you need to be a successful gardener. They also offer a complete line of hydroponic supplies to grow with any method of hydroponics.

Whether you garden as a hobby or commercially, hydroponically or in soil, indoors or outdoors, Sunlight Supply offers all of the products you need for a successful growing experience.

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Merchant’s Picks For April

Want to know what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month? Find out with this list of Merchant’s Picks for April 2018.

Merchant Picks - April 2018

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
A61 88033664' Serenity BenchOne of our best sellers! Made of superior quality sustainable hardwood pre-finished with mildew-resistant linseed oil that is enhanced with UV inhibitors for years of handsome service.
D28 6YR350 Landscape Weed Barrier - 6 YearIdeal for short-term weed control.
D40 10127009-Pattern Revolver AssortmentApril is watering season. Helps plants and lawns off to a strong start. Ergonomic insulated grip nozzle with quick-click pattern changing.
E60 HT36Holly-tone All-Natural Plant Food 4-3-4 - 36 lb.For acid-loving plants, such as hollies, azaleas, camellias, evergreens, dogwoods, and rhododendrons.
G81 2130192 GreenView Multi-Purpose Fertilizer - 10-10-10All gardeners can use a good all-purpose fertilizer and this product can be used on vegetable, flower and ornamental gardens, as well as lawns, trees and shrubs.
S09 17183Scotts Classic Sun & Shade Grass Seed - 3 lb.Great for repairing bare spots, reseeding, or new lawns. Grows well in both sunny and shady areas.
S09 21605Turf Builder Starter Fertilizer 24-25-4Can be applied when planting new grass. Grows new grass 70% thicker and 45% quicker. Kid and pet friendly. Improves lawn's ability to absorb water and nutrients.
T18 8642100Neverkink Extra Heavy-Duty Hose - 5/8" x 100'Manufacturerd with a patented NTS reflex mesh technology to eliminate kinks, twists, and tangles.
S65 885030072 6' Picnic Table with Detachable BenchesThese picnic tables are easy to clean and won’t deteriorate in the elements. Unlike wood, non-porous vinyl won’t absorb dirt or spills.

Hibiscus Plants – A Trumpet of Color

Hibiscus plants are a beautiful addition to any outdoor or indoor environment. They produce large, colorful, trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom for extended periods of time. There are approximately 200 species of hibiscus, which vary in size, color and cold tolerance. Blooms may be seen in red, white, blue, pink, yellow, purple, and mixed colors that may extend up to a foot wide. One can understand why these plants attract butterflies and hummingbirds to any garden.

These plants are typically divided into two groups: Hardy Hibiscus and Tropical Hibiscus. Tropical Hibiscus enjoys a warm, humid environment with temperatures above 50 degrees F while the Hardy Hibiscus survives in a cooler climate in which temperatures may drop below freezing in the winter. Tropical hibiscus plants need to be brought indoors during the winter months because they cannot tolerate much more than a light freeze, or the plant will die. The Hardy Perennial Hibiscus (often called Rose Mallow) dies back to the ground each year, but eventually re-emerges to produce those large colorful blooms. Rose of Sharon is another Hardy Hibiscus variety that produces giant blooms during the mid-summer months. The leaves and stems die down to the ground with the colder weather; however, the roots may live in freezing temperatures with little to no protection. These plants do take their time developing in the spring. Sometimes the plant doesn’t come to life until early summer! Make sure to cut back, old woody stems before new foliage arise.

Provide your Hibiscus plant with at least 5 to 6 hours of sunlight, especially if you want to enjoy many blooms. When Hibiscus are in their blooming stage, they require large amounts of water. Daily watering is needed during the warm weather. Try to keep the plant moist, but not soaking wet. A nice layer of mulch is beneficial to keep the ground ideal. Once the weather cools, cut back on the watering. Only water when the soil is dry to the touch.

Hibiscus prefer an acidic soil that drains well. A mixture of peat, sand, garden soil, and organic compost create the perfect blend of soil. Hibiscus need nutrients to bloom. In the summer months, use a fertilizer with mostly nitrogen and potassium. Potassium will result in better health and more blooms. A natural way to increasing potassium to your soil is to incorporate your unused banana peels.

Moderate pruning should be done to keep the plant tall and growing. Pruning helps to promote new growth and causes more blossoms to appear as well. Cut the branches just above a node or leaf joint and angle the cut away from the center of the plant. This will send a signal to the plant to grow more branches at this location – away from the center of the hibiscus. Pruning back the plant immediately before the dormant cold weather is a must!

Did you know that the flowers and leaves of the Hibiscus plant may be found in teas and liquid extracts that are useful to treat high blood pressure, weight loss and fevers? Also, the Hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower. Traditionally worn by Hawaiian girls. A fun fact is, if the flower is worn behind the left ear, the women is married or in a relationship. If the flower is worn behind the right ear, she is recognized as being single or available for a relationship. Something your staff may have fun with when you host a Hibiscus Day in your store!

If you have never grown a Hibiscus plant, take some time this year and add some gorgeous color to your living space and consider that one-of-a kind plant that will beautify any environment!

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Is Recycled Paper the Future of Soil? This Company Thinks So…

Have you ever wondered why gardeners are conditioned to water plants every day, sometimes twice a day? Why do so many people call themselves terrible gardeners (“I kill plants just by looking at them!”), while considering those with green thumbs to have some magical powers? Despite a lack of confidence and busy schedules, Americans are avid gardeners. The average American household spends over $400 on lawn and garden products each year, according to the 2016 National Garden Survey. How much of that went to expensive plants that withered away when the family left for vacation? The fact is, our habits and expectations for our gardens have formed from decades of working with the same materials to grow our plants, primarily in peat-based mixes.

Since the invention of the Cornell mix in the 1960’s, which popularized peat and brought it into the market as the standard soilless mix, there has been little innovation while gardeners continue to struggle. Imagine if all the products you use today still relied on 1960’s technology! Peat is less than ideal for a few reasons, it’s acidic, so it requires lime, it naturally repels water, so it requires wetting agents, and is low in aeration and requires perlite. There are also those discussions around the environmental impact of peat mining, and readers can research and come to their own conclusions on the topic. The use of coco coir is seen as one option to peat-based mixes, however it faces criticism over its environmental impact (shipping and extensive processing) and some coco coir products struggle to perform as well as traditional mixes. The goal of PittMoss is to finally provide gardeners a choice by introducing their ground-breaking technology not just to commercial growers, but home gardeners as well.

So What Is PittMoss?

PittMoss manufactures growing media from recycled paper products by breaking down and re-formulating fiber particles to create an ideal environment for plant growth. PittMoss sources all ingredients locally and manufactures the product in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. The result is a fluffy, lightweight growing medium with excellent air exchange that encourages beneficial biological growth. PittMoss provides superior aeration, which promotes larger and more even root distribution; while the PittMoss biologicals act as “pro-biotics®” for plants, allowing them to digest and uptake more nutrients. PittMoss products also require 2/3 less water. Imagine how a paper towel absorbs water evenly throughout the sheet is an excellent example of how well PittMoss holds and distributes moisture. With PittMoss, gardeners will have more time to enjoy their garden rather than spending time and resources watering every day.

However, it’s not just the water savings that makes PittMoss unique. The manufacturing process is tightly controlled and indoors. This means that the product is consistent every time with no opportunity for contamination from spores, pesticides and other potentially harmful components. The consistency in the particle sizes, and the air space between them, means roots have plenty of room to access the resources they need to grow faster, more resilient plants.

PittMoss initially sold only to commercial growers, where the positive results are abundant. Just one example is All About Groundcover in Slippery Rock, PA. After introducing PittMoss into their mix, the company was able to bring to market plants in 4-6 weeks, opposed to 6-8 weeks and noticed a 30% reduction in crop losses. All About Groundcover notices a remarkable difference when re-wetting their plants, with PittMoss immediately absorbing water, requiring only one pass through from employees.

PittMoss introduced retail products in 2017 to meet demand from home gardeners. Today, the company has three retail products, Prime, Performance and Plentiful. Prime is a soil amendment and Performance and Plentiful are both complete potting soils with the latter being 100% organic and listed on the Organic Material Review Institute’s (OMRI) directory of certified organic products. Use any of the products directly out of the bags or blend with your current mix and expect excellent results.

So, is the future of soil recycled paper? Only time can tell. For now, the company is focused on getting PittMoss in the hands of consumers. Every bag of PittMoss sold means less paper ends up in a landfill, water is saved, and more gardeners proudly refer to themselves as having a “green thumb.”

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Adding DRAMM Color In The Garden

Select the perfect water pattern with Dramm’s new RainSelect™ Rain Wand™ and ColorStorm™ 4-Pattern Gear Drive Sprinkler.

The RainSelect™ 9-Pattern Rain Wand™ is the prefect tool for outdoor watering! The nine patterns vary from a fine mist setting for seedlings, to the shower setting for mature plants and flowers. The One Touch thumb valve provides complete water flow control. Efficiently saving water while watering from one plant to the next. It’s a great item for water-restricted areas!

The RainSelect™ 9-Pattern Rain Wand is made with aluminum for a lightweight and durable feel, comes with a lifetime guarantee to the consumer, and is available in 16″ and 30″ lengths in a variety of vibrant colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and berry.

The new ColorStorm™ 4-Pattern Gear Drive Sprinkler is ideal for watering small, medium, and large areas. Each pattern can be selected by the simple twist of the selector dial. If offers an adjustable circle of coverage up to 360 degrees with maximum spray coverage of up to 40 feet in diameter.

Mounted to a die cast metal sled base, which can be easily pulled through the lawn, this gear drive sprinkler is a great mobile, flexible sprinkler for a variety of watering applications. A pass-through feature allows additional sprinklers to be connected to cover larger areas.

The ColorStorm™ 4-Pattern Gear Drive Sprinkler is made of heavy-duty material and is available in Dramm’s 6 eye-catching colors that won’t get lost in the lawn: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and berry.

The joy of hand watering is short-lived when battling your hose. The constant pulling and twisting wears on your hose and you. Dramm relieves this stress and brings back the joy of hand watering with the new, made-in-the-USA, Brass Hose Swivel.

The new Brass Hose Swivel is a LIVE SWIVEL. This means it swivels while under pressure to allow hose-end accessories to turn independently of the hose. Hose-end accessories can be moved in any direction without having to fight the hose. Allowing you to twist and turn while watering without the hose getting tangled. Click here to watch it in action!

Dramm introduces the new 25′ by 5/8″ ColorStorm™ Premium Rubber Hose. The lighter feel, easier handling, and easier storage design is perfect for small space gardening, such as decks and patios. Made in the USA, the ColorStorm™ Premium Rubber Hose is molded from quality EPDM rubber, which will not crack, check, or separate.

This premium rubber hose resists kinking, coils easily, and is flexible to -25°F. It also withstands hot water up to 160°F and has a working pressure of 125 psi. Available in 6 vibrant colors that won’t get lost in the lawn: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and berry.

Dramm has been making professional watering tools for nurseries, greenhouse growers, and avid gardeners for over 75 years. Dramm strives to produce products that save time and energy, while providing quality products that will last a lifetime.

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The Innovation Behind Pro-Mix and Premier Tech

PRO-MIX offers a variety of solutions and options across North America, ranging from organic growing mixes, to high-quality potting mixes, along with specialized planting mixes.

PRO-MIX products are enhanced with MYCOACTIVE, a technology that builds and maintains plant health and increases its stress resistance and ability to fight off disease. Thus, MYCOACTIVE technology means bigger, healthier, and more prolific plants. And for gardeners, it means less work and more time to contemplate their dream garden.

MYCOACTIVE is a Premier Tech proprietary technology based on exclusive combinations of high performance, precisely selected ingredients, allowing for such benefits as stimulation of plants and the control of pests and diseases in gardens.

Type of benefits brought by the MYCOACTIVE technology:

  • Faster seed germination and establishment
  • Strengthened root system
  • Improved plant survival after planting into gardens and field soil
  • Increased resistance to stress and drought
  • Increased plant vigor, as well as quantity and quality of flowers and fruits
  • Improved uptake of water and nutrients


For PRO-MIX and Premier Tech, innovation means proposing new ideas, creating innovative concepts and bringing to life what was once only a thought. It’s making room for change and openness in order to move forward. In short, it means standing out!

Innovation has resulted in products, processes, and methods that are unique and distinctive, whether by being the first peat moss producer to ever bag growing media for market distribution, or by defining standards in growing media with active ingredients.

Twenty years after the first growing medium with mycorrhizae was launched, PRO-MIX is considered a reference in the industry, thanks to its ability to innovate and offer cutting-edge solutions through a unique selection of active ingredients delivering outstanding results.


PRO-MIX is a registered brand of Premier Tech’s Horticulture and Agriculture Group, recognized in its industry, thanks to value-added products, first-rate services and ambitious innovation, research and development programs.

Premier Tech’s breakthroughs include the creation of the very first prefabricated growing medium made of sphagnum peat moss, fertilizers and aggregates in America, and the industrial-scale production of top quality mycorrhizal inoculants, active ingredients that enhance the growth and resistance of plants.

The environment has also always occupied a predominant place in Premier Tech’s activities: the Veriflora® and OMRI® certifications obtained, as well as the Prix Innovation received, attest to the rigor and eco-consciousness of its practices. These comprise, among others, the responsible management and restoration of peatlands, along with considerable efforts regarding sustainable development.

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Successful Planting with NutriRoot® & ArborChar™

Don’t let limited water and bad soil keep your customers from a great garden! This season reduce watering, promote rooting, and boost soil microbiology with NutriRoot and ArborChar.

What is NutriRoot?

NutriRoot 2-2-3 Liquid Soil Applied Fertilizer is a unique blend of nutrients, seaweed extract, humic acid, surfactants, and humectants designed to accelerate root development and to reduce water stress in new plantings, mature trees, shrubs, and lawns.

What is ArborChar?

ArborChar is uniquely built to be a soil amendment and fertilizer, blending organic nutrients with biochar, a porous and activated carbon material, which helps to build soil, conserve water, and sequester carbon, while aiding in the proliferation of soil microorganisms. ArborChar will improve leaf vigor, root development, and soil structure in indoor and outdoor plants, trees, and shrubs.

Using NutriRoot:

Apply NutriRoot directly to the soil in containerized plants or spray the base of balled/burlapped plants to ensure watering is more efficient. Drench soil with NutriRoot before and after transplanting to help with root establishment.

Existing landscape applications can be made before bud break, monthly during the growing season (particularly during hot, dry months), and after leaves have dropped in the fall.

The basic dilution is 1.25-1.5 fl. oz. NutriRoot in 1 gallon of water. Use higher rates for newly transplanted trees or trees with root loss. Use lower rates for routine maintenance and to alleviate drought stress. Add water slowly to reduce foaming.

Using ArborChar:

Use ArborChar All Purpose Grow and Root, Flower, & Fruit to amend soils while promoting plant growth. Use ArborChar Summer Stress to maintain green color and plant vigor in stressful summer conditions. Mix in at least 1 inch below the surface in new planting beds, around established plants, or in the root zone when planting. Repeat applications throughout the growing season every two to four weeks to maintain optimal nutrition. Water in thoroughly after application. For best results, water with NutriRoot.

Measure 1 – 4 tsp of ArborChar per 1-5 gallon container or 3 cups/approximately 1 lb. to cover 200 sq. ft. Use higher rates for clay and sandy soils and one time applications. Use lower rates for routine maintenance and potted plants. Create your own soil blend by adding ¼ – ½ cup to a 40lb bag of soil, then till into garden or use as backfill.

General Planting Tips:

  • Always dig a wide hole. Planting trees and shrubs too deep will limit their success of survival. Dig the hole two to three times the diameter of the root ball or container. Some plants like tomatoes will thrive when planted deeper, but if you’re not sure, go wide and then backfill.
  • Adding your own or locally sourced compost will help products like NutriRoot & ArborChar work faster by adding additional organic matter and beneficial organisms. Compost can also increase the soil’s ability to hold water. Try blending compost and ArborChar together first in a bucket or wheel barrow, then add to the soil.
  • Keep plants in their pots and the soil moist until you are ready to put them in the ground.
  • Be careful not to pull on the stem of the tree or plant. Try holding the pot in one hand, flip it upside down, and give it a sharp tap on the bottom to release the plant. For larger containers or burlapped trees lift by the root mass.
  • If the roots are a solid mass, gently loosen the root ball. It may be necessary to score the root mass in several places. This will help encourage new root growth.
  • After filling in the soil around the plant, use your hands to firm the soil and eliminate air pockets.
  • Water slowly and deeply. The roots should never dry out completely, nor should they be waterlogged.  Thorough soakings that moisten the soil to the entire depth of the root mass are better than frequent light waterings.
  • Adding 2-3 inches of mulch will help to conserve water and prevent weeds. When adding ArborChar to existing plantings, move back any mulch and scratch ArborChar into at least the top 2 inches of the soils, then return mulch.

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